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Car Insurance Plans

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Future Generali Car Insurance

An Italy-based company, Generali Group, and an Indian company, Future Group of industries joined forces to incorporate Future Generali General Insurance Company. The organization became quickly recognized and grew to be a leader in motor insurance along with a range of other offerings like general insurance, travel insurance, etc. A few key offerings like a network of cashless garages spread all over the country, fast and stress-free settlements, and a plethora of add-ons, have made this a popular choice.

Benefits and Features Of Future Generali Car Insurance

Future Generali car insurance offers its clients innumerable features and benefits.

Future Generali Benefits

  • Automated renewal reminder service
  • Towing assistance (within city limits)
  • Offers hassle-free and quick claim settlement services within 7 working days
  • Network of more than 2500 cashless garages across the country
  • Future Xpress & Future Xpress + claim process ensures a quick, hassle-free, and smooth claim settlement process along with personalized services
  • Prompt and timely claims survey
  • Instant policy issuance
  • Offers an in-house team of professionals providing specialized advice

Coverage Under Future Generali Car Insurance Plans

Natural Reasons

Natural calamities lightning, self-ignition, earthquake, rockslides, landslides, hailstorms, storms, hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, floods, etc.

Man-made Reasons

Terrorist and malicious activities, riots and strikes, theft of car, and burglary.

Personal Accident cover

After an accident or any unforeseen situation, the personal accident cover is a way to replace your income.

Third-party Liability

In case of damage to property or vehicle, physical injury, accidental death, etc. coverage is offered for liabilities to a third party.

Add-on Coverage

Over and above your regular coverage, you can enhance your basic plan with a few add-ons at a minimal cost.

Zero Depreciation Cover

With a comprehensive insurance plan, the depreciation waiver ensures no deduction for depreciation on the replaced parts.

Key Protector Cover

If you misplace or lose your keys or they’re stolen, then the insurer bears the costs with this cover.

Daily Cash Benefit

In case of your car breakdowns, Future Generali offers daily cash benefit for hiring another transport during the repair period.

Personal Mobile and Laptop Cover

If either of these belongings is stolen from a locked vehicle, this cover reimburses the value.

Tire Damage Cover

When your tire is damaged, cut, bursts, gets punctured, etc. the costs of replacement are covered with this add-on.

Personal Accident Cover

This cover offers coverage for both the owner and drive of the car during an accident.

Medical Expenses Cover

During an accident, this cover offers medical expenses for passengers and the driver

Engine Protector Cover

Any damage to the gearbox, engine or other such parts are covered with this add-on.

Protection of NCB

Subject to a few conditions, you can retain the NCB even after you make a claim.

Personal Liability Cover

This add-on offers coverage for the registered owner.

Documents Required To Apply For New Future Generali Car Insurance

  • Original/copy of the registration certificate
  • Copy of invoice and proof of payment (for new car purchase)
  • Original/copy of driving license issued by the government
  • Proof of address and contact details
  • Copy of PAN and/or identity proof

How To Apply For Future Generali Car Insurance?

If you’re interested in buying a car insurance policy from Future Generali, you can do it online in just a few steps.

Apply Via Probus Website

Step 1

Log onto our website and click on car insurance.

Step 2

Enter a few basic details like your city, car make, model, variant, year of registration, previous insurer, and policy expiry.

Step 3

You will need to fill in a few more details for a precise quote like manufacture month & year, purchase date, customer type, license validity, etc.

Step 4

Compare and contrast a few plans and choose one that’s best suited for you.

Step 5

Make an online payment from several convenient methods.

Step 6

Within no time, you’ll have your policy in your inbox.

Apply On Future Generali Car Insurance Website

Step 1

Enter the website and select ‘Insure’ and then ‘Car Insurance’

Step 2

You will need to give few essential particulars like your name email ID and mobile number and then click ‘Get Quote’

Step 3

Gather some basic information about your car and create your profile like:
1. Chassis number
2. Engine number
3. Registration number
4. Make, model, and year of manufacture of your car
5. The expiry date of your policy is on the policy copy in case you're renewing
6.Applicable no claim bonus

Step 4

Review your coverage and make changes if required

Step 5

After you confirm the premium and agree to the terms and conditions, select the preferred payment method

Step 6

You can download and print your policy schedule. Also, a copy of the policy is sent to the email address

How to Renew Future Generali Car Insurance Policy?

