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COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company: Overview & History

DHFL was first established in 1984 by Late Shri Rajesh Kumar Wadhawan. DHFL stands for Dewan Housing Finance Ltd. It is one of India’s prominent Housing Finance Company which has ventured out into various business forums, one of them being insurance. DHFL General Insurance Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wadhawan Global Capital. COCO by DHFL General Insurance Ltd is supported by Wadhawan Global Capital. It is the parent company of DHFL. In India, Wadhawan Global Capital is a leading financial service group provider.

COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company is a combination of “Connected Coverage”. The term emerges from the DHFL General Insurance Company’s purpose of Connectivity in digital world. Coverage stands for providing insurance protection. It is to provide an insurance the customers fully understand that can’t be matched by traditional channels.

COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company:Current Status

For tapping the digital market, Coco (By DHFL General Insurance) is the Trademark used by DHFL General Insurance for its digital platform.

In recent scenario, COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company has changed the outlook of the insurance market. It has catered to the needs of customers by bringing in customization at a competitive market rate as it eliminates the need of middleman and directly passes on the benefit to the customers.

COCO is the leading runner in the Indian InsureTech space and is geared up for providing a digital future for its customers.  It is supported by Wadhawan Global Capital, the parent company of DHFL.

Why to buy COCO by DHFL General Insurance?

Reasons to ChooseCOCO by DHFL General Insurance Company

Simplified Process

Purchasing insurance policies is now an easier process due to onlineintegration of new-age algorithms and technology.


Customized Insurance Solutions

Depending upon the needs of the customer, insurance policies are designed. Hence, satisfaction of customer is achieved.


No costs of intermediary

Insurance policies are offered at a competitive market rate as COCO, a digital platform, eliminates the costs of intermediary or the middleman.


Quick Online Quotes

The insurance quotes for your particular insurance type requirement are generated instantly on their online portal. All the user needs to do is login to their official website and put in the necessary details of the requirement. The user will get to see the insurance quote within seconds of input of the required information.


Increased customer confidence

The tagline “Care more. Have more” strikes an emotional chord with the customers thereby leading to increased confidence in the products of the company.


Covering of Pre- existing disease

Insurance policies as provided cover pre-existing disease from day one subject to some conditions and so are beneficial for a person suffering from a disease.


Limit on claims

There is no limit on number of claims allowed during the policy period. However, maximum limit shall be the sum assured.


Cashless claims facility

COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company gives a cashless facility to its customers. The company has tied up with major hospitals and motor garages across the country to provide their customers with cashless claims facility ensuring convenience and ease of claims process for the claimants.


Simple and Easy Claim Settlement

COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company provides simple and easy claim settlement for each of their insurance products when a claim is registered by the policyholder. The company makes sure that each of their customers doesn’t have a hassle when it comes to claims and that each claim case gets resolved in a timely manner.


Insurance in simple terms

One of the basic aims of the COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company is that the whole process of insurance is portrayed to the customer in a very simple manner. The policies are drafted in such a way that even a young kid can understand what on offer. The company does not believe in using jargons terms which makes it difficult to understand the insurance product on offer by a common person.


InsureTech Space


COCO by DHFL General Insurance, a pioneer in InsureTech space, is using technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide services to customers at a speedy rate and a competitive price.

All Products & Services

List of different products and services


Vehicle Insurance Add-on Cover

Any repairs and replacements expenses incurred for loss or damage to the internal parts of the engine, gearbox, transmission etc. is covered by this insurance. Expenses incurred for adding new oil, lubricants, and coolants after the overhauling of the engine is also covered under this insurance policy.

Health Insurance

It is said that “Health is Wealth” and so COCO by DHFL provides you and your loved ones a complete shelter from diseases. Health insurance helps one cover medical expenses thereby protecting you against sudden financial burden. COCO by DHFL General Insurance Companyprovides for customized health insurance policies wherein not only hospitalization expenses are covered but daycare procedures, air ambulance cover, low waiting periods, and more will also be in the insured person’s medical insurance plan. The policy shall be bought and claimed online. Renewal shall be an online process and cashless facility shall also be provided.

Motor insurance

COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company provides a Comprehensive Motor Policy which covers losses arising from Accidental External Impact, Fire, Theft, Flood, Earthquake, Land slide/Rock slide, Riot & Strike, Terrorist activity, Malicious Damages, Damage to vehicle during transit. Not only four wheeler vehicles are covered, it caters to people having two wheeler vehicles too. It offers complete coverage to your private car which includes damage/loss to own vehicle as well as third party loss and damage.


