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Car Insurance Plans

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Digit Car Insurance

Digit Car Insurance is a significant, rapidly expanding insurance provider for cars and other four wheelers, offered by Go Digit General Insurance Ltd. The organization was founded by Mr. Kamesh Goyal. The company is fast gaining popularity as it offers comprehensible insurance solutions for its customers and ensures that the whole process from buying a car insurance policy to making claims against road emergencies, thefts and other crises is seamless and customer friendly.

In the past, other than partnering with big names like Cleartrip, Thomas Cook, Flipkart, Tanishq, Amazon and PayTM, they also secured funding of nearly Rs. 600 crores.

Quick look at Digit Car Insurance


Digit Benefit

Premium Starting from 2072/-
No Claim Bonus Yes, available up to 50% Discount
Customizable Add-Ons Yes 7 Add-ons available
Cashless Repairs Available at 4600+ Garages offering Pickup & Drop of vehicle
Claim Process Quick Smartphone-enabled claim process within minutes
Claim Settlement Ratio 96% Claims Settled  based on internal assessment for private Cars
Own Damage Cover Available
Damages to Third-Party Yes, available for Personal Damages as well as for Property/Vehicle Damages

Why Digit Car Insurance Is A Good Option For You

Digit Car Insurance is client-friendly and has customized car insurance offers to depend on customers’ requirements. All transactions and purchases can be conveniently conducted online.

Here are the features and benefits of Digit Car Insurance:

Digit Benefits

  • The company has a record of settling 90.4% of claims within 30 days.
  • Policyholders can get cashless repairs after an accident from a garage of their choice without paying anything out of their own pocket. Digit promptly settles the bills with the garage without any hassle..
  • The company ensures doorstep pickup, repair and drop of the insured vehicle.
  • Call and support facility is available round the clock
  • To file a claim the policyholder may use the quick smartphone-enabled claim process. All you need to do is click pictures of the damage on your smartphone and send to someone from Digit
  • High IDV per rupee: Policyholders can customize IDV (Insured Declared Value) or the maximum compensation from the motor insurance policy in case of irreparable damage or theft of the vehicle. A high IDV can also keep your mind free from apprehension as it will minimise your financial loss and you need not worry about events beyond your control

Coverage And Exclusions Of Digit Car Insurance

Digit Car Insurance offers two kinds of car insurance plans:

  • Third party car insurance policy: which deals with damages and losses caused to a third-party person, vehicle or property.

1. Loss or damage to the vehicle

This covers the policyholder’s vehicle only in the case of an accident, which includes repair expenses to the vehicle.

Covered (Inclusions)

Not Covered (Excluded)

Accidents: Includes external and internal damages to own car, in the event of accidents and collisions.Driving under the effect of intoxicants or without a valid driving license.
Theft of vehicle, breaking in and burglaryDriver holding a learner’s license, without a valid driving license-holder with them in the front passenger seat.
Damages due to explosions and fire.Damages that are not connected to the accident for example oil leak
Damage done by any natural disaster such as cyclones, earthquakes etcAny causal carelessness with regard cover which is not recommended according to the manufacturer’s driving instruction booklet (for example damage caused by driving a car in a flooded area)
Damages due to acts of vandalism or terrorismAny service covered in add-ons but not included or mentioned in the insurance policy shall not be covered.
 Any damage or loss caused if driving the car outside beyond the limitations of the permitted use.
 Expenses and add-ons clearly not covered under the policy

2. Third Party Liability Car Insurance Policy

— Inclusions

  • Third party losses: This includes harm caused by the policyholder’s car to another person’s car or other assets. The limit of liability is up to Rs. 7.5 lakhs.

— Exclusions

  • Damage to own vehicle caused by accidents, fire or natural calamities, injury to owner-driver burglary or complete damage of Vehicle, and add-ons

3. Personal accident and injury cover

— Inclusion

  • This cover protects the owner or driver and also the passengers in the event of an accident. The medical bills and hospitalization charges are all covered by the insurance, not considering whose fault it was.

