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New India Health Insurance Claim

New India Assurance company offers a range of health insurance plans to customers looking to protect their health 24/7. The company is known for providing hassle-free claim settlements to policyholders. With an impressive claim settlement ratio of 92.79%, you can rest assured your claims shall be settled without any difficulty. Though the claims are being settled at a quick pace, you should know how to file a claim against the medical expenses.

Let’s imagine- What if any medical emergency case comes your way? How would you claim the medical bills? That’s the reason, it’s important for you to know the claim process of New India health insurance.

Claim Process of New India You Should Know

If the insured intends to make any health claim against New India, here are the steps to follow. 

  1. Inform TPA in writing as soon as any illness or injury is detected, or forty-eight hours before hospitalization.
  1. Notify within twenty-four hours of hospitalization if it is due to a medical emergency.
  1. Within seven days after discharge from the hospital, submit the TPA documentation related to the claim.
  1. The insured person must send to the TPA all original bills, receipts, and other documents that support a claim, as well as provide the TPA/Us with any further information or help that they may request.
  1. Any TPA/Us-authorized Medical Practitioner may examine the Insured Person at the company’s expense if they judge it medically necessary in connection with any claim.
  1. In the event of post-hospitalization therapy (limited to sixty days), all claim documentation must be submitted within seven days of the treatment’s conclusion.
  1. Give TPA permission to acquire medical and other records from any hospital, laboratory, or organization.

Documents Required for New India Health Insurance Claim

The following are the documents required when you are claiming a New India health insurance claim. 

  • Hospital bill, receipt, and discharge certificate/card.
  • Cash Memos from Hospitals/Chemists, accompanied by valid prescriptions.
  • Pathologist’s receipt and pathological test findings, accompanied by a note from the attending Medical Practitioner / Surgeon suggesting such pathological tests / pathological.
  • A surgeon’s certificate specifies the nature of the procedure performed and a bill and receipt from the surgeon.
  • Bill and receipt from the attending doctor, consultant, specialist, or anaesthetist and a diagnosis certificate.

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