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Car Insurance Plans

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HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company

Started as a joint venture between HDFC Ltd., India’s premier Housing Finance Institution and ERGO International AG, the primary insurance entity of Munich Re Group, HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Ltd. promises to take care of its consumers and their needs. To cater to the varied requirements of the policy-seekers, the company has come up with a wide range of general insurance plans ranging from motor, travel, home, marine insurance to liability insurance and many more with lots of variants.

The company is flexible enough to offer the opportunity to customize the products according to their convenience to suit their purposes. To provide the best service to its customers, the company strives to come up with unique and consumer-friendly general insurance products and has grown a wide network throughout the country.

Key Facts of The Company

To know about the company’s major highlights, look at the below table.

Parameters Key Facts
Incurred claim ratio (in the financial year of 2019-202077.20%
Number of policies sold (in the financial year of 2019-2020)987,590
Premium is underwritten (in the financial year of 2019-2020)Rs. 9308.40 crores
Solvency Ratio (March 2020, for general insurance)1.89
Official branches PAN India200+
Cashless claim facilityYes
Cashless hospitals10000+
Cashless garages8000+
Awards and recognitions
  • ICAI Awards 2015-16 for Excellence in Financial Reporting.
  • SKOCH Order-of-Merit for Claims Survey Management (CMS) for qualifying amongst the Top 100-projects in India.
  • Best Customer Experience Award of the Year (Financial Sector) by KamiKaze.
  • ICAI Awards 2014-15 for Excellence in Financial Reporting Annual Report.
  • iAAA rating by ICRA.
  • Best Employer Brand Award by IPE BFSI.

Types of Insurance Plans Offered by HDFC ERGO

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company has come up with a wide array of general insurance plans to cater to the individual needs of its consumers, ranging from health insurance, motor insurance to travel insurance, and many more. All the plans come with different variants to suit the purpose of the policy-seeker. Here is a list of general insurance plans offered by this insurance company.

The health insurance plan is one of the most popular general insurance plans that everyone should have as it protects the insured person from the medical expenses arising out of ailments, diseases, and different medical conditions. HDFC ERGO has come up with a wide range of health plans. Let us have a look at these.

My: Optima Secure

This health insurance plan provides 4X coverage at an affordable premium rate that comes up with the promise of a 100% increase in coverage after 2 years, lifelong renewability, and also the automatic restore benefit. Under this policy, one can avail of the hospitalization cover including Covid-19, post and pre-hospitalization cover, expenses of all day care treatments, road ambulance charges, daily hospital cash, E opinion for 51 illnesses, organ donor expenses, and many more. You can choose between a family floater and individual policy option and between a wide range of base cover from ₹5 lacs to 2 crores.

My: Health Suraksha

This policy is designed for individuals, families, and senior citizens to provide you an overall comprehensive medical coverage. Under this policy, one can avail of different benefits like cashless home health care, free health check-up every year, no room rent capping, AYUSH benefits, mental healthcare, recovery benefit, and many more. This plan also offers the tax exemption benefit of up to Rs. 75,000.

Optima Restore

Optima Restore is a family floater health insurance plan that safeguards your family against expenses due to various medical conditions. This plan offers 30 days to 36 months waiting period and provides a wide host of benefits ranging from pre and post-hospitalization cover, hospitalization cover, emergency road ambulance cover to modern treatment benefits, and many more.

Critical Illness Insurance

As the name suggests, this plan is specially designed to cover the expenses arising out of up to15 critical illnesses and promises to pay you a lump sum amount in a single transaction. This plan comes with two variants and there is an option to buy for 1 or 2 years. To obtain this policy, no pre-medical check-up is required that is subject to the maximum age limit of 45 years.

