Chhattisgarh Driving License: How to Apply for Driving License in Chhattisgarh

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How to Apply for Driving License in Chhattisgarh


A valid driving license is mandatory to drive a motor vehicle legally on Indian roads as per the Motor Vehicles Act,1988. A driving license serves as an official driving permit which can be applied by a citizen of India by giving a driving test. On successful clearance of the test the driving license, a person is granted the permit to legally drive a motor vehicle on Indian roads. If a person does not hold a valid driving license he or she is not eligible to drive or ride on Indian roads. In the state of Chhattisgarh, the issuing of driving licenses is done by the Transport Department of the Chhattisgarh. Today due to advancement of technology, driving license form can be filled online as well. For people who are not well versed with the internet and computers, the offline application process has also kept open for them.

Types of Driving License in Chhattisgarh

Driving license in India is different for different types of vehicles and their purposes.


Driving license for two-wheeler/motorcycle

Driving license for two-wheeler/ motorcycle is issued to individuals who successfully clear the two-wheeler driving test.


Driving license issued for car

Driving license for car is issued to those individuals who successful clear the car driving test. The car driving license is meant for driving car for personal use only. The minimum age required to apply for car driving license is 18 years.


Driving license issued for Commercial Transport Vehicle

Driving license for commercial transport vehicle is issued to those applicants who want to drive a motor vehicle for commercial usage.

Eligibility Criteria for Obtaining Driving License in Chhattisgarh

• The minimum age required to apply for two-wheeler/motorcycle and car driving license for personal use is 18 years.

• The minimum age to apply for commercial vehicle driving license is 20 years.

• The minimum age to ride a two-wheeler of engine capacity less than 50cc is 16 years.

• Applicant needs to first apply for learner license in order to be eligible to gives test for permanent driving license.

• The applicant needs to study and be well-versed with latest traffic rules and regulations to pass the driving theory test.

Documents Required for Obtaining Driving License in Chhattisgarh

Age proof:

• School leaving certificate
• Original Birth certificate
• Original Valid passport

Address proof:

• Valid passport
• Valid Voter’s ID
• Valid Ration card
• Electricity bill

Other documents:

• Form 4
• Valid Learner’s License
• 3 passport size photographs
• Medical certificate along with Form 1-A if the applicant is above the age of 50 years
• Test fees and smart card fees
• Application 5 in case the applicant is applying for a commercial transport driving license

How to apply for a Driving License in Chhattisgarh?

The applicant has a choice of opting for driving license in Chhattisgarh either through Online mode via the official website of Transport Department of Chhattisgarh or through offline mode which is visiting the applicable RTO office in the region.

Online application process to get the driving license in Chhattisgarh

• Visit
• On the right hand side below the “How to Get” tab, click on “License” and click on “Learner License” or “Driving License” related services
• You will be directed to a new page which will have the link and instruction to apply for learner or permanent driving license
• You will need to fill the application form and submit it online.
• Upload the scanned documents (mentioned above) along with the application
• You then need to book a slot for driving test as per your convenience
• On the date of the test, visit the regional RTO as per the test timings
• Once you pass the test the Driving license will be sent to your address

Offline Application Process to get Chhattisgarh Driving License

• Go to the nearest RTO office and get the relevant applicant forms 4 and form 1A
• Fill the forms completely and submit the document required (Doc checklist mentioned above)
• Pay the required fees for test and smart card
• Book the test slot as per your convenience
• Appear for the test on the selected date
• On passing the test the driving license will sent to the applicant’s address