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Download Cholamandalam Health Insurance Policy

A variety of health insurance plans are available online from Chola MS General Insurance Company Limited. On its website, the insurer also offers a smooth digital experience. The web portal provides a range of services to customers, making it simpler for them to obtain policies and access other services. Acquiring the Cholamandalam MS health policy document download online is, needless to say, an easy and less time-consuming process. Even though it is good to have a hard copy for the long run, downloading the digital copy is the easiest when someone needs to look over details he/she has forgotten. A digital copy of the policy document is easily accessible, with just a few personal details like date of birth and policy number. One can have access to this through the official website of Cholamandalam MS in seconds.

The Cholamandalam MS health policy document helps one to be updated and knowledgeable about the coverage details, past claims, benefits, etc. Cholamandalam MS health policy document download online process is described here. Have a look at the below mentions.

Steps To Download Cholamandalam Health Insurance Policy

The seamless process for the Cholamandalam MS health insurance policy download is as follows:

  1. Go to the Cholamandalam MS general insurance official page and click on the customer service button in the top right corner.
  1. To have access to the Cholamandalam MS health policy document download, click on the customer self-service option.
  1. Once one is on the customer service page, opt for the email policy copy option.
  1. Next, fill in the policy number without the slash or any special characters to have access to the soft copy.
  1. The company will provide the insured person with the policy document option once one has completed these simple steps.
  1. After that, the option to complete the Cholamandalam MS health policy document download will be available in the registered email ID.

What Does Cholamandalam Health Insurance Policy Contain?

Here is the basic information that one will find in the Cholamandalam MS health insurance policy download document

  • Policy number
  • Health plan specifics come with the Cholamandalam MS health insurance policy download.
  • Policy format
  • Amount insured
  • Name, contact information, and the policyholder’s age
  • Process for resolving grievances
  • Guidelines for the plan cancellation procedure

How To Contact Cholamandalam General Insurance Company?

Incase of trouble while downloading the policy, you can contact the Cholamandalam Insurance Company by choosing any of the following methods.

  • One can call the insurer using their phone number- 18002089100.
  • One can directly write to the insurer stating his/her problem through their official mail ID. In that case, one may need to provide some other details such as policy number, registered mobile number, etc.
  • One can use their chatbot Joshu to address the problem.
  • One can also raise a new service request using the company’s official website.
  • The insurer has offered a WhatsApp service to make the customer experience better. One needs to Say “Hi” at 7305234433 from the registered mobile number. This number cannot be used for calling.
  • Apart from the above online methods, one can also contact this insurer offline by physically visiting one of the official branches of the company. Their customer executive will always be there to help.
  • The official address of the company’s registered office is 2nd Floor, “Dare House”, No.2, NSC Bose Road, Chennai – 600001.

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