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Royal Sundaram Family Plus - Family Floater Plan

Royal Sundaram Family Plus is a one-of-a-kind health insurance plan that offers large families the most complete health coverage at an affordable price. Family Plus is a Family Floater Plan that covers up to 19 relations and is created specifically for large families. Family Plus is a comprehensive health insurance plan that is simple to purchase and understand.

The policy has a unique benefit in that each insured family member will have their sum insured, in addition to a floater sum insured and a reload benefit that any family member can use in the event of a serious illness. This ensures that you are well-protected at all times. It comes with a generous no-claim benefit, which helps to keep your insurance up to date by adding a 20% increase in the sum insured for each year without a claim. Individual and floater policies are the two types of policies available.

Eligibility Criteria


Minimum- Children above the age of 91 days can be covered.

Adults can be covered from 18 years onwards.

Maximum- No Restriction

Sum Insured

Individual Base Sum Insured – Rs.2 lacs, Rs.3 lacs, Rs.5 lacs, Rs.10 lacs & Rs.15 lacs.

Floater Sum Insured – Rs.3 lacs, Rs.4 lacs, Rs.5 lacs, Rs.10 lacs, Rs.15 lacs, Rs.20 lacs, Rs.25 lacs & Rs.50 lacs.

CoverageA minimum of 2 members need to be covered in a policy.
Ambulance coverAvailable
All daycare proceduresAvailable

Key Features and Benefits of Royal Family Plus

The following are the features and benefits of choosing the Royal Sundaram Family Plus policy.

  1. Ambulance Cover: If you are looking for a policy that can cover your ambulance expenses, your search ends here! With family plus, once your hospitalisation claim is granted, the company is responsible for covering the cost of the ambulance service provided by either the hospital or an ambulance service provider in transporting you to the nearest hospital.
  1. Health & Wellness: This is one of the biggest benefits of choosing the Royal Sundaram Family Plus plan as it offers a variety of preventative healthcare and wellness services that can help you analyse your health and improve your overall well-being. These services include receiving health-related publications to your registered email address, chatting with a doctor through email, and a free annual health checkup.
  1. Pre & Post Hospitalization Expense: The policy offers comprehensive coverage for medical expenses incurred by you before to or after hospitalization, including diagnostic tests, medication, doctor follow-up visits, investigative testing, and so on.
  1. Reload of Sum Insured: If you have additional claims, either for a different sickness or for an insured member of your family, after your health coverage has been exhausted due to claims in a given year, the firm will reload the whole base sum insured on your policy at no additional cost, once per policy year.
  1. Vaccination in case of Animal Bite: Last but not the least, with the family plus policy, medical expenditures are reimbursed. Vaccination was required in the event of an animal bite, such as a dog bite, honey bee bite, snake bite, monkey bite, and so on.

Family Plus Policy Coverage Details

Coverage Details
Pre And Post Hospitalisation Expenses60/90 days, Covered up to Sum Insured
Ambulance Cover

Up to INR 4,000, per event of hospitalization for every

insured member

No-Claim Bonus20% of Base Sum Insured up to a max of 100%
Re-load of Sum InsuredUp to Base Sum Insured, once during the policy year
Vaccination in case of Animal BiteUp to INR 5,000
Ayush Treatment

Government Hospitals Covered up to Sum Insured.

Other Hospitals Covered up to Rs. 30,000

Domiciliary HospitalisationCovered up to Sum Insured
Emergency Domestic Evacuation (Bed To Bed on Advise of Treating Doctor)Covered up to INR 100,000
Maternity Cover for up to 2 DeliveriesINR 50,000, per delivery
New Born Baby CoverBase SI of mother
Vaccinations for New Born Baby in the first yearUp to Rs. 10,000
Nutritional Allowance for Mother post-dischargeUp to Rs. 10,000

Hospital Cash (For 30 Days in case of

Hospitalization Beyond 2 Days)

Rs. 2,000 per day
Health CheckupAnnual
Preventive Healthcare & WellnessAvailable

Things Not Covered Under The Policy

Under the Family Plus health insurance plan, Royal Sundaram would not settle claims for treatment of specific medical disorders. The following is a list of possible exclusions under the policy:

Only after 36 months of continuous policy coverage will pre-existing medical issues mentioned in the policy and declared by the insured at the time of purchase be covered. If there is a gap in the renewal of the insurance, no claims will be settled.

  1. Diseases contracted by the insured individual within the first 30 days of the policy’s inception are not eligible for reimbursement.
  2. During the first two years of coverage, diseases such as cataracts, benign prostatic hypertrophy, knee/hip replacement, chronic renal failure/end-stage renal failure, and so on, will not be covered.
  3.  Permanent exclusions include medical cover availed due to: 
    • Addictive Conditions and Disorders
    • Adventure or Hazardous Sports
    • Ageing and Puberty
    • Alternative Treatment (except AYUSH)
    • Artificial Life Maintenance
    • Charges for Medical Papers
    • Circumcision
    • Conflict and Disaster
    • Congenital Conditions
    • Convalescence and Rehabilitation
    • Cosmetic Surgery
    • Unproven/Experimental Treatment,
    • Dental/Oral Treatment
    • Drugs and Dressing for OPD Treatment
    • Speech Disorders
    • Stem Cell Implantation
    • Eyesight Treatment
    • Health Hydros
    • Unrelated Diagnostic
    • Nature Cure
    • Psychiatric and Psychosomatic Conditions
    • Wellness Clinics
    • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
    • Treatment for Developmental Problems
    • HIV and AIDS
    • Treatment from Unrecognized Hospital or Physician
    • Sleep Disorders
    • Obesity
    • Treatment for Alopecia
    • Injury due to Unlawful Activity
    • OPD Treatment
    • Treatment received outside India
    • Hospitalization for Observation

Premium Calculation of Royal Sundaram Family Plus Plan

NameMembers to be InsuredAge of Insured membersSum Insured for Individual CoverSum Insured for Floater CoverInclusion of the proposerPremium
Rakhi (29 Years)27 Years and 6 years3 Lakhs5 LakhsYesRs. 12713.0 per year
Himanshu (39 Years)238 years and 12 years10 Lakhs20 LakhsNoRs. 24814
Piyush (50 Years)349 years,30 Years,15 lakhs50 LakhsYesRs. 57127

Frequently Asked Questions

In Family Plus, you can purchase a policy for two or three years. For a two-year insurance duration, you get a 7.5 percent discount, and for a three-year policy tenure, you get a 12 percent discount.

No. There are no such limitations. The porting benefit will be paid out in Family Plus, up to the value of your existing policy SI Plus any cumulative bonuses.

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