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Car Insurance Plans

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National Car Insurance

National Insurance Company is India’s oldest General Insurance Company, which was established on December 5, 1906. In 1972, once the General Insurance Business Nationalization Act was passed, 21 foreign and 11 Indian companies merged to form National Insurance Company Limited.

The company offers around 300 products along with a wide array of insurance services to its customers. The company has over 1730 offices all over India and Nepal with a workforce of more than 13,000 employees and over 50,000 agents spread across the nation.

Benefits and Features Of National Car Insurance

Here’re a few reasons to choose National Car Insurance as your top choice:

  • Protection against accidental damage and vehicle theft
  • Safeguarding from various natural and man-made events including fire, lightning, burglary, earthquake, floods, and landslides
  • Comprehensive coverage with one of the highest incurred claim ratios
  • Towing charges covered in case the car gets severely damaged and reaches a no-run condition
  • Add on covers at your disposal including nil depreciation, NCB protection, and invoice protection at nominal premiums
  • Pan India presence with 456+ car garages
  • Round the clock claim, roadside, and emergency assistance
  • Quick and hassle-free paperless claim settlement
  • Digital renewals on your fingertips
  • A diverse portfolio with comprehensive third-party policies.
  • A trusted entity with a foundation before independence

Coverage of National Car Insurance

What does the National Insurance Company’s car policy cover? There are two types of coverage options that are made available:

Liability-only cover

This gives you insurance specifically against third-party legal liability arising out of an accident of your car. It covers both risks – Injury or death of a third party and property damage up to Rs.7.5 Lakhs.

Package a cover

Otherwise known as comprehensive cover which is inclusive of all liabilities from damages to own vehicle, self, occupants in the car along with statutory provisions for third-party damages.

Add-on Coverage Of National Car Insurance

Add-on coverage provides extensive and complete coverage for car owners. These coverages are made available on payment of extra premium.

Nil Depreciation

It is also known as zero depreciation cover. When you opt for comprehensive coverage, the company will cover the amount of depreciation after replacing or repairing vehicle parts at an authorized garage.

NCB Cover

No Claim Bonus protection cover is the discount for premiums. Typically, it’s applicable only if you didn’t file any claim during the period of the policy period. The discount depends on the number of no-claim years, and it can go up 50% for five consecutive no-claim years. This cover doesn’t include partial theft, sunroof glass, door glass, etc.

Return to Invoice

In case the car is stolen or entirely damaged, the insurer will reimburse the policyholder with the insured car’s invoice price, inclusive of registration cost and road tax.

Engine Protect

This coverage takes care of your vehicle meeting with an accident or a breakdown. The benefits include flat tire service, jump start, on spot repair, fuel support, towing assistance, key retrieval. The coverage is not applicable if you use the vehicle for racing, motorsports or if the vehicle is not used as per the applicable regulations and laws.

Documents Required To Apply For National Car Insurance

Here’s the list of documents you require:

  • Vehicle’s registration certificate
  • Vehicle’s essential details including manufacturer, model, body type, variant, and others
  • Driving license
  • Nominee details to be included in the coverage
  • Identity and address proof (Government-issued photo ID such as Aadhaar card or passport)
  • Bank details
  • A recent passport size photograph
  • Duly signed and attested insurance forms
  • Tax receipts
  • Bank details

You can apply for National Car Insurance both online and offline; however, the online process is quicker.

How To Apply For National Car Insurance?

You can get your very own tailored insurance by following a few easy steps.

Apply Via Probus Website

Step 1

Log on to the company’s website and click on Motor Insurance

Step 2

Type out basic details such as your city, vehicle make, model, variant, registration year, previous insurer, and policy expiry date.

Step 3

Fill in a few more details for an accurate quote such as manufacture month & year, purchase date, customer type, license validity, etc.

Step 4

Compare the pros and cons of a few plans and choose one that fits your requirements.

Step 5

Do an online payment via various convenient methods

Step 6

Just like that, you’ll have your policy in your mail.

Apply On National Insurance Official Website

Carry out the procedure by following these steps to take a policy.

Step 1

Contact your nearest office either directly or through an authorized agent.

Step 2

Collect a pre-printed proposal form that is relevant to you.

Step 3

Read and correctly fill the form.

Step 4

Submit the form directly or through an authorized agent.

Step 5

In case of risks, a surveyor will be appointed by our office to estimate the nature of risk and other related matters.

