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Liberty Health Insurance Claim

No matter whether you are rich or poor, medical expenses are something everybody wants to avoid. Nobody wants to give their hard-earned money to doctors or medical professionals and not to forget the stress these illnesses give to you and your family members. That’s the reason, Liberty General Insurance (LGI) is committed to offering a quick and hassle-free claims process with the help of its appointed Vipul Med Corp TPA.

Commenced in 2013, the company is now a full-fledged insurance provider, catering to the evolving medical needs of the customers. With 5800+ partner hospitals spanning across the country, you can rest assured that you shall receive the respective healthcare assistance, irrespective of your location. Also, the company has an impressive claim settlement ratio of 94% (FY 2021-22) that ensure your claims can be settled seamlessly. But the question arises- How can you file a claim against your medical expenses?

Read on to know the process of filing a claim against your Liberty health insurance.

Cashless Claim Process For Liberty Health Insurance

If you need to file a claim, simply follow the steps below to ensure that your claim is handled quickly:

  • Call their toll-free Number 1800 102 7477 (between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, seven days of the week)
  • You can even Mail them at
  • The company has a dedicated network of over 5800 hospitals to help you get hassle-free, cashless treatment close to home. In addition to the TPA network, corporate customers can take advantage of a cashless option.

If you have any questions, please contact

You need to notify their designated TPA at least 48 hours before any planned hospitalization, and in the event of an emergency, please notify the company within 24 hours after discharge.

Ways To Register For Claim Process Of Liberty Health Insurance

If you are looking for ways to register for the claim process of Liberty Health insurance, you can either call the company at 18002665844 (08:00 AM to 08:00 PM all days a week). Also, you can even send them an email at Health360@LibertyInsurance.In if you are too busy to give them a call. 

If your query is still not resolved, then you can draft a letter to Liberty Health 360, their in-house health claims section, and mail it or have it delivered to you. After that, a person from their claims department will call you to assist you with the claim adjudication procedure.

Documents Required During The Claim Process Of Liberty Health Insurance

The following are the documents that you will need during the claim process of Liberty Health Insurance.

In-patient Treatment/Day-care Procedures

  • Completed and signed Claim Form
  • A photocopy of your ID card and a photocopy of your current insurance.
  • The hospital’s original detailed discharge summary/daycare summary. Original consolidated hospital bill, complete with bill number and item breakdown, signed by the insured.
  • The initial payment Hospital bill receipt with the receipt number.
  • The first letter of consultation and subsequent prescriptions Original bills, original payment receipts, and investigation reports accompanied by a note from the attending Medical Practitioner/Surgeon requesting the test.
  • Surgeon’s certificate outlining the nature of the procedure performed, as well as Surgeon’s bills and receipts.
  • Bills, receipts, and certificates from attending doctors, consultants, specialists, and anesthetists
  • Original medical bills and receipts, as well as prescriptions.
  • Original invoices and bills for implants (e.g., stents, PHS mesh, IOLs, etc.) with payment receipts.
  • The hospital’s registration number and PAN information
  • Contact number of the doctor’s registration and qualification

Road Traffic Accident

In addition to the documentation for in-patient treatment:

Copy of the Police Department’s First Information Report / Copy of the Medico-Legal Certificate

In Non-Medico legal cases

Certificate from the treating doctor detailing the injuries (How, when, and where injury was sustained)

In Accidental Death cases

Copy of the post-mortem report (if one was performed) and the death certificate

In Cases of Death

In addition to the documentation for in-patient treatment:

  • The hospital’s original death summary.
  • A copy of the death certificate from the treating physician or the hospital.
  • If the claim is for the death of the principal insured, a copy of the legal heir certificate is required.

Pre and Post-hospitalisation expenses

  • Completed and signed Claim Form
  • A photocopy of your ID card and a photocopy of your current insurance.
  • Original medical bills and payment receipts, as well as medications.
  • Original Investigations bills, payment receipts, medications, and report
  • Original consultation invoices and payment receipts, as well as prescriptions.
  • A copy of the primary claim’s Discharge Summary.

Ambulance Benefit

  • Completed and signed Claim Form
  • A photocopy of your ID card and a photocopy of your current insurance.
  • Original bill with receipt of payment.
  • A consultation prescription from the treating doctor indicating emergency hospitalization.

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