term insurance calculator
Term Insurance Calculator

Term Insurance Calculator

The importance of having a term life insurance plan cannot be emphasized much in today’s day and age. However, most of us are clueless about our term insurance requirements and the process to go about buying the right term insurance plan.

In the past, we use to call the insurance agent and buy the policy that he or she suggested to us. This process did not guarantee us the best deal available in the market. And, at times, we had to bear a large chunk of agent commission to buy the plan.

But now, things have changed. With the advent and fast internet facility in the country. We have the luxury of online platforms to get the required services like buying groceries, booking a cab, paying a bill, etc. in seconds.

Talking about insurance, things have changed as well. You can see details, features and benefits, and review complex products such as term insurance online. Today, the smart way to find the best term life plan is to use the term insurance premium calculator. Term Insurance calculator is available for free.

What is Term Insurance Calculator?

Term Insurance calculator is an innovative tool specifically designed to help an individual in finding the premium quotes from different insurers offering various term plans. It helps to calculate the term insurance premium for a particular sum assured for an individual’s specific needs based on the provided information.

The individual just needs to feed in their details like age, gender, annual income, life cover requirements, etc. Based on the information provided, the term insurance calculator gives the individually customized term insurance plans available in the market along with the premium payable. As there are many life insurance companies in India, checking out all the available term plans one by one is not possible. The term insurance calculator helps to compare the different term plans available.

Then, one can decide which term plan should they opt for, which will be the best match for their requirements. The term insurance calculator does the scanning work amongst numerous term insurance plans available in seconds and presents the available plans. Term insurance premium calculator saves time and money as everything is online.

Benefits of Term Insurance Calculator

Once you decided the sum assured, the calculator fetches insurance premium you must pay to avail the same. Let’s see some significant benefits of using a term insurance calculator.

Getting a quote

Imagine getting a term plan quote without having to speak with any insurance agents.

That’s what a term insurance premium calculator essentially does, it helps you to get a quote for your term plan.

You could also change the sum assured as required and as per the eligibility to see how that impacts the term insurance premium.


Once you have fixed the life cover and are comfortable with the premium amount, you can buy the policy right away. Buying a term plan online is cheaper. As there are no intermediaries involved, the benefits are directly passed on to the customers.

Compare Term plans

The calculator takes the affordability factor a few notches higher. When you use an online term insurance calculator, you can compare the plans provided by different companies along with their price and features. However, you shouldn’t always aim for the cheapest plan. Instead, keep a close eye on the features and benefits.

Guide to Using The Term Insurance Calculator

  1. Probus Insurance provides term insurance premium calculator for free to everyone. If you want to compare term plans from different life insurance companies, then you will find premium quotes and term plans using Probus Insurance’s term insurance calculator.
  2. You will need to put details like date of birth, gender, annual income, the sum assured (life cover), etc.
  3. After entering the above information, click on compare now button to fetch quotes.
  4. Based on the information provided, the term insurance calculator will show the customized term plans and premiums.
  5. Based on the premium payable, claim settlement ratio, the reputation of the insurer, choose the most suitable term plan for yourself.

Use Term Insurance Calculator and Get Instant Premium Quotes

It is no longer a hassle to choose the best term plan for yourself. The term insurance calculator does the job in minutes for you, saving you precious time and money. So, experience yourself how easy it has become to buy a term insurance plan online all by yourself with the help of term insurance calculator.