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Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy

Star Red Carpet Plan is a health insurance plan offered by Star Health Insurance Company that is specially designed for people in their sixties to offer them a hassle-free smooth retirement life so that they can live the golden days of their life without any worries. The policy has come up with a sack full of benefits and facilities to offer them financial security against the different medical risks, ailments, and diseases that they are exposed to. Keeping in mind the health risks, Star Health’s Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy covers the pre-existing diseases from the 2nd year onwards, and also to avail of this policy, you do not have to go through pre-policy medical check-ups. This is a very flexible plan that can be customized according to your needs.

Eligibility Criteria

Entry age

Minimum – 60 years

Maximum – 75 years

Policy term1, 2, and 3 years
Policy type

Individual sum insured basis

Floater sum insured basis

Sum insured option

On an individual basis – Rs. 1 lakh, Rs. 2 lakhs, Rs. 3 lakhs, Rs. 4 lakhs, Rs. 5 lakhs, and Rs. 7.5 lakhs

On an individual and 0floater basis – Rs. 1 lakh, Rs. 1.5 lakhs, Rs. 2 lakhs, and Rs. 2.5 lakhs

Premium installment facilityQuarterly, Half-yearly, Annually, Biennial (Once in 2 years), and Triennial (Once in 3 years).

Star Red Carpet Plan Details

As the Star Carpet Red plan has come up with lots of benefits, the details of the plan are discussed in the following table.

Hospitalization cover (Room, Boarding, and Nursing expenses as given here)Sum insured Room rent limit (per day)
Rs.1,00,000/- to Rs.5,00,000/-Up to 1% of the sum insured.
Rs.7,50,000/- and Rs.10,00,000/-Up to Rs.6,000/-
Rs.15,00,000/-Up to Rs. 7000
Rs. 20,00,000Up to Rs. 8,500
Rs. 25,00,000Up to Rs. 10,000
ICU ChargesSum insured Limit per day 
Rs.1,00,000/- to Rs.10,00,000/-Up to 2% of the sum insured.
Rs.15,00,000/- to Rs.25,00,000/-Actuals
Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Medical Practitioner, Consultants, and Specialist’s feesUp to 25% of the sum insured per hospitalization
Anesthesia, Blood, Oxygen, Operation Theatre charges, Cost of Pacemaker, etc.Up to 50% of the sum insured per hospitalization
Emergency ambulance charges as per the table for transporting the insured person by private ambulance services to the hospitalSum insured Limit per hospitalization Limit per policy period 
Rs. 1,00,000/- to Rs. 4,00,000/-Rs. 600Rs. 1200
Rs. 5,00,000/- to Rs. 10,00,000/-Rs. 1000Rs. 2000
Rs. 15,00,000/- to Rs. 25,00,000/-Rs. 1500Rs. 3000
Pre-hospitalization medical expenses for disease/illness, an injury sustained following an admissible claim for hospitalization under the policyFor a period not exceeding 30 days prior to the date of hospitalization,

Post-Hospitalization medical expenses equivalent to 7% of the hospitalization expenses comprising Nursing Charges, Surgeon or Consultant fees, Diagnostic charges, Medicines, and drugs

expenses, subject to a maximum limit as per the table given here

Sum insured Limits per occurrence 
Rs. 1,00,000/- to Rs. Rs. 50,000/-Rs. 5000
Rs. 10,00,000/- and Rs. 15,00,000/-Rs. 7000
Rs. 20,00,000/- and Rs. 25,00,000/-Rs. 10,000

Expenses on Medical Consultations as an Out Patient incurred in

Network hospitals up to the limits mentioned in the table given here with a limit of Rs.200/- per consultation.

Sum insured 

Limit per person per policy period

for a policy with Sum Insured on

Individual Basis

For a policy with a sum insured on a floater basis
Limit per personLimit per policy period 
Rs. 1 lakhNot availableNot available
Rs. 2 lakhs
Rs. 3 lakhsRs. 600
Rs. 4 lakhsRs. 800
Rs. 5 lakhsRs. 1000
Rs. 7.5 lakhsRs. 1200
Rs. 10 lakhsRs. 1400Rs. 1400Rs. 2400
Rs. 15 lakhsRs. 1800Rs. 1800Rs. 3000
Rs. 20 lakhsRs. 2200Rs. 2200Rs. 3800
Rs. 25 lakhsRs. 2600Rs. 2600Rs. 4400
Cost of health check-upSum insured 

Limit per person per policy period

for a policy with a Sum Insured on

Individual Basis

For floater policies
Limit per person Limit per policy period
Rs. 1,00,000/- to 4,00,000/-Not available
Rs. 5,00,000 and Rs. 7,50,000Rs. 1000Not available
Rs.10,00,000 and Rs. 15,00,000Rs. 2000Rs. 2000Rs. 3500
Rs. 20,00,000 and Rs. 25,00,000Rs. 2500Rs. 2500Rs. 4500
Co-payment30% for all claims

Claim Illustration for Sublimit and Co-pay: Treatment for Cerebral Vascular Accident (Individual


Sum insuredRs. 15 lakhs
Actual claim amountRs. 10 lakhs
Submit for CVARs. 4 lakhs
Admissible claim amountRs. 8 lakhs

(After considering

1. Limit for room rent,

2. Limit for ICU Charges,

3. Limit for medical practitioner fee [25% of the Sum


4. Limit for Anaesthesia / OT Charges [50% of the Sum

Insured]) – A

Less: co-pay 30%Rs. 2,40,000(30% co-pay on admissible claim amount) – B
Claim amount payable after 30% co-payRs. 5,60,000A (-) B
Final settled amountRs. 4 lakhs

The Claim amount payable is greater than the sub-limit.