COCORide, is a comprehensive two wheeler product which allows the policyholder to choose insurance plans customized as per their needs. It was launched on 6th September, 2018.It also offers a lot of add- ons to choose from. It provides the highest number of add-on coverage options. The customer can avail of EMI Protection and also Outstanding Loan Protection covers as add-ons,apart from regular add-ons such as Zero-Dep, Engine-Protect, Consumables Cover, Roadside Assistance, New-Vehicle-For-Old and Enhanced PA Cover. Therefore, it not only provides protection from accidental damage but also cushions the customer’s family from the burden of taking a loan on the vehicle.

In some prescribed markets, COCORide offers on the spot repairs, 100% claims within 24 hours. Also, the premium range is available from 580/- Rs (approx)


A new comprehensive motor insurance product was announced on 3rD November,2018 by COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company.COCODrive is giving people a unique opportunity to choose from as many as 19 add-ons and customise their insurance policy. It not only provides coverage to people in India but also in neighboring countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Maldives. Add-ons such as Personal Accident Cover for owner-driver, as well as for paid drivers and named & unnamed occupants, EMI Protector, Outstanding Loan Protector, New Car for Old Car’ and ‘Tyre Replacement’ to ‘Key & Lock Replacement’ and ‘NCB Secure’are provided to the customers.These customers can pick add-ons that are necessary for their individual motoring needs. Apart from accidental coverage, it also provides for financing of vehicle.

Home Insurance

Housing is one of the basic necessities of an individual. Home is what a person builds over his lifetime and hence it should be safeguarded from external risks. And so, customized home insurance policies are served by COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company to help an individual safeguard his house. It acts as a knight to your castle!

Travel Insurance

Traveling helps one create memories and travel insurance helps the traveler to enjoy the destination hassle free in a smarter way. DHFL General Insurance brings to you Domestic as well as International Travel Insurance that covers hospitalization, baggage loss, passport loss and it can be easily purchased online In India.

Policy Renewal

DHFL general insurance is committed to providing hassle free renewal for its customers. Renewing a policy is as easy as getting it online. You need to just login to the official website of DHFL general insurance website and choose the particular insurance policy you want to renew be it motor insurance, home insurance, health insurance or travel. Before buying the policy do compare the policy opinions available and get the best suitable insurance for your indovidual requirements.

How to File a Claim with COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company?

Home Insurance

How can a customer register a claim under DHFL home insurance?

A claim can be notified or submitted through various modes as listed below; 

• Making a call on Toll Free number 1800 123 0004

• By sending an E Mail to OR

• Through company’s website

• Directly walk into company’s branch office 


 During Notification of Claim, information relating to Policy, Insured, Date of loss, Cause of loss, Property affected, estimated quantum of loss, Police & Fire Brigade notification shall be collected.

Process steps for a claim

 Claim shall be intimated to DHFL GI Call Centre, immediately. However, it shall not be later than 15 days of occurrence.

It shall be the duty of the insurer to not disturb the affected items before survey is completed. Survey shall be conducted by surveyor appointed by the company; shifting is permissible for loss minimization.

The surveyor will visit the site of damage within 1 working day of claim being intimated to the company to have first-hand view about damages.

The surveyor will assess the loss, collect the available documents and submit an interim report to the insurance company.

 Later on, a final survey report will be submitted to the insurance company by the surveyor based on policy terms and conditions to substantiate the claim, once damages are reinstated and bills with remaining relevant documents are submitted by the insured.


 The insurance company will review these documents and will process the claim within 7 days. The company will inform the amount of claim, before disbursing the claim amount.

DHFL Motor Insurance

How can a customer register a claim under DHFL motor insurance?

A claim can be notified or submitted through various modes as listed below:

• Making a call on Toll Free number 1800 123 0004 

• By sending an E Mail to

 • Through Customer Portal on website

 • Using Mobile App

 • Directly walk into branch

 During Notification of Claim, details such as information pertaining to loss, driver, garage etc. will be collected. 


 When shall a customer register the claim?

Claim shall be reported immediately after the loss however first attention should be given to injured persons (if any). For total theft claims, the customer should intimate the company and the nearest Police station immediately after the loss. Lodging of FIR shall depend upon case to case. In following cases, it shall be mandatory to lodge a FIR:

·         Any Third Party injury or death due to an accident involving the insured vehicle

·         Injuries to the occupants of Insured vehicle

·         Any Third Party property damage

·         Theft of the vehicle

·         Theft of accessories, stereo-recorders, other vehicle parts

·         Any loss or damage done to the vehicle by miscreants, rioters, terrorists, arsonists, etc.

A customer of the company may download by visiting our website


Health Insurance

How can a customer intimate DHFL Health Claim?

An insured must notify his designated TPA either at the call centre or in writing, in the event of planned or emergency hospitalization.Contact details are available on the Health Card and Policy Schedule.