A few Other Exclusions

Some conditions where your Car Insurance Claim may not be accepted

  • Damage caused by driving under the effect of alcohol and other intoxicants
  • Driving without a legitimate driving license
  • Driving alone with a learner’s license unaccompanied by a valid license holder
  • Damage due to wear and tear because of negligence
  • Valid proof of accident not presented
  • The claim should be filed within a week of the accident

Quick Comparison Between Comprehensive And Third Party Insurance Of Go Digit

Cover provided for

Third party Insurance

Comprehensive Insurance

Accident of policy holder’s own car No Yes
Fire and explosion of own car No Yes
Natural calamity damages to car No Yes
Theft No Yes
Pick-Up and Drop facility No Yes
Tailored IDV No Yes
Add-ons No Yes
Damages to Third-Party Vehicle Yes Yes
Damages to Third-Party Property Yes Yes
Personal accident cover Yes Yes
Death of or harm to a Third-Party Person Yes Yes

Digit Car Insurance Add-Ons

Add-ons are extra covers available only with the comprehensive car insurance policy, which a policyholder can purchase by paying a premium.

Zero Depreciation Cover

The market value of a car drops with time from the day of its purchase but this add-on ensures that the policyholder gets the full value of the cost of repair or replacement of parts provided as Digit will not consider depreciation during the final settlement.

Return To Invoice

In case the car gets stolen or is completely damaged this add-on will ensure that the policyholder gets the ex-showroom / last invoice price as compensation and not just the IDV, which is lesser than the invoice value due to depreciation over the years

Tire Protection

Covers cases like tire bursts, protuberance or slashes, which make it dangerous and lead to serious accidents.

Breakdown Assistance

Offers round the clock assistance in case of any kind of a breakdown and the car is stranded within 500 kms from the main city. Digit will send the roadside assistance team to repair the problem or tow the car to the nearest service station.

Engine and Gear-box Protection

This add-on covers the repair, cost and monetary protection for damage to the engine and gearbox in case of hydro lock or leakage of coolant or lubricating oil.

Spare Key

In case of loss of car keys the company arranges for delivery of spare keys or organizes unlocking services.

Consumables Cover

This add-on covers the cost of items such as nuts, bolts, screw, washer, grease, lubricants, A/C gas etc.

Passenger Cover

This add-on covers the cost of items such as nuts, bolts, screw, washer, grease, lubricants, A/C gas etc.

Benefits Of Purchasing Digit Car Insurance Online

  • Insurance agents or brokers are not involved
  • Easier to weigh the pros and cons and make a learned decision
  • There is no need to visit the branch office, queue up for hours to meet the concerned officer. The entire process, even payment of premiums can be completed online from your home using internet banking.
  • This method is cost effective. Since the application is processed virtually, the company saves on the cost of paper and other materials
  • Minimum paperwork. From the proposal form to scanning the required documents and issue of the soft copy of the insurance document is possible online saving on cumbersome paperwork.
  • The policy document is issued within minutes of submitting the application form and scanned copies of required documents and payment of the premium online.
  • The soft copy of the policy document is sent on the policy holder’s registered email where it remains safe for future reference. There is no fear of loss or misplacement of a hard copy.
  • Endorsement of changes is easy and hassle free

Procedure For Online Application/Renewal Of Car Insurance Policy

Customers who wish to apply for a new car insurance policy with Digit Car Insurance or renew an existing policy can log into the website directly or through a broker website such as Probus.

Apply or Renew Via Probus Website

Step 1

Open the Probus website and select Apply/Renew car insurance, as relevant.

Step 2

Decide on the insurance company of your preference.

Step 3

In case of a new policy, fill in necessary information such as city, car model, variant, registration year and date, fuel type and personal details like mobile number, email address.

Step 4

If you are renewing the policy, enhance the above information with extra details.

Step 5

Decide on the car insurance provider of your choice after comparing plans from different insurance companies and pick the one of your choice.

Step 6

In case of renewal decide on NCB as applicable. If you have opted for a comprehensive insurance pick add-ons, if required.

Step 7

Confirm and revise the data entered by you before making the payment

Step 8

Make the online payment using any secure online payment service.