Step 6

Premium estimates will be provided to you through our computerized offices.

Step 7

The policy will be issued to our customers either directly or through registered post.

How To Renew National Insurance Car Policy?

Renewal is essential before the policy lapse to ensure your vehicle continues to be safeguarded against unpleasant incidents in the future. The process is simple and takes a few minutes to complete.

Renewal Via The Probus Website

Step 1

Log in to the website and head to the “Renew Policy” option.

Step 2

Select the insurer as “National Car Insurance.”Clicking on the insurance provider will direct you to their website to complete the process

Step 3

 Enter the details as the fields on the page require including your current policy and registration number.

Step 4
Double-check your amount eligibility for the no claim bonus
Step 5
Select the desired add-ons and the value of your vehicle to proceed
Step 6

Ensure you have inserted the correct details cross-check, if required

Step 7
Proceed for payment and complete with your preferred payment options such as net banking or UPI.
Step 8

It’s done! Now, wait for the policy to arrive in your inbox in a few seconds

Renewal Via National Insurance Official Website

Step 1

Visit the official National Insurance Website and click on “Renew Existing Policy”.

Step 2

Enter your existing policy number followed by the Captcha

Step 3

Click on Renew Policy and complete the steps that follow

Step 4
Enter your essential details like vehicle registration number and other policy specifics
Step 5
Check the eligibility and amount of your no claim bonus
Step 6

Decide add-ons and select the vehicle value before you proceed

Step 7
Double-check the information entered in the online fields
Step 8
Make the payment with your preferred payment options, including net banking, debit/credit cards, or UPI
Step 9

Complete the payment and wait for the renewed policy to hit your inbox

Here are the required steps and supporting documents needed for making a claim.

  • File an FIR with the police in case the loss has occurred due to fire, theft, burglary, accident, damage to the third party, etc.
  • Intimate the policy issuing office after an occurrence of the loss
  • Collect the relevant preprinted claim form
  • Read the form thoroughly and correctly fill it
  • Submit the written form to the policy issuing office either directly or through an authorized agent. Provide documents such as FIR, doctor’s prescriptions, test reports, cash memos from chemists, admission, and discharge summary, etc.
  • The policy issuing officers may appoint a surveyor or loss of assessor or a doctor panel if deemed necessary
  • A full and final claim amount is then made to the policyholder
  • Further details can be ascertained from your nearest office

Documents You Need To File A National Car Insurance Claim

You must have the following documents ready for a successful claim:

  • Car insurance policy details
  • Essentials of the insured vehicle and the person
  • Claim intimation form
  • Copy of registration certificate,
  • Details about the extent of damage
  • Location and time of the accident along with lucid descriptions of its occurrence
  • Driving license of the person driving the vehicle at the time of the accident
  • Repair estimates
  • In case of vehicle theft, police FIR, vehicle non-traceable report, and sales invoice might also be required


Every car insurance policy will have features that are excluded. It is always imperative to know these exclusions to make the right decision.

  • Wear and tear due to aging of the car
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • Consequential loss
  • Driving without a license
  • Under influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substances
  • Loss due to war or nuclear risks
  • Contractual liability
  • Compulsory deductibles
  • Loss or damage due to depreciation in the value of the car.

Steps To Calculate Car Insurance Premium Online

The car insurance premium calculator will help you calculate premiums in an accurate and simple way. Based on certain factors, the premium amount of a vehicle is calculated. The factors are the model and make of the vehicle, the place of registration, the year of purchase, etc.

Calculator On National Insurance Company Official Website

Step 1 – Visit the official website and click on ‘Buy Policy Online’

Step 2 – You will be redirected to another page. Click on ‘Continue as a Guest’

Step 3 – Click on ‘Motor’ followed by the ‘Check premium’ option on the product of your choice

Step 4 – Fill in the required details and click on ‘Quick Quote’

Step 5 – The calculator will take into consideration the details provided and present you with a suitable quote.

Step 6 – If you wish to continue, then you can provide additional information required by the company followed by the payment.

Step 7 – Once the payment is completed, you can go ahead and download the receipt and policy in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can amend the details; however, you will be liable to pay the differential premium according to the vehicle category.

Your no claim bonus depends on your claim free years and can range from 20% to 50% of the insured value.

Yes, you can if the policy renewal date falls within the 90-day period of expiry from the last policy.

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