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Manipal Cigna Secure Health Plan

Manipal Cigna’s Secure Health Plan is a dedicated standard health insurance policy specially designed to cover Persons with Disabilities (PWD), Persons afflicted with HIV/AIDS, and those with Mental Illness. One of the major highlights of the policy is that it comes with coverage for modern and advanced treatments. Also, no matter whether you are seeking an insurance policy for Ayush and allopathic treatments, considering the Manipal Cigna Secure Health plan has got you covered!

Read on to know more about Manipal Cigna Secure Health’s eligibility criteria, features and benefits, exclusions, premium illustration, claim procedure, and more.

Eligibility Criteria

Here are the eligibility criteria for Manipal Cigna Secure Health Plan.


Min Entry Age

18 Years (for Adults), Newborn (0 days)(for Children)

Max Entry Age

65 Years (for Adults), 17 Years (for Dependent Children)

Cover TypeIndividual
Policy Period1 year
Relationships coveredself, spouse, children, parents, siblings, parent-in-laws, grandparents and grandchildren, son-in-law and daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, uncle, aunt, nephew & niece
Premium Payment ModeYearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly
Sum InsuredRs. 4-5 Lacs

Features and Benefits of Choosing the Manipal Cigna Secure Health Insurance Plan?

The following are the key features and benefits of choosing the Manipal Cigna Secure Health Insurance Plan.

  • Inpatient Care: Other than any sub-limits or co-pays specified in the policy, the policy will reimburse medical costs incurred for the insured person’s hospitalisation during the policy year up to the sum insured as specified in the policy schedule.
  • AYUSH Treatment: During each Policy Year, the plan will cover medical costs incurred for inpatient care under the Ayurvedic, Yoga and Naturopathic, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathic systems of medicine up to 50% of the sum insured as specified in the policy schedule.
  • Pre-Hospitalization Medical Expenses: For a fixed period of 30 days before the date of the admissible hospitalisation covered by the policy during the policy period, the plan will pay for pre-hospitalization medical expenses incurred in connection with an admissible hospitalisation requiring inpatient care.
  • Post-Hospitalization Medical Expenses: Following an admissible hospitalisation covered by the Policy during the policy period, the plan shall pay Post-Hospitalization Medical Expenses incurred related to an admissible Hospitalisation requiring Inpatient Care for a fixed period of 60 days from the date of discharge from the Hospital.
  • Emergency Ground Ambulance: According to the limit specified in the policy schedule, the plan will pay Reasonable and Customary Charges for costs related to ambulance transportation of an insured person.
  • Road Ambulance Cover: The plan reimburses expenses for ambulance services used to get patients to the hospital for treatment up to Rs. 2000 per hospitalisation event.
  • Cataract Treatment: If you receive treatment or have cataract surgery, the plan covers Cataract Treatment will cover up to Rs. 40,000 of your medical costs for each eye.
  • Modern Treatments: If you receive any of the technologically advanced treatments or surgeries listed in the policy terms and conditions, modern treatments will cover medical costs up to 50% of the amount insured.
  • Portability: According to current portability guidelines, the Insured Person will have the option to port the Policy to other insurers. The proposed insured person will receive all accrued continuity benefits during waiting periods if the individual is currently covered and has been so continuously and without any gaps under any health insurance plan with an Indian general/health insurer by the guidelines on portability.
  • Income Tax Benefit: By Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961, the premium paid for the Policy shall be eligible for an income tax deduction. (Tax benefits are subject to changes in tax laws; for more information, contact a tax advisor.
  • Free Look Period: The Free Look Period shall only be applicable at the time the Policy is first issued, not at the time of renewal or when the Policy is ported or moved. The insured has fifteen days from the date of receipt of the policy to look over the terms and conditions and return the policy if it is not satisfactory.

Key Exclusions Under the Manipal Cigna Secure Health Insurance Plan?

