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Download Kotak Bike Insurance Policy

Planning to buy a Kotak Bike Insurance policy? If so, every policy seeker must get ready for certain technicalities such as regular payment of premium, renewing the policy on time etc. Another thing that, generally, policyholders tend to ignore is downloading the policy papers of Kotak bike insurance. 

Getting policy papers downloaded is one of the most significant things that one should keep in mind if a policyholder wish to make the most out of their policy papers. But since they get access to a soft copy of their bike insurance policy on their smartphone/laptop, it’s natural to wonder about the relevance of the downloaded hard copy. Let’s find out why a policyholder should carry at least one copy of their Kotak Bike insurance policy!

Why Should Carry a Downloaded Copy of Bike Insurance Policy?

If you are wondering why you should download your Kotak bike insurance policy, then here’s everybody must know:

  • What if your phone gets damaged in an accident: A phone or laptop can get damaged very easily during any mishap or accident. In that case, a policyholder may find it difficult to access the soft copy of their Kotak bike insurance. A downloaded hard copy of the Kotak bike insurance can come to your rescue in this time of emergency. All they need to do is simply produce the hard copy to the concerned authorities.
  • What if there is no internet connection: There are so many areas in India that still do not have a proper internet connection. In such situations, it becomes difficult to access the soft copy. A policyholder won’t be able to log in to their customer portal in the absence of internet connectivity. So, next time be prepared for this issue and download the Kotak bike insurance policy. The hard copy can help the customer in areas where there is no internet connection at all. 
  • What if the phone breaks down: Technology is vulnerable to frequent damages and glitches. Suppose a customer is required to show the soft copy of their policy at the network garage. In such a moment, if the client’s phone or laptop breaks down, they won’t be able to avail of cashless services from the network garage. A downloaded hard copy will come to the rescue and help through the process.

How To Download a Copy of the Kotak Bike insurance Policy?

After knowing the benefits of carrying a downloaded hard copy of the Kotak bike insurance policy, a customer must be looking for ways to download their bike insurance policy. Below mentioned are the steps involved in downloading the Kotak bike insurance policy:

  • Visit the official website of Kotak general insurance.
  • Next, go to the customer support section.
  • From there, click on the “Download” section.
  • You will be diverted to the Download Centre.
  • On the top, you will see “Download policy copy.”
  • Click on the same.
  • Enter your details, such as your registered mobile number, policy number and so on.
  • Then click on “Get OTP.”
  • As you enter the OTP, you will be able to download a copy of your Kotak bike insurance policy.
  • The downloaded copy should be in the format of PDF.
  • Next, you can get a printout of this copy.

How To Make Changes in Policy Paper?

If any policyholder wishes to make any alterations to their policy paper, then they can either reach out to the customer support system and share their requirements with them. Or, they can drop a mail as well. And they can also reach out to their nearest branch of Kotak general insurance.