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Car Insurance Plans

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IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance

IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance Company Limited was established as a joint venture in the year 2000 between one of the largest insurance groups in Japan, Tokio Marine Group (49%), and Indian Farmers Fertiliser Co-operative Limited (IFFCO) (51%), a lead manufacturer of fertilizer worldwide. After its inception, the organization spread all across the country and even made its presence felt in Tier 2, 3, and 4 towns.

IFFCO Tokio offers a host of retail and corporate products such as liability insurance, travel insurance, health insurance, two-wheeler insurance, motor insurance, and more. Additional offerings are P & I insurance, fine arts insurance, credit insurance, cyber insurance, etc. With an extensive product range, even further reach throughout India, quick response, affordable prices, transparency, and fair business, they’re able to cater to different customers with unique solutions.

Benefits and Features Of IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans

As an IFFCO Tokio customer, you have access to several one-of-a-kind features and benefits that ensure your vehicle is always protected.

Iffco Tokio Benefits

  • A network of over 4300+ garages with cashless claims
  • Unique, customizable add-ons.
  • NCB benefits like a discount of up to 50%.
  • Swift, digitally enabled processes as well as doorstep services.
  • App-based seamless claim settlement within 4 hours
  • Round-the-clock, efficient customer service especially for claims.
  • Trained in-house Surveyors for immediate attending to claims.
  • Wide network of branches present in rural areas too, with over 20,00 agents.
  • Claim settlement ratio of 92.65% in FY2019.

Coverage of Car Insurance Plans With IFFCO Tokio

With adequate coverage by IFFCO Tokio, you know you have a helping hand during the time of need.


You get coverage for any loss or damage because of collisions.
TheftCoverage for losses when your car is stolen.


Coverage for losses or damage because of accidental fires.
Natural disasterYou have cover for unpredictable acts of nature such as earthquakes, typhoons, floods, cyclones, landslides, fires, etc.
Personal accidentIn the event an accident causes disability or death of the owner, the family gets up to Rs. 15 lakhs as compensation.
Third party lossesYou have coverage for any injuries or damage caused by your car to a third party.
Man Made causesGet coverage against man-made causes such as accidental external damage, theft, burglary, etc.

Add-on Coverage of Car Insurance

Add-ons are the perfect companion to your basic HDFC ERGO car insurance plan. Select from a range of options like:

Zero Depreciation Cover

This add-on available with comprehensive insurance ensures complete protection for your car and its parts without taking depreciation into consideration.

No Claims Bonus Protection

With every year you don’t make a claim, your NCB increases. However, even a single claim can bring down your NCB points. So, to protect your NCB, you can opt for this add-on and ensure the NCB benefits continue, even if you make a claim.

Roadside assistance

With the roadside assistance add-on, you can reach out to your insurer when you have an emergency, and they will send help your way.

Engine Protection

This add-on covers a vital part of your vehicle by offering protection against damage to the gearbox, cylinder, pins, pistons, crankshaft, and other parts of the engine.

New Vehicle Replacement

When your vehicle is lost or stolen, a standard policy gives you compensation based on your Car's IDV, which reduces with every passing year. This add-on ensures you get the on-road price of the car as compensation.

Documents Required To Apply For Car Insurance With IFFCO Tokio

Just a handful of basic documents are enough to apply for IFFCO Tokio car insurance.

  • Identity proof and address proof
  • Vehicle details like car make, model, place of registration
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Bank details

How To Apply For IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance?

You can apply for IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance from the comfort of your home. Follow the simple steps below to complete the process.

Apply Via Probus Website

Step 1

Log onto the Probus website and click on ‘car insurance’

Step 2

Enter a few basic details like your city, car make, model, variant, year of registration, previous insurer, and policy expiry.

Step 3

You will need to fill in a few more details for a precise quote like manufacture month & year, purchase date, customer type, license validity, etc.

Step 4

Compare and contrast a few plans and choose one that’s best suited for you.

Step 5

Make an online payment from several convenient methods.

Step 6

Within no time, you’ll have your policy in your inbox.

Apply On IFFCO Tokio Official Website

Step 1

Visit the official IFFCO Tokio website. Select ‘car,’ and then ‘buy a policy.’

Step 2

Enter some basic details like your name, mobile number, and email address.

Step 3

Enter vehicle registration details like date of registration, year of manufacture, car brand, car model, fuel type, and car variant.

