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Bajaj bike insurance

Bike Insurance Plans

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Why to Insure Your Bajaj Pulsar Bikes

Bajaj Pulsar Bikes are great on Indian roads, which is why there are so many of them. But with two-wheeler insurance, you can:

  • Be sure that you’re rightfully compensated if your Bajaj Pulsar Bikes was stolen or damaged beyond repairs.
  • Get coverage for a third-party if your bike caused an accident and the third-party was injured or their property damaged.
  • Get comprehensive coverage for your own two-wheeler, in case damages were caused to your vehicle.
  • Be sure that no traffic policeman heavily fines you for not having an insurance policy for your bike. Strictly, say no to bribery!

Inclusions Of Bike Model

You are covered against the following:

  • Loss or damage to the vehicle due to an accident
  • Loss or Damage caused to third-party life or property
  • Theft of insured vehicle
  • Damages caused due to natural calamities
  • Damages caused due to man-made calamities

Exclusions Of Bike Model

You are NOT covered against the following:

  • Regular wear and tear
  • Depreciation
  • Mechanical & Electrical breakdown
  • Driving with an Invalid or no license
  • Driving under the influence of intoxicants

Add-on Covers For Your Bajaj Pulsar Bikes

Trim your Comprehensive Bike Insurance Premium with these Discounts

  • No Claim Bonus: You are eligible for an NCB discount on your own damage premium for every claim-free year. You get 20% for the first year and can go as high as 50% over 5 consecutive claim-free years.
  • Installation of Security Devices: A lower IDV demands a lower premium to be paid. (But compute wisely, since IDV is the utmost value the insurer can compensate you with).
  • Membership of AAI: A membership to any of the recognized Automobile Associations of India can fetch you an extra discount.
  • Choose the Right IDV: If you are in the noble profession of teaching or employed in Govt. Services, you are entitled to an additional discount on your own-damage car insurance premium.

How To File a Claim for Your Bajaj Pulsar Bikes?

The policy document is a ready reckoner that you can refer for the complete list of documents to be submitted if you have a Car Insurance claim. The documents which you would generally require are:

About Bajaj Pulsar Bikes

Bajaj has always manufactured two-wheelers which have fulfilled the needs of every rider keeping the motorcycles within a decent price range. Bajaj Platina is one of them. When you ride it, you forget the potholes on the road. It has two different models which are- Platina 100 and Platina 110. The combi brake system, tubeless tires, and the suspension are will not even let you realize when you went the long way without a single jerk felt. The extra torque gives it that power to ride uphill areas in an easier way.

Before Your Next Drive On Bajaj Pulsar Bikes

  • Wear Helmet
  • Carry this Documents
    • PUC
    • RC BOOK

Bajaj Pulsar Bikes FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers about Bajaj Pulsar Bikes

Yes. It is necessary. The two-wheeler inspection is very much necessary after the policy expires. This may need small fees to get the bike inspection done. Right after the bike checkup, when the insurance company decides to provide you with the insurance coverage, you can receive your insurance in your hand when you complete the payment process. Though in some cases, the bike inspection after the expiry of bike policy is not necessary.

When someone gets a second-hand Bajaj Pulsar, he must contact the insurance company and get the existing name mentioned in the policy papers transferred into his name within the mentioned date from the day of registration certificate transfer of the bike. Failing to do this will not allow the new owner’s future claims to be honored. To raise an honorable claim the names in the insurance document and the registration certificate must be the same.

The second-hand owner will have to earn his part of No claim bonus with each passing claim-free year and he can avail of a 50% premium discount for self-damage with this No-Claim Bonus. The first owner of the Bajaj Pulsar will carry on his No-Claim Bonus and he can get a premium discount on a new bike in the future with the help of this No-Claim Bonus.

Online insurance is as valid as offline insurance. This insurance can be renewed later in the future through credit or debit card or also with net banking. But to initiate the renewal process of expired policy, you have to first contact with the company through offline.

A long-term insurance plan turns out to be always more useful than single year insurance. Because with a single year scheme,

  • You need to remember the day of expiry each year.
  • You need to get it renewed at the mentioned time.
  • You have to get all the paperwork done each year.

But with a long-term insurance plan,

  • One is able to save on his premiums
  • One has to renew the insurance only one time in every two to three years
  • There stays no paperwork to do every year
  • One can enjoy the time with his Bajaj two-wheeler without getting tensed about renewals.

Third-Party bike insurance provides coverage for

  • Loss or harm occurred to a property that belongs to third-party
  • Loss or harm occurred to the third party whereas the comprehensive bike insurance provides coverage for
  • Loss or damage happened to a property that belongs to the third person
  • Legal liability arising because of damaged occurred to the third-party because of the insured bike
  • Death or harm occurred to a third person
  • Any damage happened to the insured two-wheeler because of natural calamities like earthquakes, cyclone or flood, etc.
  • The damage happened to the insured bike because of manmade disasters such as fire, theft or terror activities.