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Star Group Health Insurance Policy

Star Group Health Insurance is offered after customizing the product to the requirement of the proposer. A defined group of people, typically members of society, professional associations, or company employees, are covered by a group medical plan offered by Star Health. Health and medical costs are covered by Star Group health insurance.

Read on to learn more about the Star Group Health Insurance plan’s eligibility criteria, features and benefits, exclusions, buying process, claim process, and more.

Eligibility Criteria

Here are the eligibility criteria for Star Group Health Insurance.

Cover Period1 Year
AgeUp to any age can enter this policy
Group sizeThe size of the company can be as small as 7 members including family members.
AYUSH Treatmentup to 25% of the sum insured subject to a maximum of ₹25,000/- per policy period
Sum insured OptionsUp to ₹1 crore
Daycare treatmentsCovered

Features and Benefits of Choosing the Star Group Health Insurance

If you’re still in the dilemma of whether to buy the plan or not, these benefits and features of the Star Group Health insurance plan will let you reconsider your decision. Let’s take a look at some of the important features and benefits of the Star Group Health Insurance Policy.

  1. In-patient hospitalisation expenses: All costs associated with in-patient hospitalisation, including room and board costs, medical practitioner fees, nursing costs, surgical costs, ICU fees, anaesthetist, anaesthesia, blood, oxygen, operating room fees, etc., incurred during hospitalisation for at least 24 hours straight.
  1. Pre and Post hospitalisation Expenses: Medical costs incurred prior to and following hospitalisation, up to the maximums specified in the schedule.
  1. Daycare treatments/procedures: Due to technological advancement, all daycare procedures for medical treatment and/or surgical procedures that are completed in less than 24 hours are covered. Treatments received as an outpatient will not be covered under the daycare treatments and procedures policy.
  1. Maternity Benefits: This add-on plan covers legal medical termination of pregnancy during the Policy Period, as well as medical costs incurred for delivery via c-section or normal delivery (including pre-and post-natal costs). The coverage also extends to cover costs associated with giving birth, starting on the first day and continuing up to a predetermined limit as stated in the Policy schedule. There may or may not be a waiting period attached to this coverage. A 9-month waiting period waiver option is also available under the policy.
  1. Newborn cover: Up to the floater sum insured or a specific percentage of the mother’s sum insured as specified in the policy schedule, the newborn baby may be covered for medical costs incurred during an in-patient in a hospital. Additionally, this cover is optional.
  1. Ayush Treatment: This policy covers medical costs for complementary therapies like homeopathy, Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani medicine as long as they are delivered by a licenced healthcare professional. (NABH)

Waiting Periods Available Under Star Group Health Insurance

Waiver of 30 days waiting periodAny illness in the first 30 days from the date of policy inception will be covered
Waiver of first-year exclusionSpecific illnesses that are listed in the policy clause as of the start date of the policy will be covered. For instance, hydrocele, a hernia, pancreatic stones, gall bladder stones, kidney stones, and so forth.
Waiver of first two-year exclusionFrom the start of the policy, any illness specifically mentioned in the policy clause will be covered. Examples include cataracts, ENT conditions, intervertebral disc prolapse, issues with female genital organs, etc.
Waiver of Pre-existing disease exclusionExpenses related to the treatment of a pre-existing Disease (PED) and its direct complications shall be covered from the date of inception of the policy

How To Buy Star Group Health Insurance Policy?

Purchasing the Star Group Health insurance policy will let you reap countless benefits, especially considering the policy for professionals. To ease your process, let’s bring you the steps to buy the Star Group Health insurance policy.

  1. Firstly, you will need to visit the official website of Star Health Insurance.
  1. On the page, you will see the Plans section at the top of the page. Take your mouse to that section and then under the “Health” tab, find “View All” and click on it.
  1. There will appear a page with all of the available health insurance options. The “Star Group Health Insurance Policy” can then be found by scrolling down the list. Click “View Plan” after that.
  1. The moment you visit the plan page. Then, you will see the box in the banner, asking you to enter your name, mobile number, and pin code. After that, click on the “Get A Quote” button.
  1. After that, a message will be displayed on your screen “Thanks for sharing your contact details. Our representative will get in touch shortly”.

