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Care Senior Plan

Care Senior Plan from Care Insurance is a type of insurance plan that caters to the healthcare and emergency needs of individuals who have surpassed 60 years of age. The plan comes with a budget-friendly premium and a wide range of sum insured options so that elderly people can sit back and enjoy their golden periods of life. 

As the plan provides comprehensive coverage of treatments, hospitals, and various other medical costs, it acts as a boon to the senior citizens to acquire top-notch healthcare services and treatments without breaking their banks. Stay tuned to know more about the plan!


Minimum Entry Age61 Years
Maximum Entry AgeNo Limits
Sum InsuredRs. 3 Lakhs, 5 Lakhs, 7 Lakhs, & 10 Lakhs
Tenure Options1/2/3 Years

Care Senior Plan Details

FeaturesFor Rs. 3 LakhsFor Rs. 5, 7, & 10 Lakhs
Initial Waiting Period30 Days30 Days
Waiting Period For PED4 Years4 Years
Specific Illness Waiting Period2 Years2 Years
Pre-Hospitalization & Post-HospitalizationUp To Sum Insured, 30 Days/60 DaysUp To Sum Insured, 30 Days/60 Days
In-Patient HospitalizationUp To Sum InsuredUp To Sum Insured
Ambulance CoverageUp To Rs. 1500 Per HospitalizationUp To Rs. 2000 Per Hospitalization
Day Care TreatmentsUp To Sum Insured, 541 Procedures CoveredUp To Sum Insured, 541 Procedures Covered
Domiciliary HospitalizationUp To 10% Of SI, Covered After 3 DaysUp To 10% Of SI, Covered After 3 Days
ICU Charges2% SI Per Day2% SI Per Day
Organ Donor ExpensesUp To Rs. 50,000Up To Rs. 1,00,000
Alternative TreatmentsUp To Rs. 15,000Up To Rs. 20,000
No Claim BonusUp To 150% Of SIUp To 150% Of SI

What Are The Key Benefits Of Care Senior Plan?

Care Insurance believes that every aged individual should live a carefree life by enjoying their golden years. The following benefits are the reason why you should choose Care Senior Plan:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Whether you wish to cover hospital expenses, your treatment, or various other medical expenses, Care Senior Plan is specifically tailored to provide comprehensive protection and best-in-class health facilities.
  • Strong Hospital Networks: With a network of more than 16500 hospitals across the country, which allows the senior citizens to receive healthcare facilities and treatments as per their convenience. 
  • Option For Alternative Treatments: With the help of the Care Senior Plan, you get the chance to receive healthcare treatment beyond allopathy. AYUSH and other types of alternative therapies are covered under the plan.
  • Protect Your Golden Years: With aging, your health might decline due to various issues. By choosing Care Senior Plan, you can have the freedom of staying financially secure after your 60s.
  • Tax Benefit: As per Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act, the premium paid for the policy coverage will get a tax exemption. This means that you can receive comprehensive coverage while saving a significant amount of money.
  • Organ Donor Cover: Care Insurance also encourages the noble cause of donating organs. The Care Senior Plan provides coverage for the expenses for organ harvesting operations. 
  • Pre-Existing Disease Cover: Whether it is an old disease or a new one, all are covered under the Care Senior Plan. With this incredible feature, you can rest assured that you will likely stay safe in your future without depending on your children.

What Is Covered & Not Covered Under Care Senior Plan?