Step 9

Your policy document will reach your inbox right away.

Apply or renew via the official Digit Insurance Website

Step 1

Open the Go Digit website and click on ‘Car Insurance’ or ‘Quick renewal’ as required

Step 2

For new policy enter vehicle’s brand, model, variant, registration date and city (where the applicant is residing in). Then click on ‘Get Quote’ and select the choice of plan.

Step 3

Pick between a third-party liability only cover and a comprehensive package.

Step 4

For renewing a policy submit details about previous insurance policy - date of expiry, claim made in the last year and no claim bonus earned.

Step 5

You will be guided to a page containing the new premiums.

Step 6

If you have chosen a comprehensive Plan, you can customize it further by selecting add-ons and setting the IDV.

Step 7

The final premium will be seen on the next page.

Step 8

Confirm and revise the data entered by you before making the payment

Step 9

Make the online payment using any secure online payment service.

Step 10

Your policy document will reach your inbox instantly.

Need To File A Claim? Here’s How

Digit offers two types of claims:

1. Cashless claim – The company will settle the bills with the workshop when the car is released.

2. Reimbursement claim – Bills are paid by the policyholder who can later claim reimbursement from the company.

The whole claims procedure for car insurance is trouble-free and simple. Policyholders just need to pursue the simple steps given below for presenting a claim with Digit Car Insurance.

I. Car Insurance Claim Process

  1. For registering a claim, just call the round the clock helpline 1800-258-5956.
  1. No forms need to be filled.
  1. Download a link for self-inspection on your registered mobile number
  1. You will be guided to take clear photographs of your four wheeler’s damages using your smartphone.
  1. The Digit team will then inspect and gauge the damages and draw up an estimate
  1. You may select the form of repair you wish to go for namely Reimbursement or Cashless Settlement through the company’s network of garages. Digit has over 1000 cashless garages available across India.

II. Third-party Claim Process

  1. The third-party must lodge an FIR at the local police station.
  1. The third party will require a copy of your car insurance policy to raise a claim under it.
  1. The Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT).

III. Claim Process in Case of Theft

  1. Lodge an FIR for the theft
  1. The police will endeavour to find your car. If the car has not been found even after 6 months, a ‘Non-Traceable Report’ will be issued and the RC (vehicle registration card) of your stolen car will be transferred to the insurance company. Once all related papers are received by the company, the claim will be settled.

Documents Required for Car Insurance Claim

The following documents are required to make a car insurance claim for accidents or theft.

  • A completed claim form
  • A copy of your vehicle’s Registration Card (RC)
  • A copy of the claimant’s driving license
  • A copy of the first 2 pages of the policy document
  • A copy of the FIR lodged
  • The payment receipt with estimate and bill for cash and cashless settlement

Car Insurance Premium

In a car insurance policy, the premium depends on the age of the car. The insurance premium for a new car may be higher than an old car.

With the help of a car insurance premium calculator, you can calculate premiums in a definite and easy method.

  1. Select the car’s make, model, variant and fuel type.
  1. Select the car’s location and year of purchase and registration
  1. State whether any claim has been made against the car insurance in the preceding policy period.
  1. A click on the ‘Calculate’ button will show the right IDV and premium amount of your car insurance.

Engine Capacity

Premium To Buy A New Policy

(3-Year Plan)

Premium To Renew Existing Policy

 (1-Year Plan)

Under 1,000 ccRs. 5,268Rs. 2,072
Between 1,000 cc and 1,500 ccRs. 9,534Rs. 3,221
Above 1,500 ccRs. 24,305Rs. 7,890


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can shift No Claim Bonus (NCB) from your prior car insurer to Digit Car Insurance.

You do not have to submit any papers as Digit has a zero paper policy for the purchase and renewal of the car insurance policy. All required information has to be entered online.

You do not have to submit any papers as Digit has a zero paper policy for the purchase and renewal of the car insurance policy. All required information has to be entered online.

You do not have to submit any papers as Digit has a zero paper policy for the purchase and renewal of the car insurance policy. All required information has to be entered online.

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