My: Health Medisure: Super Top Up Insurance

If your existing health insurance plan is unable to provide you enough medical coverage, this plan will work as a savior by ensuring that you receive ample medical attention without any restrictions and limitations. For this policy, no pre-policy medical check-up is required up to the age of 55 years and you can avail of certain discounts on the premium amount on the basis of certain conditions. This policy also gives you the facility to pay constant premiums from age the age of 61 years

Corona Kavach Policy

To fight the contagious coronavirus, Corona Kavach Policy has been specially designed that provides coverage for all your hospitalization expenses associated with PPE kits, oxygen, ventilators, and consultation fees including Home Care Expenses and AYUSH treatment. The policy will also cover any co-morbid condition triggered due to COVID-19 during the period of hospitalization. The entry age for this policy is between 18 years to 65 years.

Arogya Sanjeevani Policy

It is a pocket-friendly, comprehensive, and standard health insurance plan that covers the entire family under the same insurance policy. To make its plan more convenient, it has come up with a wide range of sum insured options, starting from 3 lakhs up to 10 lakhs. Along with the basic benefits, the plan provides dental treatment and plastic surgery, cataract treatment, and AYUSH treatment.

Energy Diabetes Health Insurance Plan

This plan is specially designed keeping in mind the needs of the diabetes patients as it offers coverage for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes from day 1. On the basis of the results of the insured person’s medical tests and critical health parameters such as BMI, BP, HbA1c, and Cholesterol, the company offers him/her incentives for staying healthy. Apart from the basic benefits, one can enjoy different other advantages of this plan such as a personalized wellness portal, health coach, and wellness support.

iCan Cancer Insurance Plan

It is a cancer-specific health plan that provides coverage for all the stages of cancer and covers the expenses of medical treatments for cancer up to the sum insured and also offers a lump sum amount to pay the other miscellaneous costs. This plan comes with a bundle of benefits including My Care Benefits, CritiCare Benefits, Family Care Benefit, Follow-Up Care, Tax Benefits, and many more. For this policy, the waiting period is 120 days.

Koti Suraksha

Keeping in mind the medical inflation rate and to provide the best protection to its customers, HDFC ERGO has come up with the Koti Suraksha plan that offers two options of the sum insured – 50 lakhs and 1 crore. It provides you the medical cover against various medical expenses like hospitalization costs, critical illness treatments, costs for major surgeries, daycare procedures, and many more. One can avail of multiple discount options on the premium amount for the 1 crore Koti Suraksha Plan.

My Health Women Suraksha

This plan is solely designed keeping in mind the unique needs of the women. This plan offers unique covers like loss of job, reduced premium benefit, pregnancy, and newborn baby complications, and also women-specific major illnesses and surgeries. The sum assured options range from 1 lakh to 1 crore and the plan also offers various discounts such as family discount, long-term policy discount, and loyalty discount.

2. HDFC ERGO Home Insurance Plan

Home is that place where one feels the most secure and the safest. As your home also needs protection, the insurance companies have come up with home insurance plans to safeguard your home against natural calamities, burglaries, and different kinds of hazards. HDFC ERGO offers different types of home insurance plans to cater to the various needs of individuals. Let us have a look at those.

Home Insurance for Tenants

To protect your rented house. HDFC ERGO has come up with Home Insurance for tenants policy that offers a wide range of protection including fire, burglary, theft, electrical breakdown, natural calamities, manmade hazards, and many more. His policy covers contents up to Rs. 25 lakhs and provides you with the opportunity to choose your policy tenure between 1 year to up to 5 years, according to your convenience. You can avail of different types of discounts, up to 45%, under this policy such as security discount, salaried discount, intercom discount, long-term discount, etc.

Home Insurance for Owners

To make your life peaceful and hassle-free, the company has produced Home Insurance for owners policy by protecting your house from different kinds of perils such as fire, burglary, theft, accidental damage, manmade hazards, electrical breakdown, natural calamities and many enhance the protection, you can also go for add on covers like Portable Electronic Equipment Cover, jewelry and valuables, pedal cycle, pedal liability, and terrorism cover. The policy also covers the contents of the house up to Rs. 25 lakhs.

