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LIC Nivesh Plus Plan

Nivesh Plus is a non-participating, unit-linked, single premium, and individual life insurance plan offered by LIC. The plan provides insurance and investment coverage throughout the policy’s duration for a single premium. This plan gives you the option of selecting the type of sum insured from the outset, as well as investing the premium in one of four different types of investment funds.

Eligibility Criteria Of LIC’s Nivesh Plus Plan

Plan No. 849
UIN No. 512L317V01
Date Of Launch 02.03.2020
Minimum Entry Age 90 Days (Completed)
Maximum Entry Age For Option 1: 70 Years For Option 2: 35 Years
Policy Term 10-25 Years
Minimum Premium Rs. 1,00,000
Maximum Premium No Limit
Basic Sum Assured For Option 1: 1.25 X Single Premium For Option 2: 10 X Single Premium

Prominent Attributes Of LIC’s Nivesh Plus Plan

Below are some of the key attributes offered by LIC Nivesh Plus Plan:

  • Four Investment Funds: The LIC company will invest a portion of the premium amount of the policyholder in unit funds, from which he/she will have four investment fund options to choose from. These four options are Balanced Funds, Growth Funds, Secured Funds, and Bond Funds. 
  • 2 Basic Sum Insured Options: At the time of policy commencement, policy aspirants have two options for their basic sum assured amount. The sum insured options are Option 1 and Option 2.
  • Switching Facility: Jeevan Nivesh Plus Plan from LIC permits a client to switch his fund unit in the middle of his policy term if he so desires. This functionality does, however, come with some terms that should be carefully read.
  • Partial Withdrawal Facility: After the policy has been in force for five years, the life guaranteed can partially withdraw his units under the Jeevan Nivesh Plan LIC. In the event of minors, partial withdrawals will be permitted only until life assured has reached the age of eighteen years. Partial withdrawals can be made in either a definite amount or a fixed number of units.
  • Free Look Period: Those who purchased the policy offline have a 15-day free look period, while those who purchased Nivesh Plus LIC online have a 30-day free look period. If the insured is not satisfied with the plan’s terms during this time, he or she can return the policy to the company.
  • Settlement Option: Policyholders of the Nivesh Plus Plan from LIC have the option of receiving their death benefit in a lump sum or installments. If the life assured dies later, his nominee is compensated in the same way.

Key Benefits Of LIC Nivesh Plus Plan

The plan offers the following benefits to the policyholder:

  • Death Benefit: If the life assured dies during the policy term, the nominee would get a death benefit from the LIC Nivesh Plus Plan. For the nominee’s convenience, the insurance also provides settlement choices for claiming death payments in the form of installments.
  • Maturity Benefit: The insured is paid an amount equivalent to the Unit Fund Value if the policyholder lives to the end of the Nivesh Plus LIC’s maturity period. This is referred to as the maturity benefit.
  • Guaranteed Additions: When a set period of the insurance is completed, the policy compensates assured addition as a percentage of single premiums. Guaranteed additions will be determined depending on the fund type selected and credited to unit funds based on the NAV.
  • Optional Rider Benefits: The LIC’s Linked Accidental Death Benefit is an additional rider option available with the Jeevan Nivesh Plan. This rider benefit can be added at any point throughout the plan’s life cycle or on the policy’s anniversary. The benefits under this additional rider option will be available until the plan’s maturity or policy anniversary.
  • Purchase Ease: The policy can be acquired offline through a LIC representative. However, the LIC Nivesh Plus plan is also available for purchase on the official website.

Charges Applicable Under Nivesh Plus Plan From LIC

Because LIC’s Nivesh Plus Plan is a ULIP plan, policyholders are required to pay a number of fees:

  • Mortality Charge: Policyholders of the LIC Nivesh Plus Plan will be required to pay a mortality charge at the start of each policy month, which will be based on the sum at risk. Because this fee is age-related, the amount can fluctuate.
  • Accident Benefit Charges: If the policyholder has chosen the Linked Accidental Death Benefit Rider from LIC in addition to the basic plan, he will be charged for accident benefits coverage.
  • Premium Allocation Charges: In the starting, the company collects premium allocation charges, which are then adjusted with the single premium paid. The following are the premium allocation charges that policyholders must pay:

Online Sale: 1.50%

Offline Sale: 3.30%

  • Other Charges: The policyholder may be required to pay some other charges as follows:
  • Partial Withdrawal Charge: On the date of partial withdrawal, a flat amount of Rs. 100/- will be deducted by cancelling the appropriate number of units from the Unit Fund.
  • Switching Charges: If the policyholder desires to exchange his money for one of the firm’s funds, the company will impose a switching fee. In one policy year, the company allows four swaps at a cost of INR 100 per switch.
  • Fund Management Charges: As the name implies, this fee is collected by the company in order for the LIC Nivesh Plus Plan to administer your money, which will be based on the Net Asset Value.
  • Discontinuance Charge: This charge will be deducted by cancelling an appropriate number of units from the Unit Fund Value on the date the policy is discontinued.

Premium Calculation Of LIC’s Nivesh Plus

Before you purchase LIC’s Nivesh Plus Plan, you should be aware of how much premium amount you need to pay. Therefore, we have calculated the premium amount for the plan with respect to various criteria, such as sum insured, age, etc.

NameAge (In Years)GenderSum InsuredPolicy Term (In Years)Single Premium Amount
Avantika Mishra28FemaleRs. 2,50,00010Rs. 2,00,000
Jaipal Singh32MaleRs. 3,12,50012Rs. 2,50,000
Muskaan Bhatia37FemaleRs. 3,90,70814Rs. 3,12,567
Balram Kumar62MaleRs. 5,62,50016Rs. 4,50,000

What’s Not Covered Under LIC Nivesh Plus Plan?

If the life assured commits suicide within the first year of the policy, the nominee or beneficiary would only get the Unit Fund Value, with no extra benefits. In this case, the policy will be automatically terminated.

Buying Process Of LIC’s Nivesh Plus Plan

If you wish to buy LIC’s Nivesh Plus Plan, you need to adhere to the following steps:


  1. Visit the official website of LIC.
  1. Click on the “Buy A New Policy” tab at the top of the page. It will redirect you to the sales page of LIC.
  1. Now click on the “ULIP” tab. You will find the option of LIC’s Nivesh Plus plan.
  1. Press “Buy Online” and then click “Click To Buy Online”.
  1. Provide the COVID information and then click on “Proceed”.
  1. The next page will ask you for some contact details, such as name, age, mobile number, email, etc. Enter all the necessary details, the captcha code, tick the box, and then click “Proceed”.
  1. Now your Access ID will be displayed on the screen. Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number and click on “Proceed”.
  1. Upload all the scanned copies of your documents and also choose the financial parameters.
  1. Make the payment online for the plan and then the process will be completed.


If you are looking to buy this plan offline, you can either call the company’s customer care number or pay a visit to the nearby branch office of LIC. The customer care agent will help you throughout the buying process. Make sure to take all the necessary documents with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the LIC Nivesh plus gives its customers a 15-day grace period after the premium payment deadline to pay their pending payments.

If the insurance has been in force for five years and there isn’t enough balance to satisfy the charges, the policy will be forced to terminate.

The plan does not offer any liquidity option during the first five years of the plan.

No. Under the LIC’s Nivesh Plus plan, there is no availability of a loan facility to the policyholder.

The minimum maturity age for the plan is 18 years. Whereas the maximum maturity age for Option 1 is 85 years and for Option 2 is 50 years.

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