The following are the things not included under the Manipal Cigna Secure Health Insurance Plan.

  • Any costs associated with an admission that is primarily for forced bed rest rather than for medical treatment.
  • Expenses associated with any form of treatment, including surgical intervention, to change a person’s physical characteristics to those of the other sex.
  • Costs associated with cosmetic or plastic surgery, as well as any other procedure intended to alter the appearance, unless necessary for reconstruction following an accident, burn, or cancer, or if they are part of a medically necessary procedure to eliminate a direct or immediate threat to the insured’s health.
  • The cost of any medical care required as a result of a professional athlete’s participation in risky or adventure sports, such as skydiving, deep-sea diving, hand gliding, motor racing, mountaineering, rafting, parachuting, rock climbing, and others.
  • Treatment costs that are directly related to or resulting from any insured person breaking the law with criminal intent or attempting to do so.
  • Costs associated with receiving care from a hospital, a doctor, or any other provider that has been specifically excluded by the insurer and disclosed on its website or informed to policyholders are not admissible.
  • Treatment for alcoholism, drug abuse, or any other addictive condition, as well as its effects.
  • Treatments received in health hydros, nature cure clinics, spas, or comparable facilities, or private beds registered as nursing homes attached to those facilities, or admission arranged entirely or partially for domestic purposes.
  • Vitamins, minerals, and organic substances are just a few examples of dietary supplements and substances that are available without a prescription unless a doctor has prescribed them as part of a hospitalisation claim or daycare procedure.
  • Costs associated with any unproven treatments, services, or supplies used in or related to treatments. Unproven treatments are those that do not have a substantial body of medical evidence to support their efficacy.

Premium Illustration Of Manipal Cigna Secure Health Insurance Plan

Let’s take an example of a content marketing expert, Mr Aman Kumar, who is from New Delhi. He was looking to purchase a specialised secure health plan to protect him from high medical costs and assist his family in the event of his passing because he is the only breadwinner. He ultimately made the decision to choose the Manipal Cigna Secure Health Insurance policy after conducting extensive research. Here’s how much he will have to pay.

AgeSmokerHIV/AIDSSum InsuredPremium Per Annum
18 YearsNoNoRs. 4 LacsRs. 18, 472

How To Buy Manipal Cigna Secure Health Insurance Plan?

It is good to know that you have decided to protect yourself from lethal health ailments. Thus, you will now need to buy the Manipal Cigna Secure health insurance plan. Unfortunately, the plan is not available on the official website of Manipal Cigna to buy. But there’s no need to worry. You can still make your purchase via Probus Insurance.

Probus Insurance Broker Private Limited is a dedicated insurance broker that operates throughout India and offers a wide range of insurance plans (including life and non-life) to cater to the mushrooming needs of the people.

Listed below are the steps to consider buying the Manipal Cigna Secure health plan via Probus Insurance.

  • On the right side of this page, you can find the “We Are Here” chatbot.
  • Before clicking the “Start Chat” button, you must first choose your department and then enter your full name, email address, and phone number.
  • By clicking it, you can start a conversation with any of the company’s customer service representatives. After that, ask any questions you may have, and they will assist you in purchasing accident care and lifestyle protection.

Facing difficulties in making a purchase? If so, don’t worry! All you need to do is simply get in touch with the customer representatives of Probus Insurance and buy your Secure Health plan from Manipal Cigna today. The contact details are mentioned below.

Call+91 7304332968
WhatsAppSay “Hi” to 7304332968

How to Make a Claim for Manipal Cigna Secure Health Insurance Plan?

If you want to take the maximum advantage of the plan, then you should know how to file a claim in case of an unfortunate accident. Even if you own the Manipal Cigna Secure Health insurance plan but don’t know the claim process, then it’s of no use. Thus, you will now need to know the claim process of the Manipal Cigna Secure health plan.