Home Insurance for Housing Society

This policy is specially designed to safeguard your macro-house, the housing society against the perils of fire, natural calamities, human hazards, and accidental damage including the optional cover, terrorism cover. This plan also covers the common amenities such as a gym area and playground. On the basis of the size of your housing society, you can choose to cover from 1 lakh to 3 crores.

Home Insurance Fire and Special Peril Plan

If you want to protect your house from unforeseen unfortunate events like fire, floods, riots, strikes, etc. this policy is ideal for you. Under this single insurance plan, you can get protection for up to 15 years. This is a customer-centric home insurance plan that offers you to customize the plan according to your convenience and you can also avail yourself up to 50% discounts on the premiums paid towards the plan.

A car insurance plan is there to provide protection to you and to your car as it comes with different kinds of benefits such as lawsuit benefit, survivor benefit and offers compensation for the vehicle repairs due to damage caused in accidents, theft, fire, etc. HDFC ERGO presents a wide range of car insurance plans. Have a look at these.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

As the name suggests, this plan is designed to provide you and your car an overall, all-round coverage from a wide array of risks, such as damages or loss arising due to natural calamities, theft, accidents, fires, etc. The plan comes with an added benefit that is third party liability cover including some add on covers to extend your policy such as zero depreciation cover, emergency assistance cover, and some more. You can always customize the plan on the basis of your requirements to make it cost-effective.

Third-party Car Insurance

To protect yourself against liabilities arising from damage, injury, or loss to a third party, third-party car insurance is a mandatory plan for the car owners as per the Motor Vehicles Act/ 1988. This plan provides you personal accident cover up to Rs. 15 lakhs and one can buy this policy online easily, just within 3 minutes. Under HDFC ERGO, you can avail of the cashless facility and can obtain the policy without any paperwork effortlessly and quickly.

Standalone Own Damage Cover Insurance

If you want to protect your car from natural calamities, accidents, fire, theft, etc., this policy is best suited for you. If you have third-party car insurance, still after that, though optional, this plan is a must-have for the car owners as it provides comprehensive protection to your car. To enhance the benefits of this policy, you can choose from a wide range of add on covers such as zero depreciation cover, no claim bonus protection, engine, and gearbox protection, downtime protection, return to invoice benefit, and emergency protection cover.

Private Car Insurance Package Policy

You can safeguard your valuable private car under this plan as it has come up with different covers such as protection against Accidents, burglary, housebreaking or theft, fire, explosion, self-ignition, lightning, terrorism, riots, transit by road, rail, inland waterways, air or lift, and various natural calamities. HDFC ERGO offers a bundle of discounts on the policy like Automobile Association Discount and discounts based on age and profession.

Today, it becomes very important to safeguard ourselves and our two-wheelers under the protection of a two-wheeler insurance plan as it offers coverage against accidents, self-physical injury, damage/loss of the vehicle and third-party liability. HDFC ERGO has come up with a wide array of two-wheeler insurance plans with varied benefits to cater to the needs of different individuals. Let us have a look at these plans.

Long Term Two Wheeler Comprehensive Insurance

This plan is specially designed to provide protection to you and to your two-wheeler on a long term basis against the expenses arising out of an accident, theft, fire, natural calamities, or any damage you cause to a third party. Under this plan, you can avail of up to 70% discount and can make as many claims as you want. You can buy this plan online quickly and in a hassle-free way.

Third Party Bike Insurance

It offers protection for any damages and losses of the insured person’s two-wheeler can cause to the third-party person or property as the claims raised by the injured person can be compensated under this policy, reducing your financial burdens and stress as well. This plan comes with different benefits such as personal accident cover, third party property damage, and third-party liability and also does not charge any heavy penalty. HDFC ERGO promises that you can have the policy online in less than 3 minutes.

Standalone Own Damage Cover

This is an independent two-wheeler insurance cover, which can only be bought if the policy-seeker has a valid third party policy cover. This plan provides protection to you and your two-wheeler against different perils such as fire, natural calamities, theft, accidents, personal accidents, and explosions. Once you have availed of the policy, you can enjoy different other benefits such as doorstep repair service, 24×7 emergency assistance, up to 70% discount on the premium amount, and many more.