The following things are covered under the plan:

  • In-Patient Hospitalization: In-patient treatment costs are covered for a minimum of 24 consecutive hours of hospitalization.
  • Pre- & Post-Hospitalization: Various health issues in old age can rapidly increase the frequency of visiting the hospital. Care Senior plan covers pre-hospitalization expenses 30 days before hospitalization as well as post-hospitalization expenses 60 days after hospitalization.
  • Daycare Treatments: Up to 541 daycare procedures that need fewer than 24 hours of hospitalization are covered under the plan.
  • Domiciliary Hospitalization: There may be times when you need medical services at home. With the help of Care Senior Plan, you can avail medical services as well as treatments within the comfort of your home.
  • Annual Health Check-Up: The plan also offers annual health check-ups for the policyholder every year.
  • AYUSH Treatments: The plan covers the Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy system of treatments.
  • Ambulance Coverage: Care Senior Plan offers ambulance coverage in case of any medical emergency.
  • COVID-19 Coverage: The plan also covers treatments expenses in the case of COVID-19. Therefore, the senior citizens holding this plan need not worry about unexpected COVID disease.

You should also be aware of what is not covered under the plan. Here is a list of exclusions under the Care Senior Plan:

  • Expenses incurred as a result of or related to the use or abuse of alcohol or drugs are not covered.
  • Expenses incurred as a result of self-inflicted harm, such as suicide, are not covered.
  • Any tests or treatments associated with infertility are not covered under the plan.
  • Treatments occurring due to pregnancy, abortion, miscarriages, etc. are not covered.
  • Wars, nuclear weapons, riots, and strikes are the permanent exclusions.

How To Calculate The Premium Of Care Senior Plan?

If you wish to calculate the premium amount of the Care Senior Plan, you can adhere to the following steps:

  1. Go to the official website of Care Insurance.
  2. Click on the “Health Insurance” tab and then press “Care Senior”.
  3. At the right of the screen, enter your mobile number, and pin code, and then press “Get Quote”.
  4. Now enter your name and email ID, and then click “Done”.
  5. Select your gender and age, and then select “Next”.
  6. The premium amount will be displayed on the screen as per your policy term. You can also change the policy term and coverage amount to see the estimated premium amount.
NameAgeGenderSum AssuredPolicy TermPremium Amount
Lalita Devi61 YearsFemaleRs. 5 Lakhs1 YearRs. 31766
Subhash Chaudhary62 YearsMaleRs. 7 Lakhs2 YearsRs. 69993
Shivangi Aggarwal63 YearsFemaleRs. 7 Lakhs3 YearsRs. 102153
Rakesh Chadha66 YearsMaleRs. 10 Lakhs3 YearsRs. 184368

Claim Process For Care Senior Plan

Below are two simple methods that you can follow to file a claim against Care Senior Plan:


  1. Inform The Company: The very first step is to inform the company as soon as possible. If it is an emergency, you need to inform Care Insurance within 24 hours of hospitalization. However, if it is a planned hospitalization, you must inform the company 48 hours before the hospitalization.
  1. Submit Pre-Authorization Form: Fill up your pre-authorization form and then submit it to the hospital or TPA desk.
  1. Sending Approval Letter: The company will then send an approval letter to you. The claim management team of the company may raise a query if required.
  1. Settling The Claim: Once approved, the company will directly settle the claim with the hospital as per the terms and conditions of the policy.


  1. Inform The Company: Firstly, you need to inform the company about the hospitalization.
  1. Submitting Documents: Now you need to submit the claim reimbursement form along with all essential documents to the insurance company.
  1. Sending Approval Letter: The insurance company will then send an approval letter to you.
  1. Submit Claim Form & Other Documents: Now submit your duly signed and filled claim form along with the medical certificate issued by your doctor or hospital. You also need to submit the discharge slip from the hospital.
  1. Settling The Claim: Once all the documents are verified, the company will reimburse the amount to your registered bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

The grace period for Care Senior Plan is 30 days.

As there is no maximum entry age for the Care Senior Plan, you can easily purchase the plan.

The following add-on covers are available under the Care Senior Plan:

  • COVID care
  • Reduction in PED waiting period
  • No claim bonus super
  • OPD care
  • Care shield
  • Co-payment waiver

No. You need not undergo any kind of medical check-up for buying the plan.

Yes. The Care Senior Plan offers the feature of automatic recharge to the policyholders.

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