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Care Freedom Plan

Care Health Insurance (previously known as Religare Health Insurance) has come up with Care Freedom Plan to protect you and your loved ones from the most common lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high BMI, etc, and offers you the financial freedom so that you can pay the medical bills without any worry. You do not have to worry about your current health status as to avail of this plan, you do not need to go through a pre-policy medical check-up. This plan has presented the facility of annual health check-ups coupled with the benefit of lifelong renewability to make your life smooth and hassle-free. Additionally, with this plan, you are eligible for the tax exemption benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Law. Apart from these, this plan offers a sack full of benefits and facilities and helps you to lead the life of your choice.

Eligibility Criteria

ParametersCare Freedom Plan 1Care Freedom Plan 2
Minimum entry age

Child – 90 days

Adult – 18 years

Individual: 46 years

Floater: Eldest Insured person – 46 years

Other adults – 18 years

Child – 90 days

Maximum entry age

Dependent Child – 24 years

Adult – Lifelong

Age of the proposer18 years or above
Cover typeFloater and individual (up to 6 members)
Grace period30 days from the policy period end date
Initial waiting period30 days for any illness
Waiting period – Named ailments2 years of continued coverage
Waiting period – pre-existing diseases2 years of continued coverage

Care Freedom Plan Details

You can purchase the plan with any of the sum insured options that are available with the plan. Here are the details of the sub-limits for each option.

Sum insured – on an annual basisRs. 3 lakhsRs. 5 lakhsRs. 7 lakhs or Rs. 10 lakhs
Room rent or Room categoryTwin sharing room subject to a maximum limit of 1% of sum insured per day.Twin sharing roomPrivate room
ICU ChargesUp to 2% of the sum insured per dayNo limitNo limit
Co-payment20% per claim20% per claim20% per claim
Treatment of cataractUp to Rs. 20,000 per eyeUp to Rs. 30,000 per eyeUp to Rs. 30,000 per eye
Treatment of total knee replacementUp to Rs. 80,000 per kneeUp to Rs. 1,00,000 per kneeUp to Rs. 1,20,000 per knee

Treatment for each ailment/procedure mentioned below:

Surgery for the treatment of all types of hernia


Surgeries for benign prostate hypertrophy

Surgical treatment of stones in the renal system

Up to Rs. 50,000Up to Rs. 65,000Up to Rs. 80000

Treatment for each ailment/procedure mentioned below:

Treatment of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular disorders

Treatments or surgeries for cancer

Treatments for other renal complications and disorders

Treatment for breakage of bones

Up to Rs. 2 lakhsUp to Rs. 2,50,000Up to Rs. 3 lakhs

Key Highlights Of Care Freedom Plan

Care freedom plan has come up with a sack full of benefits and facilities to offer you an anxiety-free life by protecting and safeguarding you from different types of diseases and ailments. Here are the mentions of key benefits of this plan.

  • In-patient care and daycare treatment – If you are admitted to a hospital for more than consecutive 24 hours, the plan covers the in-patient medical expenses such as surgeon’s fee, charges of Anesthesia, blood, oxygen, etc. The plan also offers coverage for the expenses of specified 170 daycare treatments.
  • Pre and post-hospitalization – All the medical expenses that occurred during the pre and post-hospitalization phases for a certain period of time are covered by this plan. However, the limit for this cover depends on the sum insured amount chosen by the insured person.
  • Domiciliary hospitalization – If you avail of any medical treatment at your home without getting admitted to a hospital, those expenses will be reimbursed by the Care Freedom Plan which is subject to the terms and conditions of the company.
  • Consumable allowance – If you get admitted to a hospital, there are many non-medical expenses that will occur to you such as consumables, transportation costs, attendant costs, and many other daily expenses that may put you under financial stress. But this plan offers coverage for those non-medical expenses too for a maximum limit of 7 days per hospitalization covered after 3 days.
  • Recharge of sum insured – This plan offers automatic recharge of the base sum insured in case of the claim amount exhausts your coverage limit. The recharged sum insured can be used by any other insured members under the same policy for any future claim.
  • The edge of a new age – This plan has come up with a unique feature that will allow you to avail of three special benefits Dialysis Cover, Companion Benefit, and Home Care. Each benefit is subject to the terms and conditions of the company.

Add-on Covers Available For Care Freedom Plan

To make your Care Freedom Policy stronger with more covers and benefits, it has offered several add on covers to offer its customers maximum protection. Have a look at the below mentions.

  • Covid care with OPD – You can avail of this facility up to 1% of the sum insured as OPD benefit only after government authorized confirmative diagnosis.
  • Covid care – If you get diagnosed as covid positive from any government authorized health center, then this add on benefit will cover all the expenses incurred for the treatment or quarantine of the same.
  • Home care – This add on cover compensates for the expenses arising out of hiring a qualified nurse for providing care to the insured person on the recommendation of the doctor.
  • Health check+ – With this additional benefit, you can upgrade your annual health check-up to a diabetes health check-up or cardiac health check-up.
  • Care shield – This add on the cover has presented three benefits to safeguard the insured person more securely. They are – a claim shield, no claim bonus shield, and an inflation shield.

How To Calculate Premium For Care Freedom Plan?

For your better understanding of the plan, here is an example explaining how Care Freedom Plan works.

Mr. Sharma is a 36 years-old businessman who buys Care Freedom Plan for himself and he has no pre-existing diseases. Let us find out for different sum insured options, how much benefit he will receive.

Policy typeSum insuredPolicy termPre-existing diseasesBase coverAdditional coverTotal cover
IndividualRs. 5 lakhs2 yearsNoRs. 13065Rs. 3256Rs. 16321
Rs. 3 lakhsRs. 11144Rs. 3130Rs. 14274

Exclusions Under Care Freedom Plan

Though this plan has a wide range of benefits and facilities to offer, Care Freedom Plan also has some exclusions for which it does not compensate. The general exclusions are as follows.

  • Any OPD treatment is not covered by the plan.
  • Any diseases contracted during the first 30 days of the policy start date apart from arising out of an accident, are not covered under the plan.
  • Any self-inflicted injury or injury due to suicide or suicide attempt will not be covered.
  • Expenses incurred due to consumption of alcohol or any unauthorized drug or any intoxication substance will not be reimbursed.
  • Costs of spectacles, contact lenses, and dental treatment expenses that do not require hospitalization will fall under the category of exclusion.
  • AIDS, HIV, and sexually transmitted diseases are not covered under this policy.
  • Any pre-existing disease or injury is not covered up to 24 continuous months from the date of policy insurance.
  • The plan does not take any responsibility for the treatment arising from or traceable to pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, abortion, and its consequences.
  • Any congenital disease is not covered.
  • If any expenses arise due to tests and treatment related to infertility, the plan will not compensate for that.

Frequently Asked Questions

The general free look period is 15 days.

Yes, for emergency medical transportation to a hospital the ambulance cover is available up to a certain limit.

Yes, as a standard, people with pre-existing diseases need to bear 20% to 30% of the final claim amount payable. The company will pay the rest of the amount up to the sum insured. Though, you may opt for a co-payment waiver additional benefit by paying a little extra premium as per the terms and conditions of the company.

Yes, this policy offers coverage for people who suffer from hypertension.

For pre-existing diabetes, the waiting period is 24 months.

There are certain treatments such as non-infective arthritis, cataract, joint replacement, etc., which are covered by the Care Freedom Plan only after the completion of 2 consecutive policy years.

There are more than 16500 cashless healthcare providers under Care Health Insurance.

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