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Future Hospicash Health Plan

A policy called Future Hospicash offers cash benefits in the event that you need to go to the hospital. It is especially made to cover ancillary costs in the event of hospitalization. The insurance protects you and your loved ones from the stress brought on by the rising cost of hospitalization.

It provides a fixed payout for each day you are hospitalized, regardless of the actual cost of your care, offering ongoing additional protection. One of the major advantages of the Future Generali Future Hospicash Health Plan is that if you or a member of your family is admitted to an ICU in the city where you live, you will receive twice the daily benefit. Additionally, if there is no unfavorable health disclosure on the proposal form, medical examinations are waived.

Read on to know more about the Future Generali Future Hospicash Health Plan’s eligibility criteria, inclusions, exclusions, and more.

Eligibility Criteria

Here is the eligibility criteria for Future Generali Future Hospicash Health Plan:

Minimum Age

Adults: 18 to 65 years lifetime renewal option

Children: 6 months to 25 years can be covered only if parents are insured with Future Generali

Maximum Sum Insured

Plan A and Plan B: Income criteria – Not applicable

Plan C: Monthly income above Rs. 50,000

Plan D: Monthly income above Rs. 75,000/

Max Policy Term1 Year

Reasons to Choose Future Hospicash Health Plan

Here is the list of the reasons to choose Future Future Hospicash health plan.

  1. Incidental Expenses in Case of Hospitalization

If you or a member of your family is hospitalized, you are entitled to a financial reward. It is specially made to cover ancillary costs in the event of hospitalization.

  1. Claim Benefits

Depending on the plan you have chosen, you may be able to claim for each day that you are hospitalized.

  1. Previous Medical Insurance Is Not Necessary:

One of the biggest benefits of choosing Future Generali is that even if you don’t currently have medical insurance coverage, you are still able to choose this one.

  1. Floater Advantage

Cover yourself and your family under a single amount of insurance (family means Self, Spouse, and up to 2 dependent children until 25 years).

  1. Quick Turnaround Time

The company’s typical turnaround time for processing claims is 14 working days (if all necessary data and documentation are provided).

  1. 30-Day Renewal Period

You have 30 days to renew the policy after the expiration date.

  1. Free Look Period

If there hasn’t been a claim and you want to cancel the policy within 15 days of receiving the policy documents because you are dissatisfied with the coverage and terms and conditions, you will be entitled to a return by the terms and conditions of the policy.

  1. Portability

Transfer your current policy to us to take advantage of the perks and services offered by the company. The portability complies with IRDAI’s portability criteria.

What Does Future Generali Future Hospital Cash Plan Cover?

Listed below are the things that covered under Future Generali Future Hospicash Health Plan

ICU Benefit Within the City of ResidenceIf you or a member of your family is hospitalised in an ICU in the city where you live, you will receive twice the daily benefit.
ICU Benefit Outside Your City of Residence:If you or a member of your family is admitted to an ICU outside of your city of residency, you will receive three times the daily benefit.
An Additional Convalescence BenefitFor hospital stays more than 10 days, an additional convalescence benefit of Rs 5000 is also available to you or a member of your family, once per hospitalization occurrence.
ICU Benefit:ICU benefits are provided for a maximum of 20 days over the policy period and a maximum of 10 days for each hospitalization.

What Is Not Included Under Future Hospicash Policy?

Here is the list of the things not included under Future Generali Future Hospicash health plan.

  • Pre-Existing Diseases: Pre-existing conditions will be covered during a 48-month waiting period.
  • Specific Diseases: There is a 24-month waiting period for several illnesses, such as benign prostatic hypertrophy, all types of hernias, hydrocele, etc.
  • Hospitalization for Specific Procedures and Treatments: Hospitalization for cosmetic operations, plastic surgery, corrective lenses for refractive errors, or untested, experimental, or investigative treatments.
  • Hospitalisation for General Debility: Hospitalization for general ill health, the “Run-down” syndrome or rest cure, a sexually transmitted infection, or deliberate self-harm.
  •  Hospitalization for treatments relating to fertility: Hospitalisation for therapies linked to pregnancy and fertility
  • Alternative Medicine: Non-Allopathic Hospitalization / Treatment.
  • Hospitalizationon in Case of Illnesses: Hospitalization for a psychiatric or mental illness.

Future Generali Future Hospicash Health Plan Cost

A man, named Mr. Priyank Sharma, who is 6’ ft tall and weighs 90 kgs working as a software engineer at Cognizant, Gurgaon, is looking to buy a plan that perfectly caters to his medical and health needs. As he is working in a private firm, he wants to safeguard the financial future of his family members. When he was searching for the best health plan, he then stumbled upon Future Generali Future Hospicash Health Plan on the internet. Also, he even asked his relatives, family, and friends, and many people in his circle suggested he buy Future Generali Future Hospicash Health Plan for maximum financial protection from medical expenses.

AgeType of PlanInsuredDaily cash benefitPremium
Self- 29 yearsIndividual sum insuredSelfRs. 500/ DayRs. 461 Including GST

Self- 29 Years

Spouse- 27 Years

Family FloaterSelf + SpouseRs. 500/ DayRs. 692 Including GST

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Hospi Cash is a benefit policy, so original receipts are not necessary. As a result, the benefit amount is not based on real expenses. Original invoices and other paperwork requested at the time of filing a claim will be returned to you after being reviewed for admissibility.

Yes, if the insured person is hospitalised for a continuous period longer than 10 days, we will pay an additional Rs. 5,000 as a convalescence/recovery benefit.

Yes, you can utilize a floater policy to cover yourself, your spouse, and up to two dependent children.

Under Hospi Cash, the plan may provide benefits of up to Rs. 3000 per day. Additionally, the benefit amount in the event of ICU hospitalisation will be double (same city) or triple (other city).

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