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Care Super Top Up Plan

Care Super Top-Up Plan or Care Enhance Plan is a comprehensive health insurance plan from Care Health Insurance that provides that offers an additional safety net of coverage.

The plan is specifically designed to meet the healthcare needs of you as well as your family members with a high deductible. This plan is appropriate for those who already have a mediclaim policy or have a restricted self-financing capacity because it covers costs that are not covered by their existing coverage.

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum Entry Age

For Individual: Adults – 18 Years & Above; Children 5 To 24 Years

For Floater: Adults – 18 Years & Above; Children: 1 Day To 24 Years (With At Least 1 Member Of Age 18 Years Or Above)

Maximum Entry AgeNo Limit
Plan OptionsEnhance 1 & Enhance 2
Sum Insured

Enhance 1: Rs. 1 Lakh To Rs. 30 Lakhs

Enhance 2: Rs. 30 To 55 Lakhs

Policy Term1/2/3 Years

Key Features Of Care Super Top-Up Plan

Check out the key features of the Care Super Top-Up Plan:

  • Wide Range Of Sum Insured Options: The plan offers a flexible choice of deductibles along with a wider range of sum insured options ranging from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 55 lakhs.
  • Annual Health Check-Up: Regardless of the claim history of the policyholder, the plan offers annual health check-ups for insured members who are adults.
  • No Pre-Policy Medical Check-Up: If the insured’s coverage is less than Rs. 40 lakhs, he/she need not undergo any kind of pre-policy medical check-up till the age of 50 years.
  • Anywhere Feature: With the help of the plan’s “Anywhere Feature”, the policyholder can get medical treatment anywhere in the world. Therefore, the insured need not worry about the demographical restrictions of a health insurance policy.
  • Hassle-Free Cashless Treatment: You can avail of cashless treatment at more than 8350 network hospitals of the company. You won’t have to worry about paying off medical expenses and then waiting for reimbursement with cashless hospitalization. All you have to do now is check into any of the company’s network hospitals and focus only on your recovery.
  • Expert Opinion: In case you are suffering from an illness and are not certain about it or you wish to get a piece of advice from a professional, the Care Super Top-Up Plan can arrange a second opinion from a doctor or an expert.
  • Pre- & Post-Hospitalization Expenses: The plan provides coverage for the pre-and post-hospitalization expenses, such as medical examination, follow-up visits, consultations, etc.
  • Organ Donor Expenses: The plan will reimburse the insured for the medical expenses incurred by an organ donor during the organ transplant surgery. 
  • Tax Benefits: As per the Income Tax Act, 1961, the plan also allows the policyholder to save a significant amount of money while paying premiums for the plan.

Inclusions Of Care Super Top-Up Plan

The Super Top-Up Plan from Care Health Insurance covers the following things:

CategoryEnhance 1Enhance 2
In-Patient CareUp To Sum InsuredUp To Sum Insured
Pre-Hospitalization Expenses30 Days30 Days
Post-Hospitalization Expenses60 Days60 Days
Day Care TreatmentCoveredCovered
ICU ChargesNo LimitNo Limit
Room RentSingle Private Room With ACSingle Private Room With AC
Organ Donor ExpensesUp To Sum InsuredUp To Sum Insured
Expert OpinionCoveredCovered

Key Exclusions Of Care Super Top-Up Plan

Super Top-Up Plan from Care Insurance doesn’t cover the following expenses:

  • Non-allopathic treatments
  • Self-inflicted injury or harm
  • Overdose of drugs, alcohol, or other intoxicating substances
  • Pre-existing diseases that were diagnosed within 48 months before the issuance of the first policy
  • Routine ear and eye examinations, dentures, and similar treatments
  • Medical expenses related to childbirth and pregnancy
  • Congenital diseases
  • Expenses related to sterility and infertility

How To Come Up With A Premium Of Care Super Top Up Plan?

It’s critical that you realize how much premium you’ll have to pay under the Care Super Top-Up Plan. We’ve computed the premium amounts depending on the various total insured options to make it seamless and simple for you.

NameAge (In Years)GenderSum InsuredPolicy Term (In Years)Premium Amount
Rajesh Arora28MaleRs. 3 Lakhs1Rs. 2696
Kritika Malhotra30FemaleRs. 6 Lakhs2Rs. 5709
Aradhana Gupta35FemaleRs. 9 Lakhs3Rs. 9127
Saksham Gupta41MaleRs. 12 Lakhs3Rs. 14494

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The Care Super Top-Up Plan provides a co-payment of 20%.

The Super Top-Up Plan from Care Insurance will cover pre-existing diseases after a 48-month waiting period from the date of inception of the policy.

Yes. The waiting periods for Care Super Top-Up Plan are as follows:

  • Initial Waiting Period: 30 Days
  • Waiting Period for Pre-Existing Illness: 48 Months
  • Waiting Period for Specific Ailments: 24 Months

Yes. If you include two or more family members under your plan, you will get a family discount. Moreover, if you are buying the policy for 2-3 years, you can also avail long term policy discount under the plan.

Yes. The Care Super Top-Up Plan will cover the expenses related to COVID-19 treatment.

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