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Download LIC Policy Receipt Online

Download LIC Policy Receipt

Keeping a record of your finances as well as your budget is the foundation for any proactive financial planning. It is critical to keep, protect, and manage them so that they can be utilized later. In many cases, you might be required to keep track of your investments using numerous payment receipts. 

And when it comes to investing in LIC policies, you will receive a payment receipt for the premium amount paid. Customers who have already paid premiums for LIC plans can easily get their consolidated premium paid statement online from the company’s website. For this, the customer first needs to register himself for the LIC e-services, so that he can avail the feature within the comforts of his home. It is also important to note that there are no hidden charges for downloading a LIC policy receipt online.

What Is LIC Policy Receipt?

LIC policy receipt is a type of documentation that displays the amount of premium that the policyholder has already paid to LIC against the respective insurance policy. It is a document given to the policyholder by the LIC, which confirms that the payment has been received by the policyholder. 

As LIC has shifted its services to online mode, it has become quite easy and hassle-free for the policyholder to have access to his/her policy receipt. Now the policyholder can download his/her policy receipt with the help of LIC’s website without visiting the branch office.

How To Download LIC Policy Receipt Online?

In order to download an LIC policy receipt online, the user can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • For Registered Users
  1. Visit the official website of the company.
  1. Click on “Other Online Services” and then on “Customer Portal”.
  1. If the user is already registered on the portal, he should choose “Registered User,” otherwise he must first register on the portal.
  1. After clicking on “Registered User”, he will be directed to the login page.
  1. Now enter the user username and password.
  1. The policyholder will now be directed to the welcome page of LIC e-services and it looks like below.
  1. The user can then choose between the “Individual Policy Premium Paid Statement” and the “Consolidated Premium Paid Statement” options.
    • Users can obtain and download the statement of all the premiums paid by choosing the first Consolidated Premium Paid Statement option.
    • He can download a specific statement of the premium paid, as the name implies, using the second option, the Individual Policy Premium Paid Statement.
  1. After this step, choose the financial year if the user has chosen “Individual Policy Premium Paid Statement”. Then press “Generate Statement”.
  1. After this step, the user will be able to download a PDF format of his premium receipt.
  • For Non-Registered Users
  1. Visit the official website of the company.
  1. Click on “Customer Portal” under the “Other Online Services” tab.
  1. You will then be redirected to the LIC e-services page, on which two options will be displayed: “New User” and “Registered User”.
  1. Select the “New User” menu and fill out the form with information such as your date of birth, policy number, and monthly premium. Individual email addresses and phone numbers should also be included.
  1. After you’ve read and agreed to the terms and conditions, click “Proceed”.
  1. Choose a user id and password that comply with the website’s terms and conditions, then use these credentials to access the LIC portal.
  1. To access the website again, go to LIC e-services and select “Registered User” by entering your user ID and password.
  1. The policyholder will now be taken to the LIC e-services welcome page, which appears as follows.
  1. The option for “Individual Policy Premium Paid Statement” or “Consolidated Premium Paid Statement” is then available to the user.
    • By selecting the first Consolidated Premium Paid Statement option, users can access and download a statement of every premium that has been paid.
    • The second choice, Individual Policy Premium Paid Statement, allows him to get a specific statement of the premium paid, as the name implies.
  1. If the user selected “Individual Policy Premium Paid Statement”, select the fiscal year. Next, click “Generate Statement.”
  1. After completing this step, the customer can download his premium receipt in PDF format.

LIC Premium Paid Certificate

LIC offers two types of premium paid certificates as discussed below:

  • Individual Policy Premium Paid Statement: This type of premium paid certificate offers a history of premium payments made for a single policy throughout the course of the fiscal year. This statement is available for the next three financial years, including the current financial year.
  • Consolidated Premium Paid Statement: It gives a history of premium payments made during the fiscal year under all of the user’s registered own life policies (excluding spouse and children policies). It is available for the next three financial years, including the current financial year.

Important Things To Consider While Downloading LIC Policy Receipt Online

While downloading the LIC policy receipt online, you need to keep in mind the following things:

  • While entering your date of birth, it should be in the format dd/mm/yyyy.
  • Make sure to enter a valid policy number when asked.
  • Make sure to submit your mobile number and email id that you are currently using. All the future communication by LIC will be done by the shared number and email id.
  • Ensure that the instalment premium does not include a service tax.

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you have lost or did not receive your LIC premium payment receipt, you can immediately contact the customer care number of the company. The customer care executive will guide you on what to do and try to resolve your issue as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you have registered with LIC e-services, you can easily download a copy of your premium receipt from the website.

No. In order to download your LIC policy premium receipt and to avail various other e-services provided by the company, you need to register with LIC e-services.

Yes. You can download your LIC premium receipt by registering on the company’s website. In case you have already registered on the portal, you can simply log in to download your premium receipt.

Yes. The company allows the policyholder to download the receipt in PDF format.

Since the GooglePay app does not give you the option to download payment receipts for bills you have paid, you can either take a screenshot or share your invoice history with your friend. To do so, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open your GooglePay app.
  2. Scroll down and click on “Show Transaction History”.
  3. Now click the business or person to which you have paid the amount. 
  4. A page will be displayed showing UPI transaction ID and other details regarding the payment. 
  5. Now you can either take a screenshot of the same or you can click on the “Share” button to share the receipt with any of your trustworthy friends.

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