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Care Health Insurance Renewal

People are beginning to realize the value of having a health insurance policy as the expenses of medical care and operations continue to rise. If you are looking for a health insurance plan, you can count on Care health insurance that offers different health insurance policies to meet the needs of different categories of people.

It’s just as crucial to renew your health insurance plan as it is to buy one. To continue receiving benefits under your health insurance plan after it expires, you must renew it before the expiration date. Renewal of health insurance coverage is a quick and easy process that takes only a few minutes. Policy renewal is available both online and offline through Care Health Insurance.

Before heading to the methods to renew your health insurance policy, let’s discuss the reasons to renew your health insurance with Care.

Why Renew Care Health Insurance on Time?

Here’s the list of the reasons that you cannot avoid renewing your health insurance with Care.

  1. Coverage has been disrupted

Until your health insurance policy is activated, the insurer will continue to provide you with enough coverage and will pay hospitalization costs for any illness. If you do not renew your health insurance by the due date, your coverage will become inactive.

If you are admitted to the hospital while your policy is inactive, the insurer will not cover you. If you do not renew your coverage within the grace period, your policy will lapse, and your only option will be to purchase a new health insurance policy.

  1. Waiting period

When you purchase a new health insurance coverage, you must adhere to a mandated waiting period before filing a claim. While there is no waiting period for accident-related hospitalization, there is a 15-day waiting period for COVID-19 hospitalization and a 30-day waiting period for all other disorders.

Your health coverage will lapse if you do not renew your policy on the renewal date or even during the grace period, and you will need to purchase a new health insurance policy. You will have to serve the waiting period for certain ailments again under a new health insurance coverage.

  1. No Claim Bonus

A no-claim bonus is another significant benefit that you may lose if you do not renew your health insurance policy within the specified time. You can only profit from the no-claim bonus if you renew your policy during the specified time. If you do not renew your policy within the specified period, you will be unable to benefit from the NCB.

  1. Tax Benefits

The policyholder becomes eligible for tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961 when they purchase a health insurance policy. To keep receiving tax benefits, one must renew their health insurance policy regularly.

Care Health Insurance Policy Renewal Process

If you are looking to renew your care health insurance policy, you may either choose two of the following options:

Online Method:

Follow the simple steps given below to renew Care Health Insurance policy online:

Step 1: Go to the Official Website

Visit the official website of Care Health Insurance and navigate to the “Renew” option displayed on the top. Click on it.

Step 2: Fill in Details

Once you click on the “Renew” option, you will then be directed to the window, asking for your policy number, Date of Birth, and Contact Number. Fill them all and click on “Let’s Renew”

Step 3: Don’t Overlook the Policy Details

After that, you will need to check the details of the policy like policy number, expiration date, renewal date, nominee, members covered, premium amount and more.

Step 4: Make the Payment

Then, you will need to make the payment online via the mode that suits you the best.

Step 5: Get Confirmation

After the successful renewal of your care health insurance policy, you will then get a confirmation on your registered email ID.

Offline Method:

If you are looking to renew your Care health insurance policy, you can simply visit them at their branch at:

Unit no 604-607, 6th Floor, Tower C, Unitech Cyber Park, Sector 39, Gurgaon – 122001.

Before you go, you can call on their toll-free customer care number 1800-102-6655 to inquire about your health care policy renewal. Alternatively, you can simply connect with them via their email Id:

Do You Need Any Documents To Renew Your Car Health Insurance Policy?

Yes, the following are the documents that you need while renewing your Care health insurance policy offline.

  • The policy from the previous year
  • Notice of policy renewal
  • Proposal template
  • Photographs
  • A check for the agreed-upon amount
  • Letter of mandate

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of the frequently asked questions related to health insurance policy renewal.

Yes, most insurance companies give consumers reminders to renew their policies through text message or e-mail. However, insurance companies are not obligated to do so; it is the policyholder’s entire responsibility to have their insurance policy renewed on time.

If you file a health insurance claim after the deadline, you will not be covered, even if you file it during the grace period.

For health insurance, most companies include a grace period of up to 15 days from the due date to pay the renewal premium. If the premium is not paid after the grace period, the insurance company may reject the customer’s policy renewal application.

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