Cashless Claim Process:

  • The cashless request form, which is available from the network provider and TPA, must be filled out and submitted to the company or TPA for approval.
  • The Company/TPA will issue a pre-authorization letter to the hospital after verification once it has received the cashless request form and pertinent medical information from the insured person/network provider.
  • The insured person must verify the discharge documents, verify and sign them, and pay for all non-medical and ineligible costs at the time of discharge.
  • If the insured person is unable to provide the necessary medical information, the Company/TPA reserves the right to deny pre-authorization.
  • If the insured person’s request for cashless access is denied, they may still receive treatment as directed by their doctor and submit their claim paperwork to the company or TPA for reimbursement.

Reimbursement Claim Process:

Use the Reimbursement Claim facility if you want to choose a hospital that might not be accepted by your Manipal Cigna. You can seek medical attention first, pay the bills, and then submit a claim for reimbursement to your insurance company.

For your Manipal Cigna Secure health insurance plan, the following are the crucial steps involved in filing a reimbursement hospitalisation claim:

  • Tell Manipal Cigna, your insurance company, about the procedure and the hospital.
  • Receive treatment and pay for it out of your pocket.
  • Then, submit a claim to your insurance provider.
  • Distribute all hospitalization-related paperwork, including doctor’s prescriptions, health invoices, and medical bills.
  • The insurance provider will check your documentation. Your claim will be handled in accordance with the terms of your policy and the range of coverage.

Documents to Be Submitted:

The following documents must be attached to the reimbursement claim, which must also be submitted within the allotted time frame.

  • Duly Completed claim form.
  • Photo Identity proof of the patient
  • Medical practitioner’s prescription advising admission.
  • Original bills with the itemized break-up
  • Payment receipts
  • Detailed information about the patient’s medical history is included in the discharge summary. vii. Investigation/Diagnostic test reports, etc., backed by the attending physician’s prescription.
  • OT notes or Surgeon’s certificate giving details of the operation performed (for surgical cases).
  • Sticker/invoices of the Implants, wherever applicable.
  • MLR (Medico-Legal Report copy if carried out and FIR (First information report) if registered, wherever applicable.
  • NEFT Details (to enable direct credit of claim amount in a bank account) and cancelled cheque.
  • KYC (Identity proof with Address) of the proposer, where claim liability is above Rs 1 Lakh as per AML Guidelines
  • Legal heir/succession certificate, wherever applicable
  • Any other relevant document required by the Company/TPA for assessment of the claim.

Planning To Renew Manipal Cigna Secure Health Insurance Plan? Here’s how

It’s critical to timely renew your health insurance policy in order to maintain coverage. Your medical costs won’t be covered by the insured if your policy expires, and you risk losing your no-claims bonus. Furthermore, even when you reach an age where you are no longer eligible to purchase a new policy, you must renew your current policy before it expires to maintain medical coverage. Listed below are the steps to follow your Manipal Cigna Secure Health Policy.

  • Visit the official website of Manipal Cigna Insurance.
  • The “renewal” button can then be found at the top. You can see two choices when your mouse is over it. Click to select “Retail Customer”.
  • By clicking it, a new page will open, requiring you to fill in the “Policy Details” and “Date of Birth of Proposer” details.
  • After you have completed the information fields accurately, click “Renew Now.”
  • Subsequently, you must pay to renew your insurance. After that, you can renew your insurance using a credit or debit card.
  • After you make your payment, a message containing information about the policy you have will be addressed to the email address and phone number you have on file.

Alternate Method:

if you are still having trouble renewing your policy, simply call 1800 102 4465 to speak with a customer service agent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Co-pay of 20% is applicable on all claims.

Always pay the premium in advance for the entire Policy Year. However, the business might let you pay for the premium in other ways for your convenience. Premium payments can be made annually, biannually, quarterly, or monthly.

The mandatory Pre Policy-Medical Check-up and/or Tele/Video MER across all ages and Sum Insured is required of all proposed insured members.

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