In case on non-cashless facility, claim shall be submitted company’s office or the Third Party Administrator’s office not later than 15 days from the date of discharge from the hospital.

Claim form can be obtained from any of company’soffices or Third Party Administrator’s offices. The person making a claim shall submit the Claim Form along with the documents for reimbursement of the claim to company’soffices or Third Party Administrator’s offices. Address of designated Third Party Administrator are being shared in Health Card / Policy Schedule.

The person shall receive an update on status of the claim through SMS and Emails on the registered contact. Hence, it is important that contact details are updated with the company at all times.

In case of cashless claims, the company shall issue the authorization letter to the hospital through fax or Email.

The company shall scrutinize the claim and accompanying documents. Any deficiency of documents shall be intimated to the claimant and the network Hospital, as the case may be and shall be followed by subsequent reminders.

The company shall settle a Claim including its rejection within 30 days of submission of the last “necessary” document(s) / information that is required for the settlement of the claim.

Where a rejection is communicated by the company, the claimant may if so desired within 15 days represent the claim for reconsideration of the decision.

Customer Service

Customer Service

·         A special dedicated toll free number is available from 8 a.m to 8 p.m to solve queries of the customers. The number is 1800 123 0004.

·         Queries can also be raised by sending an E-mail @

·         For senior citizens, a special cell has been designated wherein E-mail can be sent at   for priority resolution.

·         For people who aren’t techno-savvy or require physical presence, they can visit any branch or partner locations for such assistance.

·         Also, a letter can be addressed to the company at the following address:

DHFL General Insurance Limited

402,403 & 404, A & B Wing, 4th Floor,

Fulcrum, Sahar Road, Next to Hyatt Regency,

Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400099. Maharashtra.


Details such as Full Name, Policy Number and Contact Details are to be provided for smooth and quick possible solution.  The company promises to acknowledge the problem within three days and resolve within fifteen working days.


It is important to further note that Escalation matrix has been introduced by the company officials wherein if a customer is not satisfied by the solutions provided by the persons mentioned above, he may approach the following persons in order:

Level 1:  

Write a mail to the Manager – Customer Experience Team


If the customer is still not happy with the solution provided, he may approach the following:

Level 2:

Write to company’s Grievance Redressal Officer and Head Customer Experience.



Contact Grievance Redressal Officer at 022 – 40018100


Write to the company in the below address

Peeyush Agarwal

402,403 & 404, A & B Wing, 4th Floor,

Fulcrum, Sahar Road, Next to Hyatt Regency,

Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400099. Maharashtra


Level 3:

Approach IRDAI by calling on the Toll Free number 155255 (or) 1800 4254 732. An online complaint can also be registered on the website

Even after solving the above procedure, a customer’s query is unsolved then he may approach the office of Insurance Ombudsman for Redressal as per his jurisdiction.


·         Any miscellaneous questions or other privacy concerns, can be sent via E-mail

COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers about COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company

1. How is COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company?

COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company is an online general insurance company offering a simple hassle free general insurance solution. Buying, renewing and claiming the amount insured is asmooth, easy and quick process of the company.

2. How is car insurance by COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company?

COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company offers a comprehensive insurance solution to car owners in India. It also offers valuable add-ons to enhance protection of the base policy. The claim process of the car insurance is quick and online based ensuring super quick claim process. Apart from the above, it ensures that customized policies are offered to the investors.

3. How is bike insurance by COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company?

Coco bike insurance offers affordable insurance solutions for two-wheeler owners. It has customized policy types for selection. The claim process is online based ensuring a smooth and quick claim process. COCORide makes buying two wheeler insurance simpler and stress free.

4. How is travel insurance offered by COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company?

COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company ensures the travelers are comprehensively protected and there are covered for any hurdles that may put hindrances in the journey. The policy covers for baggage loss, passport replacement, medical assistance, etc.

5. What are the benefits of buying car insurance from COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company?

The benefits of buying car insurance from COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company are as follows

•    Online based making buying quick

•    Affordable quotes as a company selling to end user directly

•    The claim process is also online making claims process quick

•    Easy renewal

6. What additional benefits COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company offers at the time of car insurance claims?

COCO by DHFL General Insurance Companyprovides option for cashless claim or non-cashless claims. It also allows the policyholder to get his vehicle repaired at any garage of his choice and then submit the bills for reimbursement. Also, one does not need to be present at the time of survey, in other words he can drop his vehicle at the garage along with necessary claim documents. Surveyor, post inspection, shall inform him about the completion of survey. Cashless claim facility is available at 800+ network garages.

7. Is it easy to file a car insurance claim in COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company?

Yes, it is extremely easy to file a car insurance claim in COCO by DHFL General Insurance Company as the whole process can be done online using application downloaded on one’s smartphone.