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Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance Vs. Chola MS Two Wheeler Insurance

No matter whether you own a scooter or a high-end two-wheeler, you have to have dedicated two-wheeler insurance. Purchasing insurance for your vehicle is essential for ensuring security and financial safety in the event of an accident. It is much easier to recover from unforeseen events if you can claim damages. The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 mentions all laws and regulations about vehicles. According to this act, all bike owners must purchase bike insurance. If you neglect to do so, it will be deemed illegal and you will be liable to penalties.

When it comes to choosing two-wheeler insurance, Royal Sundaram two-wheeler and Chola MS two-wheeler insurance are popular options available on the market. Purchasing bike insurance from any insurance provider is essential for maintaining legal compliance as well as building a financial safety net. It aids in preventing traffic tickets and fines. Having bike insurance protects you from monetary losses brought on by damage to your bike, much like virtual safety gear.

If you are in a dilemma about what to choose, this post will enlighten you with a detailed comparison of two-wheeler insurance by Royal Sundaram and Chola MS.

Comparison Between Royal Sundaram Two-Wheeler and Chola MS Two-Wheeler Insurance

Let’s discuss the differences between Royal Sundaram’s two-wheeler Insurance and Chola MS’s two-wheeler insurance in detail!

ParametersRoyal Sundaram Two-Wheeler InsuranceChola MS Two-Wheeler Insurance
Cashless Network GaragesThere are 5100+ Cashless Network Garages under Royal Sundaram Two-wheeler Insurance.

On the other hand, the Chola MS Two-Wheeler has 14500+

Cashless Network Garages.

Claim Settlement ratio (Incurred Claim Ratio 2021-22)- IRDAI ReportThe claim settlement ratio is 85.76% (Motor Insurance).It also has an impressive claim settlement ratio of 65.05% (Motor Insurance)
Personal Accident CoverThe amount of personal accident cover is Rs. 15 LakhsWith Chola MS bike insurance, the personal accident cover is Rs. 15 Lakhs
Losses and damages due to theft, burglary, and vandalismRoyal Sundaram two-wheeler insurance also covers losses and damages due to theft, burglary, and vandalism.Two-wheeler insurance by Chola MS also covers losses and damages due to theft, burglary, and vandalism.
Digital PlatformRoyal Sundaram has a dedicated “VIR APP” that allows you to make claims against your two-wheeler damage.No dedicated app available for two-wheeler
Quick Painless ClaimsYes, Royal Sundaram two-wheeler insurance ensures a quick and painless claim settlement process.Chola MS two-wheeler insurance also settles claims without any difficulty.
Add-On CoversWhen it comes to enhancing the coverage, there are multiple add-ons available.You will find a range of add-on covers under Chola MS bike insurance.

Understanding Royal Sundaram Two-Wheeler Insurance

Royal Sundaram’s two-wheeler insurance offers a variety of bike insurance products that protect you, your scooter or bike, and third parties from liability. This two-wheeler insurance offers bundled coverage for one year of own damage and five years of third-party liability. Above all, the Motor Vehicles Act in India mandates the need for third-party liability insurance. This insurer is always prepared with its various products, including Two-wheeler Liability only, Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance, Bundled two-wheeler, and Standalone motor damage two-wheeler, to provide comprehensive protection for a bike against all potential road risks and to spare the owner from financial and third party liabilities.

What Sets Royal Sundaram Two-Wheeler Insurance Apart?

Here are the reasons that make two-wheeler insurance by Royal Sundaram stand tall.

Digitally Enabled Process:

The insurer offers a mobile app that allows them to handle all insurance-related tasks without needing to visit a branch.

Customer Services:

The customer service of Royal Sundaram is quite good as it ensures that all the concerns of its customers are addressed most smoothly and efficiently. Its customer service team is available to assist you over the phone, email or through a live chat facility.

Network Garages:

Royal Sundaram has a wide network of over 5100 garages. You can avail of cashless repairs at any of the network workshops across the country.

Transfer of No Claim Bonus:

When you switch from any other insurer to Royal Sundaram for your two-wheeler insurance, you can transfer your no-claim bonus. To receive the no-claim bonus, you must, however, remember to renew your insurance on time.

Quick Claim Process:

The most crucial aspect of the insurance is the claim settlement procedure. It is crucial to guarantee a prompt and dependable claim settlement procedure. The Royal Sundaram Two-Wheeler offers an easy-to-understand claim settlement procedure.

