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HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Policy Download

Once an individual purchases any health insurance plan from HDFC ERGO, he/she will receive a policy document, which is a legally enforceable contract that outlines the terms and conditions of the insurance policy between the consumer and the insurance provider. The HDFC ERGO health insurance policyholders can download this policy document from the official website of the company.

Given that the company allows download of the official policy document that serves as evidence of purchase, the document can also be treated as a receipt for the premium payment the insured made for their health insurance policy. To know more about how to download an HDFC ERGO health insurance policy document, keep reading!

Major Components Of HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Policy Document

The HDFC ERGO health insurance policy document contains the following major information:

  • Name, age, gender, and other information about the policyholder
  • Policy term
  • Policy type
  • Eligibility criteria of the policy
  • Health insurance policy number
  • Sum assured/insured options
  • Inclusions and exclusions of the plan
  • Terms and conditions for claim settlement under the plan
  • Cancellation terms and conditions
  • Portability conditions
  • Details about the waiting period and free-look period
  • Renewal conditions
  • Cumulative bonus details

Downloading Process Of HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Policy Document

It is very easy to download HDFC ERGO health insurance policy documents online. All you have to do is carry out the simple instructions below:

  1. Go to the homepage of the official website of HDFC ERGO General Insurance.
  1. On the top right corner of the page, click on the “Help” icon.
  1. A section describing ‘how can we help you?’ will appear, under which one needs to select “Email Policy Copy”.
  1. Enter detail by choosing from the three options (policy number, mobile number, and email address). Then select “Continue.” For the registered mail ID and mobile number, the user will receive OTP for verification.
  1. The policy details will then be visible, and the insured may his HDFC ERGO health insurance policy. Note that only the registered email ID will receive the policy copy.

Do I Need A Hard Copy Of The HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Policy Document?

The insurance regulatory body, IRDAI has advised the insurance companies to make the process of purchasing health insurance coverage totally digital due to the emergence of the new coronavirus. So, having a paper copy or hard copy of the HDFC ERGO health insurance policy document is no longer necessary.

Can I Modify My HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Policy Document?

Yes. If a correction is required in an HDFC ERGO health insurance policy document, there are two options: Call the HDFC ERGO General Insurance customer service line at the toll-free number provided by the company. One can also write to the business using his/her registered mailing address and email address, or one can submit a request for a change of information online.

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