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Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care Policy

Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care is a dedicated insurance policy that provides benefits if an accident caused by external, obvious, and violent means results in the insured person’s death or physical harm. This plan fills the coverage gaps left by other insurance policies like life and disability insurance. It provides full protection both on and off the job, including loss of income, disability, or death. The plan comes in three variants: Accident Care-Basic, Accident Care-Enhanced, and Accident Care- Comprehensive Plan.

Continue reading to know more about Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care’s eligibility conditions, key features and benefits, exclusions, buying process, claim procedure, and more.

Eligibility Criteria

Here are the eligibility criteria for the Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care Policy.


Min Entry Age

Children – 5 years, Adults – 18 years

Max Entry Age

Children – 25 years, Adults – 80 years

Cover TypeIndividual and Family basis cover
Policy Period

1,2 and 3 years

(Discount of 7.5% for 2 years and 10 % for 3 years policy term with single premium payment mode)

Relationships coveredSelf, Spouse, Dependent Children, Dependent – Parents, In-laws, Brothers, and Sisters.
Premium Payment ModeSingle, Annual, Half-yearly, Quarterly, Monthly
Sum InsuredRs. 0.5 Lac to Rs. 10 Crore

Key Features and Benefits of Choosing Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care?

Here are the key features and benefits of considering the Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care.

  • Accidental Death: One of the major benefits of choosing the Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care policy is that it will pay a lump sum amount as specified in the Schedule to this Policy to the Insured Person’s Nominee in the event of the Insured’s Death due to Accident is one of the main advantages of choosing it.
  • Permanent Total Disablement: Another important benefit of choosing the policy is that it will provide a lump sum payment as described in the Schedule of this Policy if the Insured Person suffers Permanent Total Disablement as a result of an accident.
  • Permanent Partial Disablement: If the insured person suffers a permanent partial disability as a result of an accident, the plan will pay a lump sum according to the disability grid provided in the policy.
  • Emergency Ambulance Cover: The Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection accident care also offers a lump sum payment for ambulance expenses incurred in the event of an emergency resulting from an accident, as specified in the Schedule to the Policy.
  • Orphan Benefit: If a claim has been approved under (I) above for an insured person who is a parent and the spouse, who may or may not be an insured person, has also passed away as a result of the same Accident, the company will pay a lump sum to the dependent child equal to the chosen Sum Insured, regardless of whether the child is also an insured under the policy. The Sum Insured Payable will be higher than the two Insured Parents in cases where both parents have coverage through the company.
  • Loss of Employment: A monthly payout will be made to the insured person by the terms of the policy if a claim has been approved for an insured person.
  • Funeral Expenses: After the company has granted an Insured Person’s claim, it is going to pay a lump sum in compliance with the Schedule of the Policy.
  • Education Fund: The company will pay 10% of the Sum Insured per dependent child (up to a maximum of Rs 10,00000) if a claim has been approved for an insured person for (I) or (II) as described above, provided the child is enrolled full-time in an accredited tertiary institution and has no other independent source of income.
  • Temporary Total Disablement: The policy’s ability to pay less than 1% of the selected Sum Insured or Rs. 25,000 per week (for a maximum of 100 weeks) for the length of time of the insured person’s Temporary Total Disability is another key benefit.
  • Burns Benefit: If the insured person sustains burns as a result of an accident, the plan will pay a lump sum amount by the Grid provided in the policy.
  • Broken Bones Benefit: If the insured person sustains broken bones as a result of an accident, the plan will pay a lump sum according to the policy’s grid.
  • Coma Benefit: If the insured person experiences a coma as a result of an accident, the Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care policy will pay a lump sum of 25% of the selected Sum Insured to the Insured Person’s Nominee.
  • Grace Period: By mutual agreement, the policy may be renewed for as long as necessary, provided that the renewal premium is paid to the company on or before the policy’s expiration date and in no case afterwards than the Grace Period of 30 days following the policy’s expiration date.
  • Free Look period: The terms and conditions of this Policy may be reviewed within 15 days of the date of receipt of the Policy document. You have the option to revoke the Policy by providing written notice of your intent to do so. If no claims are reported as being made (paid or pending) under the Policy, the company will fully refund any fees paid.

Exclusions Under the Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care Plan?

The following are the common exclusions under all three variants of the Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care Plan.

  • Any pre-existing illness, disability brought on by a pre-existing illness, or complication resulting from one.
  • Any payment made if there are multiple claims made under the policy during a single policy period that would cause their maximum liability for that period to be greater than the sum insured for standard covers. Payments made under the policy’s optional covers, emergency ambulance coverage, orphan benefit, loss of employment, funeral expenses, and education fund would not be subject to this.
  • Acts of self-destruction, such as suicide or self-harm.
  • Certification from a physician who is a relative of the insured person.
  • A foreign invasion, combat operations, or involvement in any naval, military, or air force operation that results in death or disablement.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases that result in death or disability.
  • Anomalies, defects, or diseases that are present at birth or arise as a result.
  • Bacterial infections leading to death or disability.
  • Demise or incapacity brought on by medical or surgical treatment.
  • Death or disability brought on by a hernia.

