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Passenger Assistance Add-on Cover

Just by paying a little extra premium, you can buy a passenger assistance add-on that will provide the passengers financial coverage who are riding or traveling in the insured vehicle. This is not a mandatory policy that you have to purchase like the third party liability policy. But it would be wise to opt for this add-on cover as just the driver or owner’s life, passenger’s life is equally important. This additional benefit acts as a cushion to your car insurance policy safeguarding the passengers economically against different types of perils and risks that they are exposed to while on road.

Why Do You Need Passenger Assistance Add-on Cover?

Following are the points that make the passenger assistance add-on a worthy/important purchase.

  • This cover acts as a messiah in the face of an unfortunate event by providing you with financial help.
  • It is a very pocket-friendly add-on cover. So, just by paying a little extra, you can ensure the passengers’ safety.
  • This cover will be always there beside you, even after the untimely demise of the passenger, when usually the family falls into financial and mental trouble.
  • This cover offers you mental peace and reduces stress as you know that you or your passengers are safe out there on the streets, which are full of uncertainties.
  • If the insured car is a commercial vehicle, and if it gets involved in an accident, it will arise legal hassle for the owner. But with this policy, the legal trouble will be minimized.

Inclusions of Passenger Assistance Add-on Cover

For most insurers, the maximum limit for the coverage for passenger assistance is up to Rs. 2 lakhs. But it may vary from one insurer to another. This add-on cover offers the following benefits.

  • If the insured vehicle meets an accident, and the passenger gets bodily injuries, this add-on cover offers compensation for the medical treatments.
  • If the passenger meets an unfortunate event like an accident while traveling in an insured vehicle and receives permanent or temporary disability, this add-on cover will be there to take care of the expenses.
  • If the passenger of the insured vehicle suffers an untimely demise due to the vehicle’s involvement in an unforeseen event, this add-on cover will be there to provide financial support to his/her family.
  • The insurer will reimburse for the loss or damage caused to the passenger while riding in the insured vehicle.

Exclusions of Passenger Assistance Add-on Cover

This add-on cover has certain limitations as well for which it does not pay any compensation. To have an overall comprehensive idea about this cover, have a look at the following exclusions of this add-on cover.

  • If the accident happens while the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drug, or any other intoxicating substances, then the cover will not provide any coverage.
  • If the accident is intentional, and if it is proved, certainly the insurer will not offer you any compensation.
  • If the passenger receives any injury arising out of suicide or suicide attempt, the company will not any responsibility for that.
  • In case of any breach of law, or anything that is beyond the policy wordings, this add-on cover will not be your savior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly, if you have a standalone own-damage car insurance policy, or any other car insurance plan, you can opt for this add-on cover, if it is available with your insurer.

The cost of this add-on cover varies from one insurer to another. And also, it depends on the amount of sum insured of your car insurance policy. To have a clear idea, it would be wise to talk to your car insurance company.

If you have a vehicle you can opt for this cover. However, this cover is most needed for the following people:

  • If you live in an accident prone zone.
  • If you often go on a ride with your beloved ones.
  • If your vehicle is used for commercial purposes.
  • If you have a kid and he/she rides in your vehicle often.
  • If you often have passengers in your vehicle.

This cover may offer this coverage. It totally depends on the terms and conditions of the insurance company.

Yes, this cover will offer coverage for the hospital allowance and also medical expenses for the insured and injured passenger.