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ICICI Lombard Health Golden Shield Policy

Golden Shield, a specially selected product from ICICI Lombard, is a senior citizen health insurance policy that meets the healthcare needs of people aged 56 and over. Similar to a standard Mediclaim policy, Golden Shield pays for unanticipated medical costs associated with hospitalisation, physicals, daycare procedures, and ambulance use.

The Golden Shield Policy offers comprehensive protection at a low cost. Such a plan is reliable if it includes features like a high insured amount, yearly physicals, and cashless hospital care. You must pass a quick pre-medical tele-screening to be eligible for the Golden Shield. Your residence, age, and SI are all taken into account in this screening to determine your insurance premium for the chosen plan.

Read on to know more about the ICICI Lombard Golden Shield Plan’s eligibility criteria, features, and benefits, exclusions, buying process, claim procedure, frequently asked questions and more in detail!

Eligibility Criteria

Here are the eligibility criteria for the ICICI Lombard Golden Shield Plan.

AgeNo Upper Age Limit
Free annual health check-upsYes
Pre & post hospitalisationup to 30 days & post-hospitalization expenses of up to 7% of hospitalisation expenses.
Donor expensesIn-patient hospitalisation expenses for an organ donor (if required).
Ambulance coverageRoad ambulance and air ambulance charges for transportation to the nearest hospital.

Features and Benefits of ICICI Lombard Golden Shield

The following are the features and benefits of the ICICI Lombard Golden Shield Plan. 

  1. Coverage for pre and post-hospitalization expenses

For medical expenses incurred before and after hospitalization that are related to the hospitalization, such as diagnostics, consultations, and medications, the ICICI Lombard Golden Shield Plan provide coverage to ensure maximum protection against illness and medical bills. 

  1. Cashless medical facility

By the agreement with the network hospital, senior citizens who have health insurance can utilize cashless treatment options at any network hospital across the nation.

  1. Coverage for pre-existing diseases

After a 24-month waiting period, the pre-existing conditions listed in this policy are covered. The ideal senior health insurance plan would have a short waiting period.

  1. Benefit reset

If you’ve used up your sum insured during the policy term, the Golden Shield plan from ICICI Lomnbard enables you to reset 100% of it (once). This means that you don’t need to be concerned even if the insured person needs to be hospitalized several times a year, leading to many claims.

  1. Coverage for ambulance charges

The Golden Shield policy will pay the ambulance fees if the policyholder needs to use them in the event of a medical emergency. Under this policy, the costs of an air ambulance and a road ambulance are both covered.

  1. Free annual health check-ups

Another major benefit of opting for this policy is that the insured person under ICICI Lombard’s Golden Shield policy is qualified for a free annual health examination at a network hospital.

  1. Daycare services

Expenses incurred for surgeries and treatments like radiotherapy, chemotherapy, dialysis, etc., that don’t require more than a day in the hospital.

  1. Hospitalization

Expenses associated with illness or unintentional injuries. Rent for the room, physician fees, ICU fees, nurse fees, and drug costs are all included.

  1. AYUSH treatment

AYUSH (Ayurvedic, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy) treatment costs incurred at a reputable hospital or institute.

Exclusions Under ICICI Lombard Golden Shield Plan

Even though the majority of costs incurred during a medical emergency are covered by a medical insurance plan, the insurer may occasionally reject a claim.

The following common ailments are not covered by the policy:

  • Medical care for existing conditions until the waiting period of two years has passed
  • Costs related to the care of self-inflicted wounds
  • Rehabilitation for injuries sustained during a civil war
  • Costs associated with cosmetic procedures
  • The cost of dental care unless it results from an accident injury.
  • Costs associated with treating venereal diseases (aside from HIV/AIDS)
  • Hospitalisation fees paid without a prescription from a doctor

How to Buy ICICI Lombard Golden Shield Plan?

Costs for healthcare are steadily rising. The cost of health care rises as we age, which becomes a burden, particularly as we approach retirement. Because they must pay for medical expenses out of their hard-earned savings, senior citizens must be careful with each penny. Thus, buying an insurance plan like ICICI Lombard Golden Shield Plan will serve your purpose.

Let’s take a look at the steps that you need to follow to buy the ICICI Lombard Golden Shield Plan.

Step 1: Visit the official website of ICICI Lombard.

Step 2: After that, you will need to hover over the “Health Insurance” section in the orange-colored banner. In the list, you will find “Golden Shield”. Simply click on it.

Step 3: Then, you will see the plan page. On the top right-hand side, you will see a box asking you to enter the birth date of the adult (s), enter your mobile number, email, and Pincode, and then click on “Get Quote”.

Step 4: The moment you will click on it, a message will be displayed on the screen “Thank you for your interest. Our experts will get back to you shortly with the best plan recommendations”.

How to File A Claim For ICICI Lombard Golden Shield Plan?

