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ManipalCigna Prohealth Select Plan

Manipalcigna Prohealth Select Insurance Plan has been designed not only keeping in mind the motto of securing your health but also this plan reassures your future. It has come up with some unique features such as reassurance benefits, removal of room rent, cumulative bonus, and so on. This is a comprehensive standard medical insurance policy that is highly consumer-friendly, customizable, and best suited for individuals, families, and multi-individuals. Manipalcigna has more than 200 years of experience in the health sector. So, their health plans, especially the Prohealth Select plan, are a gem for the customers. It provides overall protection to the insured persons, both health-wise and financially, to keep them safe and secure.

Eligibility Criteria

Entry age

Minimum – 91 days (child), and 18 years (adult)

Maximum – 23 years (Child)

No upper limit (Adult)

Policy tenure1, 2, and 3 years
Cashless facilityAvailable at 3500+ network hospitals spread across the country.
Policy typeIndividual policy, Family floater policy
Policy variantsProhealth Select A, Prohealth Select B
Sum insured optionsRs. 3 lakhs, Rs. 4 lakhs, Rs. 5 lakhs, Rs. 7 lakhs, Rs. 10 lakhs, 15 lakhs, Rs. 20 lakhs, Rs. 25 lakhs
RenewabilityLifetime renewals
Waiting Period

Initial – 30 days

For specific ailments – 24 months

For pre-existing diseases – 48 months

Critical illness under Re-assurance and Add-on cover – 90 days

Manipalcigna Prohealth Select Insurance Plan Coverage Details

After the eligibility criteria, you need to know about the details of the policy, for which it offers cover and benefits. The following table provides you with a brief idea about the policy. Have a look.

Pro-health Select parametersDetails
In-patient hospitalizationHospital room up to Rs. 3000 or ICU up to Rs. i7000
Pre-hospitalization60 days
Post-hospitalization90 days
Day care treatment171 day care procedures are covered up to the full sum insured
Domiciliary treatmentCovered up to full sum insured
Ambulance coverUp to Rs. 2000 per hospitalization event
Donor expensesCovered up to the sum insured
AYUSH treatmentCoverage for Ayurvedic, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha & Homeopathy up to Sum Insured
Add-on coverCritical Illness Add-on Cover

Benefits of Manipalcigna Prohealth Select Policy

Apart from the above basic benefits of the plan, it has also come up with some unique features which have made the plan popular among customers. The mentions are below.

  • Restoration of Sum Insured – This facility is only available once in a policy year. The ailments or the illnesses have to be unrelated in addition to the Sum Insured opted.
  • Cumulative Bonus – You can earn a cumulative bonus a the rate of 5% each year up to a maximum limit of 100% on a non-reducing basis.
  • Healthy Rewards – You can earn healthy rewards in multiple ways. You can earn reward points equal to 1% of the premium paid each year. You can also obtain
  • Wellness Program- Additional points by completing the company’s wide array of Wellness Programs. Each earned reward point will be equivalent to Rs. 1. You can also redeem points as premium discounts or for availing services through any of the insurer’s network providers.
  • Deductible – It is an optional cover. You can opt for Rs. 1 lakh, Rs. 2 lakhs, Rs. 3lakhs, Rs. 4 lakhs, or Rs. 5 lakhs as deductible in all combinations provided. But you need to take care that the deductible should not be higher than the Sum Insured opted.
  • Cumulative Bonus Booster – This is also an optional cover. You can opt for only one out of the 4 following options.
    1. 10% increase in Sum Insured, maximum up to 100% on a non-reducing basis.
    2. 25% increase in Sum Insured, maximum up to 100% on a non-reducing basis.
    3. 50% increase in Sum Insured, maximum up to 100%. This will reduce by 50% in case of a claim under the policy, but in no case shall the Sum Insured be reduced.
    4. 10% increase in Sum Insured, maximum up to 200% irrespective of a claim under the policy.
  • Removal of Room Rent Limit – You can opt for this optional cover up to the limit of the single private room.
  • Re-Assurance – If the insured person gets diagnosed with Critical Illness or Permanent Total Disability due to an Accident, an automatic extension of policy for 2 years will be done on behalf of the company.

Manipalcigna Prohealth Select Plan Does Not Provide Cover For

To get a comprehensive idea of a policy and to avoid future complications, it is pivotal to know its exclusions of it. Otherwise, you cannot have a clear idea about the plan. so, here comes the exclusions of Manipalcigna Prohealth Select Insurance Plan.

  • Any expense that occurred due to investigation or evaluation; those costs are not covered by the policy.
  • Circumcision, dental treatments, and any treatment traceable to pregnancy except ectopic pregnancy will not be paid by the policy.
  • If you take part in any hazardous events or adventurous sports like para-gliding, mountaineering, scuba diving, etc., and any costs arising from it, the company will not be liable to compensate for it.
  • Routine medical check-ups and diagnostics tests are not covered by the policy.
  • Cosmetic surgery, except for reconstructive surgery for burns and accidents, and any form of Alternative Treatment, except Inpatient for AYUSH, fall under the category of exclusions.
  • If any expenses that are arising out of the consumption of alcohol, drug, or any other intoxicating substances, those costs will not be taken care of by the policy.
  • Non-medical expenses listed as per IRDA, any type of breach of law, or any amount which falls under the deductible or co-payment, will not be compensated by the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are four types of covers that this policy offers, and they are – Basic cover, Value-added cover, Optional cover, and Add-on cover.

Alternations like these in the policy will only be allowed at the time of renewal of the policy. However, any such change request will be subject to an underwriting decision or requirement of medical tests on a case-to-case basis.

Certainly, you can buy this policy for senior citizens and there is no upper limit of maximum entry age for the adults under this plan.

You are eligible to avail of the income tax benefits under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act and any amendments thereon on the premium amount that you are paying towards the policy.

A particular insured person can opt for one specific program only once. However, there will be no limitation to the number of programs one can enroll in a single policy period.

Portfolio discounts are available on the basis of gender and region. These discounts reflect improvement in risk on account of portfolio mix, which is passed on to the customer.

You can renew the policy either online by visiting the official website of the company, or else you can also renew the policy offline by visiting one of the official branches of the company.

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