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Haryana rto

Car Insurance Plans

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Haryana RTO

The Haryana State RTO functions as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 as a part of the Government of Haryana Transport Department, headed by The Commissioner of Transport, Haryana. It is accountable for executing the regulations formulated in the above act to construct a flawless transport set-up for the ease of the populace of the state inclusive of driving licenses, vehicle registration, and simple free movement of merchandise. The Haryana State RTO has become web-based to offer improved, quicker, and more practical services.

Functions Of Haryana RTO

  • Issue of driving license – Conducts qualifying driving tests for the issue and renewal of learner’s, permanent, and international driving licenses. It also deals with granting licenses to conductors and authorization to motor driving schools.
  • Vehicle registration – Deals with temporary and permanent registration of motor vehicles, issues permits for commercial vehicles, transfer of vehicle ownership, granting NOC and fitness certificates for vehicles.
  • Taxes, fees, and penalties – The RTO collects a variety of taxes, fees, and penalties such as a penalty for departmental action cases, Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificates, registration of vehicles, fees for issuing licenses, motor vehicle tax for all vehicles, one-time road tax, etc.
  • Inspection of the vehicle at check posts – To ensure that all vehicles plying on the roads follow the regulations set by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the RTO conducts inspection at set checkpoints around the state.
  • Environment preservation measures – Through PUC testing centers and permits and support for CNG or LPG adaptation and frequent road safety exercises.
  • Upgrading the services – The Haryana State RTO now offers an online platform to make its services better, faster, and more practical.

Process To Register A Vehicle With Haryana RTO

For registration, an application on the prescribed form must be submitted to the RTO. The application must be accompanied by:

  • Vehicle for examination
  • Sales confirmation, and temporary registration certificate from dealer
  • Original invoice
  • PUC and road tax certificates
  • Copy of the vehicle insurance policy
  • Photo ID and address proof (PAN and Aadhar card)

After verification, the vehicle registration number will be allotted within seven days.

Transfer Of Vehicle Ownership In Haryana

  • Transfer of the ownership must be completed within 14 days of the sale
  • The applicant must approach the RTO with a duly filled application form and necessary documents
  • The original imprint of chassis number, a copy of the vehicle Insurance, ID proof and photographs of the seller and buyer, and the latest PUC certificate, and a NOC for the vehicle to be transferred.
  • The application can be done online on the Parivahan portal.

RTO Codes For Vehicles In Haryana

District RTO Codes
Ambala (private vehicles) HR-01
Jagadhari (private vehicles) HR-02
Panchkula HR-03
Naraingarh HR-04
Karnal HR-05
Panipat HR-06
Kurukshetra HR-07
Kaithal HR-08
Guhla HR-09
Sonepat HR-10
Gohana HR-11
Rohtak HR-12
Bahadurgarh HR-13
Jhajjar HR-14
Meham HR-15
Bhiwani HR-16
Siwani HR-17
Loharu HR-18
Charkhi Dadri HR-19
Hisar HR-20
Hansi HR-21
Fatehabad HR-22
Tohana HR-23
Sirsa HR-24
Dabwali HR-25
Gurgaon (North) (private vehicles) HR-26
Nuh HR-27
Ferozepur Jhirka HR-28
Ballabgarh HR-29
Palwal HR-30
Jind HR-31
Narwana HR-32
Safidon HR-33
Mahendragarh HR-34
Narnaul HR-35
Rewari HR-36
Ambala (commercial vehicles only) HR-37
Faridabad (commercial vehicles only) HR-38
Hisar (commercial vehicles only) HR-39
Assandh HR-40
Pehowa HR-41
Ganaur HR-42
Kosli HR-43
Ellenabad HR-44
Karnal (commercial vehicles only) HR-45
Rohtak (commercial vehicles only) HR-46
Rewari (commercial vehicles only) HR-47
Tosham HR-48
Kalka HR-49
Hodal HR-50
Faridabad HR-51
Hathin HR-52
Adampur HR-53
Ambala – Barara HR-54
Gurgaon (commercial vehicles only) HR-55
Jind (commercial vehicles only) HR-56
Sirsa (commercial vehicles only) HR-57
Jagadhari, Yamuna Nagar (commercial vehicles only) HR-58
Ratia HR-59
Samalkha HR-60
Bhiwani (commercial vehicles only) HR-61
Fatehabad (commercial vehicles only) HR-62
Jhajjar (commercial vehicles only) HR-63
Kaithal (commercial vehicles only) HR-64
Kurukshetra (commercial vehicles only) HR-65
Narnaul (commercial vehicles only) HR-66
Panipat (commercial vehicles only) HR-67
Panchkula (commercial vehicles only) HR-68
Sonipat (commercial vehicles only) HR-69
Transport Commissioner in Chandigarh. HR-70
Bilaspur HR-71
Gurgaon (South) (private vehicles) HR-72
Palwal HR-73
Mewat (Nuh) HR-74
Indri HR-75
Pataudi HR-76
Beri HR-77
Shahabad Markanda HR-78
Kharkhonda HR-79
Barwala HR-80
Bawal HR-81
Kanina HR-82
Kalayat HR-83
Charkhi Dadri HR-84
Ambala South CANTT HR-85
Narnaund HR-86
Badkhal (Faridabad South) HR-87
Badhra HR-88
Badli HR-89
Uchana HR-90
Gharaunda HR-91
Radaur HR-92
Punhana HR-93
Kalanwali HR-94
Sampla HR-95
Tauru HR-96
Ladwa HR-97
(Temporary numbers for new vehicles) HR-99

Motor Insurance Plans For Your Vehicles In Haryana

Under The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 it is a must for every vehicle owner to possess vehicle insurance. The minimum need for insurance is a third-party liability-only insurance policy that offers protection against damages to third-party properties or individuals. If you’re looking for better coverage, you can opt for a comprehensive insurance policy that gives you enhanced protection, along with add-ons of your choice. You can easily purchase both policies online, within a few clicks.

Contact Details Of Haryana State RTO

Phone number: 0172-2700029

Website: / stcharyana@hry, 

Timings: Monday to Friday- 10 am to 5 pm

Address Of Transport Commissioner, Haryana

30 Bays Building, 2nd Floor, Sector 17C.

Chandigarh – 160017

Haryana (India)

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about driving licence in RTO Haryana.

1. When can I get a permanent driver’s license in Haryana?

The validity of personal use vehicle registration certificate is for a period of 15 years. After 15 years it can be renewed for a period of 5 years subsequently.

2. How can I get an advance number for my Haryana number plate?

If the particular registration number falls within 1000 numbers for the current series at the RTO you can give an application to the regional transport officer together with the copy of the original invoice of the vehicle and the necessary fees for the process.

3. What safeguards should you follow when you get your learner’s license in Haryana?

You will need to display a large red letter “L” symbol on the windshields of your car. It should be visible from a distance. You must also familiarize yourself with road signs and your car’s mechanism.

4. Please suggest driver training institutes in Haryana which help in acquiring a driving license.

The Government of Haryana has established a number of training institutes that are available at your district RTO.