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Bike Insurance Plans

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United India Bike Insurance Policy Renewal

People often think of bike insurance policies as something invincible for their two-wheelers. But the truth is that just buying a bike insurance policy won’t safeguard the two-wheeler completely. Apart from paying the premiums on time, policyholders must be responsible enough to renew the policy from time to time if they wish to make the most out of their bike insurance policies. One can either set up a yearly reminder on his/her phone. Otherwise, the policyholder may take the help of an agent for the same. And even the insurance company will send policyholders reminders over their email and registered mobile numbers. 

If anyone has recently bought a United India bike insurance policy, he/she should be mindful of the policy renewal date. They can check that in their policy papers. Before discussing the easy steps that policyholders need to follow to renew their bike insurance policy, let’s first understand the importance of policy renewal. 

Why is it significant to renew bike insurance policy on time?

Bike insurance policy renewal is mandatory. If the policyholder fails to renew his/her two-wheeler insurance policy on time, all the coverages will be stopped immediately and the policy will get lapsed. He/she won’t get any kind of coverage if the bike gets into an accident after the policy lapse. A lapsed bike insurance policy is of no use to the policyholders. Also, once the policy gets lapsed, all the premiums that have been paid go down the drain. Thus, the policyholders should renew their policy within the renewal grace period offered by the insurance company.

Step-by-step process to renew your United India bike insurance policy

By now, it must have been clear that the timely renewal of bike insurance policies is of utmost significance. But what if one does not know the exact steps to renew their two-wheeler insurance plans?

Below mentioned are the few easy steps that every policyholder at United India must follow to renew their bike insurance policies on time. Here’s how to do it easily!

  • First of all, the United India bike insurance policyholder is required to visit the official website of United India Insurance Company.
  • Then he/she will see the logo of a car on the left side of the website.
  •  One can click on the icon for two-wheeler insurance policy renewal.
  • He/she will be redirected to a new page where the policyholder will have to enter the policy number.
  • After entering the policy number, the policyholder will have to enter the captcha.
  • After that, one can click on fetch data to renew his/her policy.