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SBI Health Insurance Arogya Premier Policy

SBI Arogya Premier policy is specifically designed to satisfy the different medical needs of you and your family, and it comes with unique coverage features at a reasonable price. This health insurance plan gives a variety of flexible alternatives as well as access to the greatest medical care. The policy has a lifetime renewability benefit, which allows you to keep the coverage as long as you pay the needed premium on time.

Read along to know more about the SBI Arogya Premier plan.

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum Entry Age3 Months
Maximum Entry Age65 Years
Policy Tenure1/2/3 Years
Type Of CoverageIndividual & Family Floater
Sum InsuredRs. 10 Lakhs To Rs. 30 Lakhs

Why Should You Go For SBI Arogya Premier Plan?

Some of the major reasons why you should choose the Arogya Premier plan from SBI are as follows:

  • No Pre-Medical Test: If the insured person’s age is less than 55 years and he/she has no medical history, the plan requires no pre-medical check-up. In case the insured has a medical history, he/she should inform the company while purchasing the SBI Arogya Premier plan.
  • No Claim Bonus: For every claim-free year, the plan gives no claim bonus of 10% of the sum insured. The bonus can maximum go up to 50%.
  • Auto Reinstatement Of Sum Insured: In case your sum insured gets exhausted due to the claims made, the plan allows you to automatically reinstate the sum insured amount without paying any additional premium.
  • Reimbursement Of Health Check-Up: If there is no claim for 4 consecutive years, the plan offers the reimbursement of health check-ups up to Rs. 5000.
  • Tax Benefits: Under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, the plan provides tax deductions on the premium amount paid for the policy. In this way, the insured can save a significant amount of money.

SBI Arogya Premier Plan Coverage Detail

Hospitalization ExpensesCovered
Pre-Hospitalization Expenses60 Days
Post-Hospitalization Expenses90 Days
Day Care Expenses141 Covered
Ambulance ExpensesUp To Rs. 1 Lakh (Including Air Ambulance)
Organ DonorCovered
Alternative TreatmentCovered
Domiciliary HospitalizationCovered
Maternity ExpensesCovered
Mental IllnessesCovered Up To Sum Insured
Genetic DisorderUp To Rs. 1 Lakh
Internal Congenital DiseasesCovered Up To 10% Of SI
Advanced Treatments12 Advanced Treatments Covered Up To 50% Of SI

Exclusions Under SBI Arogya Premier Plan

The following things are not covered under the SBI Arogya Premier plan:

  • Treatment taken outside the demographical location of India
  • Obesity and weight control treatments
  • Gender change treatments and surgeries
  • Cosmetic or plastic surgery
  • Treatments related to infertility and sterility
  • Breach of law
  • War or war-like situations
  • Treatments arising out of nuclear weapons or materials.
  • Refractive error
  • Treatments for the purpose of investigation or evaluation
  • Expenses for rehabilitation, rest, cure, and respite care

Premium Calculation Of SBI Arogya Premier Plan

If you wish to buy the SBI Arogya Premier plan, you must have a rough idea of how much premium amount you will need to pay for the plan. Therefore, we have calculated the premium amount of the plan with respect to different parameters, such as age and sum insured.

NameAge (Years)GenderSum InsuredPremium Amount
Avantika Mishra19FemaleRs. 10 LakhsRs. 9385
Gopal Singh36MaleRs. 12 LakhsRs. 11,116
Rajesh Arora42MaleRs. 15 LakhsRs. 14,722
Akansha Gupta56FemaleRs. 25 LakhsRs. 38,064

Frequently Asked Questions

The waiting periods for the SBI Arogya Premier plan are as follows:

For Pre-Existing Diseases48 Months
First Thirty Days Period30 Days
Maternity Waiting Period9 Months
Certain Specific Illnesses12 Months & 90 Days

No. The Arogya Premier plan does not offer any co-payment.

Yes. The plan offers a 30-day grace period to the policyholder. It will be counted from the day immediately after the premium due date.

Yes. The plan covers HIV/AIDS treatment up to the sum insured.

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