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Bike Insurance Plans

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Future Generali Two Wheeler Insurance

Future Generali Two Wheeler Comprehensive Insurance Policy covers third-party liabilities as well as damage to the covered vehicle that could arise in an accident or in the event of an unforeseen incident. coverage for third-party liabilities, such as those arising from accidents or unforeseeable events that cause bodily harm, disabling conditions, property damage, or death of a third party. The Motor Vehicles Act requires this kind of two wheeler insurance coverage.

This insurance covers third-party obligations, such as those resulting from accidents or unforeseeable events that cause bodily harm, disabling conditions, property damage, or a third party’s death. Although comprehensive two-wheeler insurance is not required, once it has been obtained, the policyholder is not in need of a separate third-party insurance policy.

Key Features and Benefits of Future Generali Two Wheeler Insurance

Here is the list of the features and benefits of Future Generali Bike insurance policy.

  1. Third-Party Liability

Sometimes, someone else has to bear the penalties instead of you. Third-party liability coverage from our bike insurance will keep you safe in such circumstances. It makes up for losses caused by damage to someone else’s property, physical harm, or death.

  1. Bike Damage

Don’t worry if your bike has been damaged by an accident or theft. Future Generali will cover all losses thanks to its bicycle insurance. The comprehensive insurance policy for two-wheelers covers any damage to your vehicle that results from an accident, a theft, or a break-in. Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance coverage also cover damages including damaged parts, dents, and scratches. You have the right to file a claim for such damages or repairs if your bike sustains damage as a result of an accident.

  1. Personal Accident

A second policy for personal injury protection must be obtained in addition to the two-wheeler insurance. The insurance covers unintentional fatalities and disabilities brought on by motorcycle accidents. Both the driver and the passenger can purchase the insurance. Accidents are always unpredictable. As a result, Future Generali’s bike insurance offers up to Rs. 15 lakhs in accident coverage.

  1. Loss of Personal Belongings

If you usually take a new phone, laptop, etc. every time with you along with your two-wheelers, the policy will cover you by offering protection to your personal belongings.

  1. No Claim Bonus

One of the main advantages of selecting the Future Generali bike insurance policy is that, even if you filed a claim the previous year, you will still be eligible for an NCB advantage at the time of renewal.

  1. Network Garages

Another major feature of Future Generali bike insurance is that there are 3500+ partner workshops across India for cashless claims.

  1. Roadside Assistance

Stuck on the highway or involved in an accident? Why should such occurrences deter you? With the Future Generali coverage, you will have roadside assistance available to you around-the-clock.

  1. Return on Invoice

Future Generali’s bike insurance will be there for you if damage results in your bike being declared a total loss. The difference between the bike’s invoice price and insurance value will be paid to you by the company.

  1. Zero Depreciation

Last but not least, the company will give you the full claim value even if your bike is old and has lost value.

Things Not Covered Under the Future Generali Bike Insurance Policy

Listed below are the things that are not included or covered under Bike insurance policy by Future Generali.

  1. The vehicle’s normal wear, tear, and ageing
  1. Any harm is done to the car by someone who isn’t in possession of a legal license.
  1. Damage or loss brought on by rebellion, war, or nuclear peril
  1. Any incident that occurs outside of the region
  1. Any harm done to or by someone operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

How To Buy Future Generali Bike Insurance Policy?

Purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy for your car is quite straightforward and simple. Here are the steps for purchasing a two-wheeler insurance plan from Future Generali of India:

  1. Visit the Website-

Start by going to the Future Generali India Insurance Company’s official website. The next step is to obtain an online quote for the bike you wish to insure.

  1. Fill in the Information

Create a profile and submit some basic information about your vehicle to generate your online quote. The fundamental details include your vehicle’s make, model, and year of manufacture, the engine number, the registration number, the chassis number, etc.

  1. Review

After that, you can check your coverage and deductibles and modify the coverage as necessary.

  • Pay the Premium

Select a payment option and pay comfortably in a few simple steps after confirming the premium that must be paid and accepting the terms and conditions.

  • Download your Policy.

You can download and print the insurance document after paying the payment. The email address of the policyholder that has been given to the insurance provider also receives a copy of the policy document.

Steps To File a Claim For Your Future Generali Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

The two-wheeler insurance plans from Future Generali India include both reimbursement claims and cashless claims. Either get the car fixed at one of the network garages, then submit a claim for cashless payment.

  1. Inform the Insurance Company

The first step in the claim settlement process is to notify the insurance company online by filling out a form on the company website or by calling 1800 220 233.

  1. Inspection

The insurance provider will despatch a surveyor to examine the car and gather the necessary records as evidence of the damage done to it.

  1. Submit Documents

The surveyor will need to see the pertinent paperwork.

  1. Payment

After proper verification, the insurance provider will pay the workshop directly and submit the bill received to the surveyor or the nearest Future Generali India branch along with the payment.

How To Renew Your Lapsed Future Generali Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

In order to maintain coverage and adhere to insurance regulations, your policy must be renewed. On the corporate website, you can renew the insurance online. The coverage would expire if the policy is not renewed in a timely manner. The no-claim incentive would still still be in effect during the grace period for renewal. The no-claim bonus would expire if the grace period ran out. Once your bike has been inspected by the insurance company, you can advise them that your coverage needs to be renewed.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can submit a claim for a two-wheeler accident that happened in a city different than the one where the insurance was provided. Anywhere can be the site of an accident. The insurance company’s claim representative will walk you through the claim process if you phone their helpline number.

You can receive a discount on the cost of your Future Generali two-wheeler insurance. If you didn’t file a claim in the preceding year or years, you can get a no-claim bonus with reductions of up to 50%. If you are a member of an Indian-recognized automobile association, you may also be eligible for an additional discount. In addition to the required access, you have the option of choosing voluntary access, which will enable you to receive a discount based on the amount selected.

With the payment of a small premium, a variety of extensive supplementary add-ons are made available. Zero depreciation, theft or loss of keys, tyre damage, loss of personal possessions, NCB protection, engine protector, return to invoice, and inconvenience allowance are some of the add-ons that Future Generali India Insurance offers.

When you switch your two-wheeler insurance policy from another insurance company to Future Generali India or when you transfer your two-wheeler insurance policy to any other insurance provider, you can transfer the full advantages of no claim bonus. But don’t forget to renew your insurance policy within 90 days of its expiration. If not, your no-claims incentive will expire.