Step 4

You will have to review the details you entered. If you need to make changes, you can click on edit.

Step 5

You will now see a list of recommended plans from which you can choose a suitable one and click ‘choose.’

Step 6

Next, you need to enter vehicle details like engine number, chassis number, previous insurer, previous policy number, etc.

Step 7

You need to enter owner details and address details.

Step 8

Proceed to make payment and avail your policy!

How to Renew Car Insurance With IFFCO Tokio

It’s extremely essential to renew your car insurance on time. With a seamless digital process, you can log onto the IFFCO Tokio and complete the procedure in minutes.

Renewal Via The Probus Website

Step 1
Login to our website and click on renew policy
Step 2

Select the insurer & This will take you to the respective website.

Step 3

There you have to enter a few basic details like the existing policy number and registration number.

Step 4
Check the No Claim Bonus you’re eligible for
Step 5
Select the value of your vehicle and any add-ons, if you wish
Step 6
Review all the details and make changes if needed
Step 7

Make the online payment

Step 8

Within no time, you’ll have your policy in your inbox

Renewal Via IFFCO Tokio Official Website

Step 1

Visit the official website and click on ‘Renew Policy.’

Step 2

Enter your vehicle registration number, policy number, mobile number, and email address and hit ‘search.’

Step 3

Make the payment, and you’re done!

Step 4
Once you make the payment, you’ll have the policy in no time!

To make the process as smooth and seamless as possible, you can pick any one of the following methods:

I. Cashless Claim

By simply visiting a network garage, you can effortlessly file for a cashless claim. Here, after your vehicle repair is complete, the surveyor will examine the car and documents. After approval they will instantly make payment to the garage.

II. Reimbursement

You can contact the toll-free number 1800-103-5499 or 0124- 4285499 to quickly register a claim.

Alternatively, you can do so online by clicking on ‘claim’ and then ‘register a claim.’ If you follow the said steps, in no time you can file for your claim and get your reimbursement.

Typically, the steps involved:

  • Registering a claim
  • Filling up a ‘Motor Claim Form’
  • Submit the filled form with other documents of proof like invoices, etc.
  • After inspection and verification by a surveyor, the insurer will settle the amount.


Quickly register a claim via the Quick Claim Settlement (QCS) mobile application.

  • You have to upload the photos, videos, etc. on the app, of the damages you wish to claim for
  • On approval of the claim, the amount will be sent to your bank account
  • The app allows a maximum claim amount of Rs. 50,000 and claims within Rs. 7000 can be settled almost instantly

Documents You Need To File A Car Insurance Claim With IFFCO Tokio

To file a claim, keep these documents handy:

  • Date of the accident
  • What time the accident occurred
  • Chassis and the engine number
  • Kilometer reading
  • Location of accident
  • Description of how the accident occurred
  • Vehicle inspection address
  • Copy of FIR if there’s a police report, or it’s a theft


While all policies are designed to offer comprehensive coverage, there are certain standard exclusions such as:

  • Damages as a result of driving without a driver’s license or driving without a valid license.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • There’s no coverage for regular wear and tear as per the manufacturer’s driving manual
  • No coverage for any damage that’s a direct result of an accident like driving the damaged car incorrectly which causes any issues.
  • Damages that arise when the policy is not active.

Steps To Calculate Car Insurance Premium Online

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or renewing your policy, it’s good to know a few major determinants of the cost of premium-like fuel type, geographical location, car make and model, age of the vehicle, etc.

Of course, car insurance premium calculators work efficiently and you only need a handful of details. Based on the outcome you can choose the perfect plan for yourself. The calculator saves time and also gives you a birds eye view of all aspects of the policy. If needed, you can alter your inputs to arrive at a premium that works for you.

Calculator On IFFCO Tokio Official Website

If you follow the steps similar to the application process, you will see different plans with varying premiums. You can compare, contrast and choose a plan that suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, the online process is quick, efficient, and straightforward. Next, with a host of features that appeal to every buyer, you’ll definitely find comprehensive coverage for your needs. With continuous support and a wide network, you have support anytime, anywhere!

You have to submit a proposal form in the following situations:

  • When there’s an addition or change during the period of the policy or during renewal
  • When you convert a liability only cover to package policy
  • In the event of a transfer of interest
  • Renewal by another company
  • When you buy a new plan

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