For ongoing protection in case of unforeseen circumstances and to ensure that your policy does not lapse it is imperative to renew it regularly. Renewal of an existing policy can be done in the following ways:

Renewal Via The Probus Website

Step 1

Login to the website and select ‘Renew Policy’ and the insurer i.e., Future Generali

Step 2
This will take you to the Future Generali website.
Step 3

Enter a few essential particulars like the existing policy number and registration number.

Step 4
Review all the details and make changes if needed and make the online payment
Step 5
Soon, the policy is yours!

Steps to Renew Car Insurance With Future Generali

Step 1
Keep a track of the renewal date. You will receive an SMS reminder
Step 2

Log on to the official website and click on 'renew' and ‘car insurance’.

Step 3
Follow the insurer's instructions and fill out the policy details as required.
Step 4
Keep a track of the renewal date. You will receive an SMS reminder
Step 5

Pay the amount online using a preferred method

Step 6

Once the payment is received and your details are verified, you will receive an acknowledgement of the car insurance renewal and the process is complete

How To Claim Car Insurance With Future Generali?

At Future Generali, everything is done to make your claim simple and convenient. You’re eligible for two types of claims – reimbursement and cashless claims.

I. Reimbursement Claim Process

  • Intimate Future Generali on the customer care at 1800 220 233 or SMS ‘MOTORCLAIM’ to 9222211100.
  • The surveyor will inspect the vehicle
  • You need to provide the required documents to the surveyor
  • Make payments to the workshop directly and present bills along with payment receipts to the surveyor or Future Generali branch.
  • Within a few working days from the submission of the final documents, Future Generali will reimburse the payment.

II. Cashless Claim Process

  • Intimate Future Generali on the customer care at 1800 220 233 or SMS ‘MOTORCLAIM’ to 9222211100.
  • The surveyor will inspect the vehicle
  • Provide the required documents to the surveyor
  • The approved claim amount will be communicated to the workshop
  • Payment will be made directly to the approved workshop

Documentation Required While Making Claims

You must submit the following documents while making motor insurance claims with Future Generali according to the type of claim that is accident, theft or third party.

  • Certificate of insurance cum policy schedule copy
  • Registration copy
  • Claim form
  • Driving license copy
  • Repair invoice and final receipt
  • Cashless payments require satisfaction vouchers
  • In case of a theft Intimation of theft to the RTO and copy of the FIR
  • Driving license copy of the driver along with the original for verification in case of third party claim along with court summons and FIR

Exclusions Under Future Generali Car Insurance

A few exclusions include:

  • The general aging of a car resulting in wear and tear
  • The claim is not valid if the car is used outside the country
  • Driving without a valid license is a cognizable offense and a claim cannot be made for an accident under the circumstances.
  • Future Generali shall not entertain any claim for accidental damage as a result of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Future Generali only covers damages due to accidents and not those arising from mechanical or electrical breakdown or radioactive contamination.

Steps To Calculate Car Insurance Premium Online

The Probus website clearly enlists all the factors that affect your premium. Alternatively, you can use a car insurance premium calculator. It’s an online instrument with which you can find the right premium amount for your car insurance. Follow the simple steps given below to use a car insurance premium calculator.

Calculator On Future Generali Official Website

Step 1 – Access the Premium calculator on the website

Step 2 – Enter the Year of Purchase and Location of Registration of your car.

Step 3 – Mention if any claim is requested by you against your car in the last policy tenure.

Step 4 – Click on ‘Calculate’

Step 5 – Enter the OTP you receive

Step 6 – The calculator will calculate the right premium amount for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily buy Future Generali policies online in a matter of minutes. The limited documents and quick processing time make it a favorable option for many.

A few primary highlights are quick and hassle-free policy issuance process in a matter of minutes, claims process is very quick and straightforward, cashless repairs in a large network of garages, and towing services within city limits during an accident.

A quick way to raise a claim is to call the customer care number. Here, an experienced executive will help you register and raise a claim.

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