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PNB MetLife combines the financial strength of MetLife, Inc., a prominent global life insurance provider, with the esteemed reputation and reliability of PNB, one of India’s oldest and most prominent nationalized banks. This unique collaboration leverages PNB’s extensive distribution network alongside MetLife’s extensive insurance expertise and diverse product portfolio, thereby establishing PNB MetLife as a trusted and robust insurance provider.

When it comes to planning for retirement, PNB MetLife Pension Plans offer a secure and reliable pathway toward achieving financial independence during the golden years of one’s life. Recognizing the significance of retirement planning in attaining long-term financial stability, PNB MetLife has developed pension solutions that empower individuals with comprehensive and customized financial strategies tailored to their specific needs.

With the assurance provided by PNB MetLife Pension Plans, individuals can fully immerse themselves in enjoying the rewards of their hard work, making the most of their well-deserved retirement years.

Features and Benefits of PNB MetLife Pension Plans

Here is a list of the key features and benefits of PNB MetLife Pension Plans. 

  • Savings Opportunity

One of the biggest benefits of PNB MetLife Pension Plans is that they provide a structured savings opportunity. This allows you to accumulate funds systematically over your working years, helping you build a substantial corpus that ensures financial security post-retirement.

  • Annuity Options

Upon retirement, you can opt to receive a regular pension through various annuity options offered by PNB MetLife. Whether you prefer monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments, these annuities provide a dependable income stream tailored to your needs and preferences.

  • Guaranteed Income

One of the key benefits of PNB MetLife Pension Plans is the assurance of a guaranteed income during retirement. This ensures that you have a reliable source of funds to meet your living expenses and maintain your lifestyle without concerns about market fluctuations affecting your pension payouts.

  • Tax Benefits

Another major benefit of investing in PNB MetLife Pension Plans is that they offer attractive tax benefits under prevailing tax laws. Contributions made towards these plans may qualify for tax deductions, which can help you optimize your tax liabilities while saving for retirement.

  • Flexibility and Options

Last but not least, PNB MetLife Pension Plans provide flexibility in terms of investment options and withdrawal strategies. You can choose from a variety of investment avenues based on your risk appetite and financial goals, which ensures that your retirement savings grow according to your preferences.

Top Pension Plans by PNB MetLife

Let’s take a look at the top pension plans by PNB MetLife. 

1. PNB MetLife Saral Pension Plan

PNB MetLife Saral Pension Plan is a comprehensive insurance solution designed following the guidelines set by the Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India (IRDAI). This individual Single pay, non-linked, non-participating Immediate Annuity Pension Plan is specifically crafted to provide you with absolute peace of mind and ensure the protection of both you and your family in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

With the PNB MetLife Saral Pension Plan, you can rest assured that your financial future is secure. Policyholders can make a single payment to access a range of benefits and safeguards that will offer them and their loved ones the necessary financial support during challenging times.

Parameters Details 
Age at entry (yrs.)

Minimum- 40 Years

Maximum- 80 Years

Purchase Price

The minimum Purchase Price is equivalent to an amount which will provide a minimum annuity payout as stated above.

Maximum – No Limit

Annuity Payout ModeYearly / Half Yearly / Quarterly / Monthly
Premium Paying Term (yrs.)Single Pay
Policy Term (yrs.)Whole Life

Key Features & Benefits:

These are as follows:

  • Choice of Premium Payment Option

One of the major highlights of the plan is that you have to just make a single premium payment and enjoy the advantage of a guaranteed income for the rest of your life. This eliminates the need for recurring payments and provides financial stability during retirement.

  • Select the frequency of annuity payout

You will have the option to tailor the annuity payout frequency according to your preferences and requirements. Choose between monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly intervals for receiving your annuity payments.

  • Choose your Annuity Plan
    • Life annuity with 100% return of purchase price: Choose this plan to receive regular annuity payments for your lifetime, with the assurance that 100% of the purchase price will be returned to your nominee(s) upon your unfortunate demise.
    • Joint Life Last Survivor annuity with 100% return of purchase price: This option ensures a continuous income stream for both you and your spouse, with the added benefit of the purchase price being returned to your nominee(s) upon the demise of the last surviving annuitant.

2. PNB MetLife Immediate Annuity Plan

PNB MetLife’s Immediate Annuity Plan is designed to empower you to tailor your retirement plan according to your unique preferences. With this plan, you have the freedom to customize various aspects of your annuity, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your retirement goals.

When you choose PNB MetLife’s Immediate Annuity Plan, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a guaranteed income stream for the remainder of your life. This means that regardless of market fluctuations or economic conditions, you can rely on a steady and predictable income to support your post-retirement lifestyle.

Parameters Details 
Min. Age at entry

Standalone Annuity

– Single Life Options: 30 Years

– Joint Life Options (Both primary and secondary lives) – 40 years The age difference between primary life and spouse should not be more than 20 years

QROPS (Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme) Policies: 55 Years

Tied Annuity 

Single Life Options- 0 Years

Joint Life options (both primary and secondary lives) – 18 years In case the age difference between Primary Life & Spouse is more than 20 years, the annuity rate with the difference of 20 years would be applicable

Max. Age at entry

Standalone Annuity- 75 Years

Tied Annuity- 90 years

The annuity rates that apply if the nominee or beneficiary of your deferred pension policy is older than 90 years old will be the same as they would be at 90 years old.

