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united two wheeler insurance

Bike Insurance Plans

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United India Two Wheeler Insurance

United India Insurance Company (UIIC) is a public sector insurance company owned by the Government of India. It was integrated on 18th February 1938 and made public sector in 1972. It implements policies including bike insurance with many others, catering to business, urban as well as rural requirements. Previously, UIIC functioned as a subsidiary of General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC) until it acquired its present status under the IRDA Act 1999.

With its headquarters located in Chennai, the company has a network of 1,340 offices all over India with a fervent and proficient conglomeration of 18,300 employees to oversee services across the country. United India Insurance Company being a public sector insurance company offers reasonable insurance rates for its wide-ranging customer base and is known for being reliable and customer friendly.

Characteristics Of United India Two Wheeler Insurance

Here’s a look at the distinctive traits or characteristics of United India Two Wheeler Insurance:



PremiumStarting from 482/-
No Claim BonusFrom 20% to 50% which depends on the claim-free years
Add-onsAvailable on an additional premium
Customer supportAvailable at 1,340 offices all over India and 3,100+ garages
Claim ProcessCan be processed on call or off line. Customer support is available to assist the policyholders at any hour of the day.
Claim Settlement Ratio89.6% . Round the clock helpline available
Own Damage CoverDepends on the IDV of the Two Wheeler
Third party cover1 Lakh for Property/Vehicle Damage
Personal Accident CoverUp to Rs 15 Lakh
Online facilityOnline purchase and renewal for the two wheeler insurance available
ExtensionExtension of geographical area by paying an additional amount of Rs.500

Coverage With United India Two Wheeler Insurance

United India two wheeler Insurance is a trust that is supported with a strong garage network, excellent and dedicated service and speedy solution to customer queries. United India two wheeler Insurance guarantees the best service with a low and reasonably priced premium within the reach of all its customers.

Have a look at the kinds of coverage offered by United India two wheeler Insurance:



Third Party Liability Insurance only
  • The liability coverage applies to accidental death, injury and/or damage caused to vehicle and property
  • It also includes personal accident coverage for the owner-driver
  • Unlimited coverage is given for the death or injury of third party and up to Rs.1 Lakh for damage to property.
Comprehensive Insurance plan 
A. Own Damage two wheeler insurance
  • Natural calamities like floods, cyclones and storms
  • Landslides and Earthquake
  • Fire and explosion
  • Acts of rioting and vandalism
  • Theft of two wheeler
B. Personal Accident Cover
  • United India two wheeler Insurance will pay Rs.1 lakh to the owner-driver of the insured vehicle in case of permanent total disability or to the beneficiary in case of accidental death

Type of Injury Compensation as below

  • Death / loss of two limbs /loss of both eyes/ permanent disability – 100%
  • Loss of one limb / sight of one eye – 50%

Add-on Covers

By paying a nominal fee, you can avail several add-ons with United India Two Wheeler like:

Zero Depreciation Cover

This guarantees that you get the entire claim amount without any deductions due to the depreciation of metal and plastic parts that are replaced.

Extension of Geographical area

By paying an extra premium you get coverage for extended geographical areas like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Pakistan.

Personal Accident Cover

For an unnamed person when the owner takes a pillion rider or has someone else ride their bike.

Safeguard for Non-Electrical parts

This add-on covers all the non-electrical trimmings such as the bike mirror, carry bags etc.

Electrical/Electronic Accessories

Such as brake lights, fog lights and sound systems. And any such modifications can be covered by paying a small amount in premium.

Eligibility Criteria of United India Two Wheeler Insurance

It is compulsory for every two wheeler owner to have a bike insurance policy.

The eligibility criteria set by United India two wheeler Insurance require:

  • Valid Registration Certificate (RC Book)
  • No Alterations and modifications in the vehicle without informing the company 
  • Prompt payment of the insurance policy for the two wheeler insured
  • Transfer of policy within 14 days in case of sale of the two wheeler 

How To Buy or Renew United India Motor Insurance Policy?

Customers can buy a new policy or renew an existing policy by logging into the United India Insurance website or through the Probus website.

1. Buy/Renew with Probus Insurance Broker

Step 1

Open the Probus website and select Apply/Renew two wheeler insurance, as relevant.