Cover for Brand New Bikes

This plan is most suitable for those who have bought a brand-new bike recently. Cover for Brand New Bikes offers 1 year coverage against damage to your own bike along with a 5 year cover against damages to a third party person/ property. This plan provides coverage against a bundle of perils such as accidents, theft, fire, natural disasters, personal accident, third-party liability, and also gives you the option to choose to add on the cover(s) according to your preference.

5. HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Plans

When you are traveling, you are exposed to different kinds of unfortunate unforeseen perils that can hamper and snatch away your peace of mind. A travel insurance policy gives you protection against such uncertainties. HDFC ERGO presents different travel insurance plans for the policy-seekers. Let us find out the plans in brief.

Travel Plan for Individuals

This type of travel insurance is made for individuals traveling alone to prepare them for unforeseen situations and risks as it offers different types of covers such as medical covers like emergency medical expenses, hospital daily cash allowance, medical evacuation, accidental death, etc. baggage related covers and journey related covers such as personal liabilities, hijack distress allowance, etc. This plan is applicable for Asian countries, Schengen countries, and also worldwide excluding USA and Canada. This plan comes with 3 variants – Individual Single Trip International Insurance, Individual Multi Trip International Insurance, and Individual Travel Medical Insurance.

Travel Plan for Families

This plan comes with three variants namely Single Trip International Insurance for Families, Multi rip International Insurance for Family, and Travel Medical Insurance for Family. Baggage, journey, and medical-related benefits are available under this policy. A pre-policy medical check-up is not required to obtain the plan and one can get insured for only the number of days heshe is traveling.

Travel Plan for Frequent Fliers

HDFC ERGO has come up with a Travel Plan for Frequent Fliers for the people who are frequent fliers across the globe. This plan offers different benefits such as vast network hospitals, easy renewals, and in-house claim settlements. This plan provides worldwide coverage except for UN sanctioned countries and per trip, the duration can be a maximum of 30 to 45 days whereas you can take such multiple trips in a year.

Travel Plan for Students

This plan is designed exclusively for students who are going abroad for higher studies. The policy offers worldwide coverage from 30 days to 2 years and students from 16 years to 35 years of age can obtain the policy. Along with standard medical and baggage-related covers, the plan also offers stay-related covers such as bail bond, study interruption, compassionate visit, and many more.

6. HDFC ERGO Cyber Insurance Plan

In India, every 10 minutes a cybercrime is reported. Therefore, a cybercrime insurance plan plays a pivotal role to protect against different cyber threats and risks such as malware attacks, email spoofing, identity theft cyberbullying, E-extortion, and many more. Here’s HDFC ERGO’s cyber insurance plan for its customers.

e@Secure Insurance

This plan can be for individuals who are 18 years and above for self, spouse, and two dependent children. e@Secure Insurance protects you against unauthorized online transactions, phishing and email spoofing, damage to e-reputation, identity theft, cyberbullying, and e-extortion. This plan covers all of your devices under a single plan and also offers compensation for your legal expenses.

7. HDFC ERGO Corporate Insurance Plans

Corporate Insurance is best suitable for large business organizations to protect their business against operational risks such as theft, financial losses, employees’ health, and accidents. HDFC ERGO has come up with a wide range of corporate insurance plans to cater to the different needs of the organizations. Here is a brief description of each plan.

Casualty Insurance

HDFC ERGO Casualty Insurance Plan offers commercial general liability and public liability benefits to the injured people. If the organization suffers from any loss due to information and network technology errors and omission, this plan also compensates for that.

Group Insurance

HDFC ERGO has come up with three group insurance plans – Group Travel Insurance, Group Medical Insurance, and Group Personal Accident Insurance. Both Group Travel Insurance and Group Medical Insurance come with various other optional benefits and you can customize the plan as per your convenience. All the plans offer a wide range of benefits to cater to the different needs of the policy-seeker.