Steps for Claim Settlement of Your Star Group Health Insurance Policy

Cashless Claim Procedure:

Gone are the days when you used to make multiple calls to get cashless claims for your health policy. Thanks to the hassle-free and user-friendly Star Health Claims Service process, you can rest assured that the company has a track record of settling claims.

  • The Star Health website contains a list of network hospitals, including agreed network hospitals.
  • To find the network hospital closest to your home, use the network list on the website.
  • Get in touch with the hospital before the scheduled surgery date to request a pre-authorization form.
  • Your contact information must be entered into the pre-authorization form, and incomplete information may cause the approval of the authorization request to be delayed.

After that, you need to contact the insurance desk to inform them. All you need to do is simply call 044 4674 5800 or send an email to

Inform the Operator to obtain Claim No.

  • Customer ID / Policy No
  • Cause of Hospitalization
  • Hospital Name
  • Insured/Patient Name

In case of planned hospitalization, it is the duty of the policyholders to the hospital and the insurance company in advance at least 7 to 10 days.

Register Claim:

If you want to register the claim, then you need to follow these steps.

  • Visit the insurance desk and hand in your paperwork at the affiliated hospital.
  • Paperwork delivered to the Star Claims Team.
  • Verified documentation from the claim processing team.
  • If the claim is accepted, the policy’s settlement conditions are adhered to.
  • Money will be given to the hospital in the network.
  • Pay the required sum to be released.

Reimbursement Claim Procedure:

When treatment is planned, the insured notifies the insurer ahead of time and asks for a claim number. In the event of an emergency admission, the insured may obtain a claim number within 24 hours of being admitted to the hospital. The insured can call the helpline at 1800-425-2255 and give the required information, such as the name of the hospital and the patient, to obtain his claim number. The insured may submit a claim for reimbursement of those expenses after submitting the necessary paperwork within 15 days of the date of discharge.

Documents To be Submitted for Reimbursement claims:

The following are the documents that you should submit for reimbursement claims:

  • Duly completed claim form
  • Pre-admission investigations and treatment papers
  • Cash receipts and reports for tests done
  • Receipts from doctors, surgeons, and anesthetists.
  • Cash receipts from the hospital and chemists
  • Certificate from the attending doctor regarding the diagnosis
  • Copy of PAN card, cancelled cheque, or NEFT details

Renewal Process Of Star Group Health Insurance Policy

Follow these steps to renew your Star Group Health insurance policy:

  1. Take your laptop or smartphone to visit the home page of Star Insurance.
  1. Locate the “Renew” option on the top of the home page.
  1. After that, you will need to click on it and a page will be displayed, asking you to enter your policy number and date of birth, and then press “Submit”. Ensure you fill in the correct details to avoid running into problems.
  1. After entering the details, you can see the details of the policy on the screen. After that, you can use your Credit/Debit card to complete your premium payment.
  1. Once you are done with the above steps, your policy will be successfully renewed.
  1. The best part is you will not need to visit the insurance company in person as the associated details will be sent to the registered contact number and email Id.

Frequently Asked Questions

By paying an additional premium at the beginning of the policy purchase, health examinations should be selected. One advantage of group plans may be access to health examinations. The type of group plan and coverage that the employer chooses will have an impact on every benefit offered under the plan.

Yes, Star Health’s Star Group Health Insurance gives the proposer the option to tailor the benefits to the needs of the employees.

According to the IRDAI circular, any group with 7 or more members may purchase a group health insurance policy. The minimum group size required to offer coverage is also left up to the discretion of the insurance companies. With a group size of at least seven individuals, Star Health can create a Star Group Health Insurance that meets the needs of your employees.

Employees may be added or removed when they join or leave the organization. Except for dependents due to a change in marital status, a new baby, or recruits, enrolment or changes to dependent enrolment during the policy year are not permitted.

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