Minimum Annuity PayoutRs. 1,000 per month
Maximum Annuity PayoutSubject to the purchase price and the annuitant’s entry age

Key Features and Benefits:

The PNB MetLife Immediate Annuity Plan offers a range of key benefits for both you and your family:

  • Pay only once

With this plan, you have the convenience of making a single payment by utilizing either the vesting proceeds from your deferred pension policy or your own accumulated funds. By paying only once, you can enjoy a lifetime of guaranteed income without the need for ongoing premium payments.

  • Create your annuity plan

Another key highlight is that it offers a wide range of annuity options that suit your unique needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize a higher income, flexibility, or additional features, you can choose the option that best aligns with your financial goals. Furthermore, you have the freedom to select the frequency of your annuity payout. 

  • Protect your family

PNB MetLife’s Immediate Annuity Plan offers Joint Life annuity options that provide coverage for your spouse as well. This ensures that your spouse continues to receive financial support even after your demise.

3. PNB MetLife Retirement Savings Plan

The PNB MetLife Retirement Savings Plan is designed to provide you with financial freedom and peace of mind during your golden years. This comprehensive savings plan aims to ensure that you can enjoy your retirement without the burden of financial worries, allowing you to spend quality time with your loved ones, including family, grandchildren, and friends. With the PNB MetLife Retirement Savings Plan, you can build a robust nest egg that will support you throughout your retirement journey.

Parameters Details 

Min. Age at entry- 30 Years

Max. Age at Entry- 64 years (Limited Pay 10 years) 65 years ( Others)

Min / Max. age at Vesting50 / 75 years
Premium Payment TermSingle Pay / 5 Pay / 10 Pay / Equal to Policy Term

Key Features & Benefits:

The PNB MetLife Retirement Savings Plan offers key features and benefits that provide financial protection and potential growth. 

  • Death Benefit

The plan includes a Death Benefit that provides financial security to your loved ones in the event of your passing. This benefit ensures that your family is protected from any financial uncertainties that may arise. The Death Benefit can be availed by your beneficiaries, helping them cope with the financial impact of your demise.

  • Simple Reversionary Bonus

Starting in the third year of your policy term, your PNB MetLife Retirement Savings Plan becomes eligible for Simple Reversionary Bonuses. These bonuses are declared by the company based on the plan’s performance and can contribute to the growth of your policy’s value over time. They are added to the policy’s accumulated value, enhancing the overall benefits.

  • Terminal Bonus

Another key benefit is that terminal bonuses may be declared from the fifth year of your policy term. These bonuses are additional benefits that can be received along with the Death Benefit or Vesting Benefit. Terminal Bonuses are typically granted as a reward for the long-term commitment to the plan and can further boost the policy’s value.

How Does PNB MetLife Pension Plan Work?

Mr Rakesh Punia, a 55-year-old successful businessman, decided it was time to secure his financial future. After years of hard work and dedication, he wanted a reliable plan that would provide a steady income in his golden years. Mr Rakesh chose the PNB MetLife Immediate Annuity Plan, attracted by its promise of stability and peace of mind.

He opted for the Life Annuity with the Return of Purchase Price option, making a one-time premium payment of Rs. 50 lakhs, excluding Goods and Services Tax. With this plan, Mr Punia would receive monthly payouts to ensure a regular income stream to support his lifestyle.

Option First (In case of maturity):

Mr Punia started receiving a monthly annuity of Rs. 24,672 from the PNB MetLife Immediate Annuity Plan. This amount was paid to him regularly, providing him with a guaranteed income throughout his retirement.

Option Second (In Case of Death):

Unfortunately, after 20 years of receiving annuity payments, Rakesh passed away suddenly.

As per the terms of the plan and Rakesh’s nomination, his wife is entitled to the death benefit. In this case, his wife received a lump sum amount of Rs. 50 lakhs as the Death Benefit.

How to Buy PNB MetLife Pension Plans?

If you are looking to buy PNB MetLife pension plans, the steps you will need to follow are listed below. 

  • Firstly, you will need to visit the official website of PNB MetLife. 
  • Then, a pop-up will appear; close it. After that, hover your cursor over “Buy Insurance” at the top. Then, place your cursor over “Retirement Solutions.” Then, click on “PNB MetLife Saral Pension Plan.”
  • Once the plan page opens, scroll down to the “Get a Callback” section.
  • After that, enter your full name, select city, enter your mobile number, and then enter the OTP that appears on your registered mobile number. Enter that OTP and then click on the “Submit” button. 
  • In the next step, the PNB MetLife representatives will contact you regarding the purchase of the plan. Ensure you keep your mobile number active. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the frequently asked questions related to PNB MetLife Pension Plans. 

To renew your policy, you need to visit any nearby PNB MetLife branch in your city and submit the necessary documents along with the renewal form.

If you wish to cancel your policy, you must fill out a surrender form and submit it along with the policy documents to any PNB MetLife branch in your city. Once the required documents and cancellation amount are received, your policy will be officially cancelled.

PNB MetLife offers various payment modes for your convenience, including cash or cheque deposit at the branch office, online payment through debit/credit card or net banking, courier, dropbox, and ECS/auto debit from your bank account.

To initiate a claim, you need to inform PNB MetLife through letter, fax, or email. You can do this directly at any PNB MetLife branch office, through advisors, the claims department at the head office, or the regional service team.

To check your policy status, log in to the portal using your User ID and password. There is a policy details tab where you can view the status of your policy.