Property and Miscellaneous Insurance

This plan comes with a wide array of variants such as Burglary and Housekeeping Insurance Policy, Consequential Loss – Fire, Business Suraksha, Contractors Plants and Machinery, Contractors All Risk, Electronic Equipment, Erection All Risk, Fidelity Guarantee, Fire and Special Perils, Industrial All Risk, Machinery Breakdown, Money Insurance, Neon Sign, Plate Glass Insurance, Extended Warranty, and Inherent Defects Insurance Policy. All the variants offer lots of advantages to benefit the insured people.

Specialty Insurance

This is a kind of Commercial Insurance offered by HDFC ERGO that comes with a wide range of variants, including Cyber Security Insurance, Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, Crime Insurance, Forefront Portfolio, Mutual Fund Protection, Employment Liability Insurance, Venture Capital policy, Educators Professional Liability Insurance, Kidnap/Ransom and Extortion Insurance, and Employee Compensation Policy. You can choose any of these as per your requirements to extend and strengthen your policy.

8. HDFC ERGO Rural Insurance Plan

HDFC ERGO has presented different rural insurance plans to address the needs of the people of the rural areas. Let us have a look at these plans.

Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana

It is a government scheme that is offered by HDFC ERGO to provide protection to the farmers for the financial losses due to uncertainty and unfavorable weather vagaries like drought, dry spells, flood, inundation, pests and diseases, landslides, and other natural hazards, resulting in crop losses on the field. This plan also offers protection for post-harvest losses and localized calamities. The range of sum insured varies on the basis of the geographical location and the type of crop.

Cattle Insurance Policy

HDFC ERGO offers this policy to provide protection to the Indian rural people who may suffer financial losses because of the death of their cattle due to accidents or diseases contracted or surgical operation. One can also opt for the optional benefit permanent disability cover. For this policy, only those are eligible who are the members (in groups) of Micro Finance Institutions, Non-Government Organizations, Government Sponsored Organizations, and such affinity groups or institutions in the rural and social sector and have cows, bullocks, or buffaloes of either sex with sound health and free from injury or disease, certified by a veterinary doctor/surgeon.

Rainfall Index Insurance Policy

This policy is an effective risk management tool that is designed to safeguard the farming communities having farm incomes from a cultivable area from the risks of adverse rainfall incidents. To obtain this policy one has to be a member of Micro Finance Institutions, Non-Government Organizations, Government Sponsored Organizations, and such affinity groups or institutions in the rural and social sector.

Why Should You Buy a Insurance Policy From HDFC ERGO?

The general insurance market is flooded with a bundle of insurance companies. Therefore, it becomes very difficult for a policy-seeker to find an ideal company that can quench all the requirements of him/her. But, if you can assess the companies on the basis of some potential parameters, you can rightly choose the ideal one. But to lighten your burden, we have assessed and evaluated HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company on the basis of all the possible parameters and have come to a conclusion that it is a perfect general insurer that can fit the different needs of the individuals. Here are the reasons.

Claim Settlement Ratio – Claim settlement ratio plays a pivotal role while selecting an insurance company as it indicates how much you are secured under that company. As per the IRDA Annual Report, the Incurred claim ratio of HDFC ERGO in the financial year of 2019-2020 is 77.20%, which is way higher than many other general insurers. So, keeping in mind the data, this company is good to go for you.

Distribution Network – The availability of the company within your vicinity matters a lot. HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company functions with more than 7000 expert employees and is present in 170+ cities PAN India with more than 200 official branches. So, if you want to buy a general insurance plan from this company, you can easily find them within your reach.

Number of Plans – HDFC ERGO has already come up with a bundle of general insurance plans with a wide range and various variants to cater to the varied needs of the different individuals. You can also customize most of their plans according to your convenience. Additionally, the company always tries to project unique and customer-centric products. Therefore, you can always find a suitable general insurance plan of your choice under this company.

Market Share – The amount of market share indicates the strength of the company to handle any financial crisis situation in the near future. According to the IRDA Annual Report, the premium underwritten of HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company in the financial year of 2019-2020 is Rs. 9308.40 crores, which reflects the strong financial capability of the company.

