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Bajaj Allianz Health Infinity Plan

Our family’s sound health is extremely important for us; thus, we want the best when it comes to health insurance. The Health Infinity Policy from Bajaj Allianz is the ideal solution to cover your family’s medical costs in the unfortunate event of hospitalization due to illness or injury because it offers new comprehensive features at affordable prices.

If you want to know about the policy in detail, continue reading!

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum Entry Age

For Adults: 18 Years, For Dependent Children: 3 Months

Maximum Entry Age

For Adults: 65 Years, For Dependent Children: 25 Years

Policy Period1/2/3 Years
TypeIndividual Policy

Focal Points Of Bajaj Allianz Health Infinity Plan

Bajaj Allianz Health Infinity plan has the following features:

In-Patient Hospitalization TreatmentCovered
Pre-Hospitalization Expenses60 Days
Post-Hospitalization Expenses90 Days
Road AmbulanceUp To Rs. 5000 Per Hospitalization
Daycare ProceduresCovered
Free Look Period15 Days

Why Should You Buy Bajaj Allianz Health Infinity Plan?

There are many reasons why you should choose the Health Infinity plan from Bajaj Allianz. Some of the benefits offered by the plan are mentioned below:

Preventive Health Check Up:

You are qualified for a free preventive health checkup at the conclusion of each continuous term of three years during which you have held the Health Infinity policy from Bajaj Allianz. For each member of the individual policy over the course of the three-year period, the plan will repay the sum equal to the daily room rent chosen (up to a maximum of Rs. 5000), whichever is lower.

Wide Range Of Discounts:

The plan offers the following discounts to the policyholder:

  • Wellness Discount: If the insured person submits the medical test results as specified in the policy brochure and all of the results are within the normal range, they are eligible for a 5% discount at each renewal.
  • Long-Term Policy Discount: In case you opt for the policy for 2 years, you will get a 4% discount. Whereas, if your policy is for 3 years, an 8% discount will be applicable.
  • Family Discount: If two or more qualified family members are covered under a single policy, a 5% family discount will be given.
  • Employee Discount: Employees of Bajaj Allianz and its group firms are eligible for a 20% reduction on published premium rates; however, this discount is only valid if the policy is booked using a direct office code.
  • Online Discount: For insurance bought online, through a website, or directly from a consumer, a 5% discount is given. Direct consumers are given this perk in place of a commission.

Reduction In Waiting Period:

If the proposed insured is currently insured and has never experienced any gaps in coverage, the number of consecutive years the insured had coverage in the years prior will be deducted from the waiting periods listed in the brochure.

Portability Option:

The plan also offers portability benefits to the policyholder. The insured beneficiary will have the choice to port the policy to other insurers at least 45 days before, but not earlier than 60 days from the policy renewal date.

Migration Benefit:

According to IRDAI migration guidelines, the insured beneficiary will have the choice to migrate the policy to other health insurance products or plans offered by the company by requesting for migration of the policy at least 30 days prior to the policy renewal date.

Tax Benefits:

Under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, you can avail of tax benefits on the premiums paid for the policy. This will help you out in saving a great deal of money.

Premium Calculation Of Bajaj Allianz Health Infinity Plan

Before you purchase the Bajaj Allianz Health Infinity plan, you need to have an estimate of how much the plan will cost you. This table will illustrate the sample premium amounts on the basis of various criteria, such as gender and age.

NameAgeGenderPremium Amount
For 1 YearFor 2 YearsFor 3 Years
Sunil Kaundal29 YearsMaleRs. 9310Rs. 17,875Rs. 26,220
Vanita Rana35 YearsFemaleRs. 9,880Rs. 19,380Rs. 28,055
Mohit Singh55 YearsMaleRs. 18,003Rs. 39,216Rs. 58,602
Sakshi Kumari60 YearsFemaleRs. 22,848Rs. 49,020Rs. 72,935

What’s Not Covered Under Bajaj Allianz Health Infinity Plan?

The following expenses are not covered under the plan:

  • Any illness due to alcohol or drug
  • Unrelated diagnostic and treatment expenses
  • Expenses arising out of cosmetic or plastic surgery
  • Dental treatment unless medically required
  • Diseases like gastrointestinal ulcers, cataracts, Parkinson’s disease, etc.
  • War, invasions, hostilities, etc.
  • Obesity or weight control treatment
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Change of gender treatments
  • Injury arising out of the hazardous or adventurous sport
  • Congenital external diseases
  • Intentional self-injury
  • Refractive error
  • Treatments related to birth control, sterility, and infertility
  • Maternity expenses
  • Breach of law

Frequently Asked Questions

For one year policy, the premium paying mode is on annual basis. Whereas, for 2- and 3-year policies, the total long-term premium would be collected at the time of inception and renewal.

The policy can cover the self, spouse, dependent children, and parents.

The general waiting period under the plan is 30 days. For pre-existing diseases, the waiting period is 36 months. Whereas, for specified illnesses mentioned in the brochure, the waiting period is 24 months.

The plan allows no medical tests for up to 45 years. 

The policy can be opted by:

  • Indian nationals
  • Non-resident Indians, including PIOs (Persons of Indian Origin) and OCIs (Overseas Citizens of India)

Yes. Choosing co-payments is mandatory for the policyholder. If the claimed sum exceeds 100 times the daily room maximum, a co-payment of 15%, 20%, or 25% is required.

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