Unlimited Claims:

Customers of Sundaram are eligible for unlimited claims as long as the insurance’s terms and conditions are fulfilled.

Easy Renewal:

In just a few minutes, you can renew your two-wheeler insurance online without having to submit any paperwork or have it inspected again. Simply get in touch with the insurance provider, pay the premium, and your two-wheeler insurance is renewed right away.

Backed by Powerful Technology:

With the support of robust technology, Royal Sundaram can provide even more hassle-free service. It has the M-Inspect and M-Chatra app, which offers all inspection and two-wheeler insurance-related information in one location.

Protection Against Damage:

You can be protected against any damage to your bike with Royal Sundaram bike insurance. The required coverage is offered by two-wheeler insurance by Royal Sundaram for any kind of damage, including collisions and natural disaster damage.

Personal Accident Cover:

Additionally, Royal Sundaram offers up to Rs. 15 lakhs in personal accident coverage. You can also list a certain number of additional passengers.

Next, What is Chola MS Two-Wheeler Insurance?

Chola MS two-wheeler insurance provides financial protection against unfavourable circumstances and mishaps, such as injuries sustained by the insured on their two-wheeler or by themselves, the pillion, pedestrians, or property damage to a third party. Your priceless belongings are safe from loss or damage from fire, theft, natural disasters, man-made disasters, third-party liabilities, and other events if you have two-wheeler insurance from Chola MS. Additionally, by purchasing add-on covers like road assistance cover, zero dep cover, NCB protection, etc., you can expand the coverage of your two-wheeler insurance.

Features and Benefits of Chola MS Two-Wheeler Insurance

Listed below are the key features and benefits of two-wheeler insurance by Chola MS.


As you are acting responsibly, having insurance will provide you with both financial security and peace of mind. When you purchase insurance and renew it on time, you protect both your two-wheeler and yourself against unanticipated events.

Cashless Claims:

This specific benefit is one of the main advantages of owning two-wheeler insurance. Any of the network garages connected to your insurer will accept your damaged two-wheeler. The fact that you don’t have to set aside money for the repair is another benefit.

Protection Against Non-Natural Incidents:

Damages from burglary, theft, strikes, and other incidents are also advantageous if your two-wheeler insurance covers them.

Roadside Assistance:

If your motorcycle breaks down in the middle of nowhere, your Chola MS bike insurance’s roadside assistance will help you get it to a garage and drop you off at a convenient location.

Consumable Cover:

This add-on covers the cost of consumables like nuts, lubricants, engine oil, tyres etc.

Return to Invoice Cover:

A bike is considered a total loss if it is stolen or suffers irreparable damage. In this case, your bike insurance’s return to invoice cover will reimburse you for the invoice amount.

Cover for Accessories:

You can avoid financial loss by choosing an Accessory Cover if you have added fancy accessories to your two-wheeler. But bear in mind that you have to give your insurer proof of the accessories’ worth when you buy this add-on.

Lost Key Replacement:

The insurer will pay for the replacement of your two-wheeler if you misplace the key.

NCB Protect:

A discount bonus known as a “No Claim Bonus” is awarded to you if you avoid filing a claim for the duration of the insurance year. You can protect your NCB even in the event of a claim with bike insurance that offers NCB protection.

Engine Protection Cover:

The engine protection cover of the bike insurance will pay for the damages, even if they are consequential. The coverage will extend to engine damage resulting from a natural disaster.

What Should You Consider: Royal Sundaram Two-Wheeler Insurance or Chola MS Two-Wheeler Insurance?

It is crucial to take several factors into account when purchasing a two-wheeler, including design, mileage, and cost. However, purchasing a new bike is undoubtedly about more than just the transaction itself. Selecting the appropriate insurance for your two-wheeler is just as crucial as making the right choice when purchasing a new vehicle.

If you are looking for two-wheeler insurance with a higher claim settlement ratio, then Royal Sundaram’s two-wheeler insurance could be an ideal choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for a two-wheeler with greater cashless network garages, then considering Chola MS two-wheeler insurance can help you out! Once you figured it out, choose the right two-wheeler insurance that fits your needs. Besides buying two-wheeler insurance, ensure you renew it on time to avoid running into hassles later.

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