Network Hospitals – Most of the insured persons opt for the cashless facility. To avail of this facility, one has to get admitted to a network hospital of the company. Therefore, the number of network hospitals becomes an important parameter as at the time of medical emergency it is not possible to cover a long distance in search of a good and well-equipped network hospital. HDFC ERGO has more than 10000 network hospitals all over the country. So, you can easily find a good and desired network hospital within your vicinity.

Network Garage – Just like health insurance, in the case of motor insurance, you need to find a good network garage of the company to avail of the cashless facility. For HDFC ERGO, the number of network garages is more than 800, spread PAN India. So, whenever you need it, you can easily find a convenient network garage within your area.

Solvency Ratio – The solvency ratio indicates the potential of the company to meet its long-term financial goal. If the solvency ratio is on the higher side, you can expect that the company has the ability to pay off the lump sum claim amount. According to the IRDA Annual Report, the solvency ratio of HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company is 1.89 as of March 2020. It says that the company is reliable enough to keep on your bucket list.

Customer Service – HDFC ERGO has kept its door open for its customers 24×7. For any kind of assistance related to the general insurance products you can call, WhatsApp, and even email them and you will be attended by their experts. So, the company always remains beside you whenever you need them.

Wellness Services – For certain health plans, the company provides wellness programs without any additional cost such as newsletters, diet, and health tips. They also arrange for specialized programs like stress management and pregnancy care. One can also avail of discounts on different things such as PD consultations, pharmacy purchases & diagnostic centers.

How To purchase a Policy From HDFC ERGO General Insurance?

For its customers, HDFC ERGO has made available both the online and offline processes to buy a general insurance plan. To know the detailed steps to buy, follow the following steps.

Online Process

To purchase a general insurance plan in a hassle-free way, you can go after the below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to the official website of the company and visit the ‘Menu’ option.
  • Click on the ‘Buy’ tab.
  • After putting in the required details, select the desired plan.
  • Click on the ‘Buy Now’ option and fill the form with the necessary details.
  • Then click on the ‘Get A Quote’ tab and pay the premium amount.
  • Upon successful payment, the policy document will be sent to your registered mobile number or email ID.

You can also buy a general insurance plan online of HDFC ERGO from Probus Insurance securely and easily.

Offline Process

If you are more comfortable with the offline process of buying, you can visit the nearest branch of the company and their experts will guide you through the process. you can also call on their contact number to get assistance with the buying process. Apart from these, you can take the help of one of the registered and licensed agents of the company. They are competent enough to provide you with a seamless buying process.

What is The Claim Process For HDFC ERGO General Insurance?

HDFC ERGO offers both the ways for the claim settlement process – Cashless claim settlement procedure and reimbursement process. For availing of a seamless claim process for both of the methods, keep an eye below.

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Claim Process

For the cashless claim settlement, get admitted to a network hospital of HDFC ERGO and intimate the insurer about the hospitalization as early as possible. Avail of the medical treatments by showing the health card and valid photo ID proof. The hospital will send the pre-authorization letter to the company. HDFC ERGO/ TPA will scrutinize and evaluate all the received documents, and make their decision. You will be notified about the same through your registered email ID or mobile number. The company will settle the claim amount directly with the hospital and any inadmissible expenses, copayments, deductions will have to be paid by the insured.

For reimbursement claim settlement, you may get admitted to a non-network hospital of the company and intimate the insurer about the hospitalization as soon as possible. Avail of the treatments and get discharged from the hospital and pay the bills. All the documents should be preserved and submitted by you to the company. The claim will be processed in 7 days after receiving all the documents. The company will evaluate and assess the documents and if found satisfactory, the claim will be approved. You will receive the amount in your bank account through NEFT. You will get notifications of each step in your registered mobile number or email ID.