Hence Company’s liability is up to the sub-limit

General Terms of Star Red Carpet Plan

The plan has presented certain general terms regarding the policy which must be kept in mind to have a transparent concept of the plan. To know more, follow the below mentions.

  • Pre- Acceptance Medical screening: Though there is no pre-acceptance medical screening, however, if the following medical records of the person proposed for insurance are submitted, a discount of 10% is allowed.
    1. Stress Thallium Report
    2. BP Report
    3. Sugar (blood & urine) (Fasting / Postprandial)
    4. Blood urea & creatinine
  • Tax Benefits: If the insured person pays an amount by any mode other than by cash for this insurance, then he or she is eligible for a tax relief under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
  • Free Look Period: To find out the terms and conditions of the policy, the company offers you a free look period of 15 days. If the plan is not suitable for you, you can return it within the free look period. In such a case, the premium refund shall be as follows:

If the Insured has not made any claim during the free look period, the Insured shall be entitled to –

  1. A refund of the premium paid less any expenses incurred by the Insurer on medical examination of the insured persons and the stamp duty charges or
  2. Where the risk has already commenced and the option of return of the policy is exercised by the policyholder, a deduction towards the proportionate risk premium for the period on the cover or
  3. Where only a part of the insurance coverage has commenced, such proportionate premium is commensurate with the insurance coverage during such period.

Note: Free look period shall not be applicable at the time of renewal. Renewal premium, terms, and conditions are subject to change with prior approval from IRDAI.

Premium Calculation Of Star Red Carpet

For your better understanding of the premium calculation of the Star Red Carpet Plan, here is an example.

Mr. Sharma a 60-years old businessman has bought Star Red Carpet Policy for himself. Let us find out how much premium amount he has to pay for different sum insured options.

Policy typePolicy termAgeInsurance coverPremium payment optionPremium amount (including tax)
Individual2 years60 yearsRs. 15 lakhsFullRs. 66,512
Rs. 20 lakhsRs. 74,493
Rs. 25 lakhsRs. 81,952

General Exclusions Of Star Red Carpet Plan

Though this plan offers a wide range of benefits and facilities, it also has cert.

Ain exclusions, which are important to keep in knowledge to avoid future complexities. The general exclusions of this plan are as follows.

  • Expenses related to the treatment of the pre-specified, listed conditions, surgeries, or treatments will not be included until the expiry of 24 months of continuous coverage after the date of inception of the first policy.
  • This plan does not cover any diagnostic expenses which are not related or not incidental to the current diagnosis and treatment.
  • Custodial care either at home or in a nursing facility for personal care such as help with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and moving around either by skilled nurses or assistants or non-skilled persons will fall under the exclusions.
  • If the obesity or the weight control treatment does not follow the standard and approved protocols, then the policy will not cover the expenses arising due to the same.
  • Any cost due to the treatment change of gender, plastic surgery, etc. will not be covered by the plan.
  • If you participate in any hazardous and adventurous sports such as scuba diving, mountaineering, para-jumping, rock climbing, etc. then the policy does not take any responsibility for the medical expenses arising out of it.
  • If you receive any non-standard, unauthorized treatment for any ailment or condition, you will not be compensated.
  • Treatment for alcoholism, drug or substance abuse or any addictive condition and consequences will not be covered by the policy.
  • Any type of contraception or fertility treatment will not be covered.
  • Self-inflicted injuries, suicide attempts or suicide fall under the category of exclusion.
  • Injury or disease directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to by nuclear weapons or materials will not be covered.
  • Expenses related to the treatment for correction of eyesight due to refractive error less than 7. 5 dioptres are also not covered by the policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. In that case, you need to apply for migration of the Policy at least 30 days before the policy renewal date as per IRDAI guidelines on Migration.

After completion of eight continuous years under the policy no look back to be applied. This period of eight years is called as moratorium period. After the expiry of the Moratorium Period, no health insurance claim shall be contestable except for proven fraud and permanent exclusions specified in the policy contract.

No, expenses incurred for the treatment of diseases, illnesses, or accidental injuries by systems of medicine other than allopathy will not be covered by the policy.

In that case, you will have the following options:

  • The company will intimate the insured person about the withdrawal 90 days prior to the expiry of the policy.
  • The insured person will have the option to migrate to a similar health insurance product available with the Company at the time of renewal with all the accrued continuity benefits such as cumulative bonus, waiver of the waiting period as per the IRDAI guidelines,

Only if the policy has been maintained without a break.

This plan comes with the facility of no Third Party Administrator (TPA). It offers direct in-house claim settlement.

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