Premium Illustration Of Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care Policy

Let’s take an example of a software engineer, Mr Naveen Kaushik, who is from New Delhi. Since medical costs are on the rise, he was looking to buy a dedicated accident plan that could protect him from huge medical expenses and help his family in case of his demise. After conducting thorough research, he then decided to opt for the Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care policy. Here’s how much he will have to pay.

AgePolicy TermSum InsuredPremium payment modePremium Amount
    (Basic Plan)(Enhanced Plan)(Comprehensive)
30 Years1 YearRs.10 LacsSingleRs. 1, 086 per annumRs. 1, 912 per annumRs. 2, 089 per annum

How To Buy Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care Policy?

If you’ve finally decided to go with the Manipal Cigna lifestyle protection accident care policy, you made an excellent preference. You should be aware that the plan cannot be purchased via the official Manipal Cigna website. But don’t worry about it! If you decide to still buy the policy, Probus Insurance is available to assist.

Probus Insurance Broker Private Limited is a well-known insurance broker with a focus on retail customers. It operates throughout India and has the best possible balance in the life and non-life insurance sectors.

Let’s discuss the 3 simple steps for purchasing the Manipal Cigna lifestyle protection accident care policy through Probus Insurance.

  • Look for the “We Are Here” chatbot on the right side of this page.
  • After selecting your department, you must enter your full name, email address, and phone number before pressing the “Start Chat” button.
  • You can initiate communication with any of the company’s customer service agents by clicking it. After that, ask whatever inquiries you may have, and they will help you buy lifestyle protection accident care.

Any of the following methods listed in the table can be used to get in touch with the company if you’re still unable to purchase Manipal Cigna lifestyle protection accident care:

Call+91 7304332968
WhatsAppSay “Hi” to 7304332968

How To Make a Claim for Your Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care Policy?

Quickly putting your side of the story on paper will allow you to do so while the specifics are still fresh in your mind. Additionally, you can provide your insurance company,i.e. Manipal Cigna, with right-away access to any witnesses who might have seen the collision, as well as the contact information for the at-fault party and his or her insurance provider.

The more quickly you act, the more you can advance your claim and get things moving in the right direction. You give your insurance company permission to send an adjuster to inspect the damage, and the veracity of the incident you claim took place.

  • As soon as possible, notify Manipal Cigna, file your claim, and submit the claim in conformity with the established claim procedure.
  • Adhere to the instructions, counsel, or direction offered by a Medical Practitioner. The Company shall not be liable for any payment(s) that result from or are otherwise related to disregarding such instructions, advice, or guidance.
  • The insured person must submit to medical examinations by the company’s designated Medical Practitioner as often as the company deems reasonable and necessary upon request from the company. The company will cover the cost of such an examination.
  • Allow the doctor or any other company representatives to look over the insured person’s medical and hospital records, look into the circumstances, interview the insured person, and confirm the validity of the certificate of disability that was issued in respect of the insured person.
  • Assist the company’s representatives in carrying out their obligations to determine whether the claim is admissible, given the circumstances, and in the amount specified by the Policy, without impeding or obstructing them in any way.

List of Documents Required to File a Claim:

Documents required for all Claims:

  • Voter ID, Passport, PAN Card, Driving Licence, Ration Card, Aadhar, or any other photo ID that satisfies the KYC requirements and is recognized by a court of law.
  • Original claim form that has been properly filled out and signed.
  • A duly attested copy of the FIR, Panchnama, or Police Inquest Report (if one was conducted);
  • A duly attested copy of the Medico-Legal Certificate (if one was issued),
  • Income Proof-
  • Last 3 months Salary Slip/Form 16 for salaried persons.
  • Last financial year ITR of self-employed person

Steps To Renew Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care Policy

Considering that accidents are by their very nature unforeseen and sudden, purchasing personal accident insurance is meant to provide you with financial security in trying, unforeseen situations.

Even if you have the Manipal Cigna Lifestyle protection accident care policy, you should rest assured that it is already renewed to provide you maximum protection against unfortunate incidents. On the other hand, if you don’t renew your policy on time, it will lapse, and you will not get any benefits.

Listed below are the steps to follow your Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care Policy.

  • Visit the official website of Manipal Cigna Insurance.
  • After that, look for the “renewal” button at the top. When your mouse is over it, you can see two options. Select “Retail Customer” by clicking.
  • Clicking it will bring up a new page where you must enter the “Policy Details” and “Date of Birth of Proposer” information.
  • After you have correctly entered all of the information, click “Renew Now.”
  • After that, you must pay to have your insurance renewed. After that, you can use a credit or debit card to renew your coverage.
  • A message containing details about the policy you have will be sent to the email address and phone number you have on file after you make your payment.

Alternate Method:

If you are still facing difficulties in renewing your policy, then you can simply call 1800 102 4465 and talk to their customer care representatives to get assistance in renewing your policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, foreign nationals who have been employed in India for 180 days or longer and have a valid passport and work permit may choose the Accident Care policy. He or she must give a legitimate Indian communication address.

According to the plan and option chosen, accidental death and/or disability caused by terrorist attacks will be covered under the Accident Care policy.

The premium for the Accident Care policy has no tax advantages.

Cancellation requests can be made at any time during the policy’s duration. For the single and annual payment methods, the premium will be refunded in a brief period. Policies with Premium Payment Modes of Half-yearly, Quarterly, or Monthly will not be refunded if cancelled.

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