HDFC ERGO Motor Insurance Claim Process

For the cashless claim process, bring your car/bike to one of the network garages of the company. All damages or losses will be surveyed and assessed by our surveyor. Submit the duly filled and signed claim form along with all the required documents. Remember, for accidents, third-party damage, injury, death, riots and etc. the FIR or police report is mandatory. If the claim is approved and once your car/bike is ready, apart from your share of the claim consisting of compulsory deductible, depreciation, etc. the rest of the amount will be settled by the company directly with the garage. You will receive the notification of every stage of the claim process through your registered mobile number or email ID.

For the reimbursement claim process, inform the insurer immediately and take your car/bike to a non-network garage. All the damages and losses will be assessed by a surveyor. Submit the duly filled and signed claim form along with all the necessary documents. In case of property damage, bodily injury, theft, and major damages, an FIR is mandatory. Once your car/bike is ready, pay the bills and preserve all the documents for future reference. After receiving all the documents, the company will process the claim process and if no discrepancy is found, it will be approved. The claim amount will be settled through NEFT or cheque. You will be notified about each step of the claim process via SMS or email by the company.

Claim Process for Other Insurance Policies

To file a claim for other insurance policies after intimation to the company, submit all the required documents along with a duly filled and signed claim form. All your documents will be verified and assessed by the insurer. Physical verification might also be needed for some policies. After the cross-examination, if no discrepancy is found, your claim will be approved and the amount will be reimbursed. All the updates will be notified to you on the behalf of the company on your registered mobile number or email ID. For any assistance, you can also call on their contact number, their experts will guide you through the claim process for the specific policy effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily renew your existing policy by following the below-mentioned steps.
  • Visit the official website of the company and go to their ‘Menu’ option.
  • Click on the ‘Renew’ tab.
  • Select your insurance plan and put the policy number and click on the “Rene Now’ option.
  • Pay the amount to renew and upon the successful payment, the documents will be sent to your registered mobile number or email ID.

Yes, there is. You can get coverage for natural calamities, fire, theft, accidents, etc. under the Standalone Own Damage Car Insurance Policy of HDFC ERGO.

For this, you need to go to their menu section on the official website. There, select the ‘Know Your Policy’ option and put the policy number or the registered mobile number or the registered email ID, and click on the ‘Go’ option. Your policy status and details will be displayed before you.

Allianz Worldwide is the travel assistance partner of the company. They have a vast network of 8 lacs+ service providers with 24×7 service capabilities.

No, HDFC ERGO Home Insurance plans do not provide coverage for the loss of precious collectables in general. But to extend the policy coverage you can optional covers that will cover the loss of jewelry and valuables.

Usually, HDFC ERGO General Insurance takes 48 hours to provide claim approval for car insurance plans.

For filing a health claim, the required documents are as follows.

  • Duly filled and signed claim form with HDFC Ergo policy number.
  • Original discharge summary.
  • Original final bill with the detailed breakup, payment receipt, and original pharmacy invoices supported by prescriptions.
  • Original investigation reports.
  • Implant sticker/invoice, if used.
  • Past treatment documents, if any.
  • In case of an accident, Medico-Legal Certificate (MLC) or FIR.
  • In case of Proposer expired, Nominee details should be provided. A legal heir certificate is required if the nominee is minor.
  • Other relevant documents, if any.
  • NEFT details for payment – Cancelled cheque in the name of the proposer or passbook copy attested by the bank.
  • KYC form along with a valid photo ID proof.

You can easily download the claim form by following the below steps.

  • Go to the official website of the company and under the claim section, click on the ‘Claim Form’ option.
  • Select the category and your particular plan. And then download the claim form.
Risk Consulting Services is an aid that helps to do the planning, arranging, and controlling of activities in order to minimize the possible adverse effects of any uncertain unfortunate event. HDFC ERGO offers a wide range of risk controlling services such as Risk Survey Report, Lighting Risk Assessment Report (LRAR), Post Loss/Accident Survey Report (PLSR), NatCat Analysis Report (NCAR), Loss Prevention Brochures, and Training/Seminars.

To download the claim form online, you need to go to the official website of the company and under the claim section, you can find the ‘Claim Form’ tab. Click on that and download.