Step 2

Decide on the insuring company of your preference.

Step 3

In case of new policies, fill in necessary information such as city, model, variant, registration year and date, fuel type and personal details like mobile number, email address.

Step 4

If you are renewing the policy, enhance the above information with extra/new/changed details.

Step 5

Decide on the insurance provider of your choice after comparing plans from different insurance companies and pick one of your choices.

Step 6

In case of renewal, decide on NCB as applicable. If you have opted for a comprehensive insurance pick add-ons, if required.

Step 7

Confirm and revise the data entered by you before making the payment

Step 8

Make the online payment using any secure online payment service.

Step 9

Your policy document will reach your inbox right away.

2. Buy/Renew By Direct United India Website

Step 1

Visit the official online portal of United India two wheeler Insurance.

Step 2

Tap ‘Get Quote’ and choose the two wheeler insurance plan of your choice.

Step 3

Choose between a Third-Party Liability Only Two Wheeler Insurance or a Standard Package/Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance.

Step 4

If you are renewing a policy you will be asked to enter your United India Insurance Policy number for the renewal process.

Step 5

Give details about your earlier insurance policy- expiry, claims made in the last year and if not then the NCB you are entitled.

Step 6

You will get the required estimate for your premium. If you have chosen a Standard Plan you can tailor it further by setting an IDV (Insurance Declared Value) and selecting add-ons, of your choice.

Step 7

The final premium calculated will now be displayed.

Step 8

Complete your online payment using any secure gateway.

Step 9

Your policy will be sent to your email.

Step 10

You can also save the United India Insurance policy documents online at your convenience after renewal.

Steps To File a Claim Under United India Bike Insurance Policy

Here’s the step-by-step claim process:

In case of an accident

Step 1
Immediately contact United India two wheeler Insurance Company by call or by visiting the city office where the incident has taken place.
Step 2
Do not move the two wheeler at the accident site till the time the surveyors visit the accident spot.
Step 3
In case of any third-party injuries or death, immediately inform the nearest police station about the incident and file an FIR.
Step 4
The two wheeler can now be towed to any of the network garages nearby.
Step 5
The quotation from the company approved garage can be submitted along with the completed claim form, the surveyor copy and FIR.
Step 6
Once the surveyor verifies the damage caused you may go ahead with the repair works.
Step 7

Submit the cash bills for spare parts, labour charges etc. and then get the reimbursement done.

Documents Needed To File a Claim for Accident or Theft

  1. Claim form
  2. Legitimate vehicle registration certificate
  3. Driving License
  4. Copy of the first two pages of the policy document
  5. FIR for accidental damage or theft
  6. Original repair bill, cash receipt, and proof of release

Exclusions Under United India Two Wheeler Insurance

United India bike insurance also has some exclusions for which the policyholder cannot claim protection or coverage:

  • If the person was driving without a valid driving license.
  • Act of negligence as per the company rules like driving in a flooded area.
  • Driving under the effect of intoxicants or drugs
  • Claims arising outside of the specified geographical area as stated in the policy.
  • Damage as a result of wear and tear or mechanical breakdown..
  • Damages if the vehicle is being used for that not stated in the policy.
  • The fallacy of particulars and listing of a hoax claim
  • Claiming wrong coverage amount
  • Lack of details required
  • Delay in informing the company about the mishap

Learn About Premium And Premium Calculation

An insurance premium is the amount of money a person must pay for an insurance policy. Typically, certain factors influence the premium of a vehicle, like the model and make of the vehicle, the place of registration, the year of purchase, etc. When you apply/renew your policy, the process will show you the premium for different policies. You can then take your pick. For an old bike, the insurance premium will be a lot less because of the chances of the bike being understandably worn out and the scope of add-ons available being less.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few benefits:

  • 24×7 customer service.
  • Reasonably priced policies beneficial for rural people.
  • Guaranteed compensation in case of theft or harm caused to the vehicle
  • Satisfactory claim settlement.
  • Many others
The basic term for a policy is one year. However, extended tenures of 3 to 5 years are possible.

There are extra safeguards that can be availed at a small premium over and above the basic policy premium.

You can visit their official website or call for more information at 1800-425-3333.