If you receive treatment at one of the network hospitals connected to your health insurance provider, you can take advantage of the cashless insurance facility. You can easily find the list of network hospitals on the insurer’s website, where you can also find the closest cashless hospital. However, there are two circumstances, namely planned or unexpected hospitalization, in which you may submit a cashless claim:

Claim Process for Planned Hospitalisation:

Step 1: Give your insurance company, i.e. ICICI Lombard advance notice of the planned treatment, ideally 4-5 days before hospitalization. You can either call 1800 2666 (toll-free) or via

Step 2: Find the closest cashless hospital to where you need medical attention.

Step 3: While in the hospital, present your cashless card, insurance policy number, and other pertinent paperwork.

Step 4: Either download the pre-authorization form from your insurer’s website or pick one up at the hospital insurance desk. Complete it completely and send it to the insurer. You might also need to submit the pre-authorization form in advance, depending on the insurance provider.

Step 5: The ICICI Lombard insurance company must confirm the information and let the hospital know.

Step 6: The hospital will send the insurance company the medical bills and receipts, and the costs will be paid directly by the terms of the plan.

Claim Process for Emergency Hospitalisation:

Step 1: Inform the insurer as soon as you can about the claim. Most insurance companies have a deadline by which you must get in touch with them.

Step 2: To get hospitalized, present your cashless card, insurance policy number, and other documents.

Step 3: Either download the pre-authorization form from your insurer’s website (ICICI Lombard) or pick one up at the hospital insurance desk. Fill it out and deliver it to the insurer within the deadline.

Step 4: The ICICI Lombard insurance company must examine and approve the claim information.

Step 5: The hospital will send the insurance company the medical bills, and the costs will be paid out by the terms and conditions of your policy.

Reimbursement Claim Process:

You are free to receive medical care at the hospital of your choice and then submit a claim for reimbursement. The procedures for filing a reimbursement health insurance claim are as follows:

Step 1: Intimate the insurance provider regarding the claim at the earliest. You can either call 1800 2666 (toll-free) or via

In case of planned treatment or emergency hospitalization, you must inform the insurer within the set period.

Step 2: Have the original invoices on hand and pay the medical care costs incurred.

Step 3: Send the ICICI Lombard the original invoices, the insurance claim form, and any additional supporting paperwork.

Step 4: They will examine the invoices and claim information. The insurer may ask for additional documents if more information is needed.

Step 5: The claim will be approved or denied by the terms of your insurance policy and the claim.

Step 6: If your health insurance claim has been approved, the claimed amount will be reimbursed shortly.

Documents Required:

If you are submitting a reimbursement ICICI Lombard Golden Shield Plan claim rather than a cashless claim, you must include the following paperwork:

  • Documents detailing the doctor’s consultation
  • Duly filled health insurance claim form
  • Copy of insurance policy document
  • Medical bills and reports, including hospital admission and discharge slips, in case of hospitalization.
  • Health insurance Identity Card.
  • Copy of your prescription and pharmacy bills
  • Investigative and diagnostic reports, such as X-rays, MRIs, etc.
  • Copy of the First Information Report (FIR) filed with the police or Medico-Legal Certificate (MLC), in case of an accident
  • Discharge summary
  • Cancelled cheque, in case of reimbursement claim
  • Other relevant documents

How To Renew Your ICICI Lombard Golden Shield Plan?

It’s just as crucial to renew your ICICI Lombard Golden Shield Health Insurance plan as it is to buy a new one. All the time and effort spent reading about and comparing different insurance policies before making a purchase could be for nought if you fail to renew your Golden Shield insurance policy on time. This makes you more susceptible to medical costs, so you might need to rely on their hard-earned assets or savings to pay for your medical expenses.

If you want to renew your ICICI Lombard Golden Shield Plan, listed below are the steps you will need to follow.

Step 1: Go to the official website of ICICI Lombard.

Step 2: On the top, you will see an orange-colored banner. Locate the “Renewals”. Then, hover your mouse over it and find “Health Policy” and click on it.

Step 3: The moment you click on it, a new page will open. After that, you will need to enter your ICICI Lombard policy number. Then, click on the “Proceed” button. Ensure you enter the correct details to save your time and effort.

Step 4: The moment you click on the button, the screen will show the specifics of your policy. Then, you can choose from a variety of payment methods to renew your Golden Shield Plan.

Step 5: Your policy will be successfully renewed following the completion of the steps mentioned above.

The necessary information will be sent to your registered email Id and mobile number.

Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you can, you should buy a senior citizen health insurance policy. As you get older, you might contract more illnesses, which could lead to higher premiums.

According to Section 80D of The Income Tax Act of 1961, the policyholder can receive a tax benefit of up to $50,000 by purchasing a senior health insurance policy (for those over the age of 60).

The Care Management Plus Program is an optional add-on cover available with the ICICI Lombard Golden Shield Plan. This program offers a committed healthcare professional who helps with concerns about diet, fitness, and well-being. Additionally, it pays for home nursing, pharmacy costs, standard diagnostics, and minor procedures.

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