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Goa (GA) RTO

According to Section 133 A of the Motor Vehicles Act, the state of Goa’s transportation department was established to serve as the principal regulatory agency overseeing the full spectrum of operations involving private and commercial motor vehicles used for the transportation of people and goods. Undoubtedly the most important function offered by RTOs is vehicle registration.

To improve the flow of products and people inside the state, the Goa State Transport Department is in charge. Additionally, it ensures that the (Motor Vehicle) M.V. Act of 1988’s rules and regulations are successfully implemented. When this Act’s Section 39 forbids the operation of any unregistered cars in public areas, the relevant RTOs must register each vehicle.

Therefore, let us learn more about the RTO and its functions as well as needs.

Functions of the Goa Transport Department

  1. Vehicle Registration

The registration of vehicles is handled by the RTO. Additionally, it issues NOCs and transportation permits (No Objection Certificates). A No Objection Certificate is necessary when moving a vehicle’s license from one RTO to another in the same state. That would entail driving a car you bought from one state to another. The RTO is also in charge of amending the vehicle’s licence to reflect the new owner when a vehicle is sold.

  1. Vehicle Inspection

Its objective is to evaluate how well vehicles are operating on the road. They, therefore, check the cars’ registration status as well as any other pertinent documents. Additionally, whether or not they receive a current, valid No Pollution Certificate (NPC). Additionally, they examine the vehicle to see if it is road-safe and in good functioning order.

  1. Collecting Fees and Taxes

Every owner of a vehicle is required to pay the vehicle tax that the government collects on various types of vehicles. Depending on the kind and capacity of the vehicle, different taxes apply. The collection of these charges is known as motor vehicle tax (MV Tax). The only governing organisation in that area, the RTO, is in charge of collecting all fees and taxes. The new International Multi-purpose Vehicle (IVM) payments are also retrieved by the RTO. Additionally, it penalises instances of government involvement.

  1. The Provision of DL

The RTO is in charge of providing drivers with driving licenses. As a result, the RTO conducts driving tests and compiles all necessary data on the drivers. Additionally, it confirms the vehicle’s permitted to class. Whenever necessary, RTOs provide Learner’s Driving Licenses, Permanent Driving Licenses, Commercial Driving Licenses, and International Driving Permits. It also deals with license renewal and the granting of duplicate licenses. It also establishes if the car has gears or not. Depending on whether the vehicle transports passengers or freight, the registration type differs.

  1. Environmental Regulations

By checking the levels of pollutants in the vehicles, the RTO can assess whether they can satisfy environmental requirements. The RTO issues cars with a Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate as a result. It also looks at the car and any equipment attached to it. For instance, the smoke that its parts generate. In order to reduce pollution, it also entails the conversion of autos to CNG or LPG.

Goa RTO Codes

RTO OfficeRTO CodeRTO OfficeRTO Code
MargaoGA-02Vasco da GamaGA-06

Different Types of Vehicle Registration in Goa RTO

Two types of registration take place for any vehicle. Here are the two types:

  1. Temporary RTO Registration Number: – You are given a registration number when you become the owner of a car. The vendor or dealer gives you a provisional number to denote that the details of your car are still being worked out. The registration number is only valid for a limited period of time, after which it’s crucial to get a permanent registration number as soon as possible.
  1. Permanent Vehicle Registration Number: – A permanent registration number is given when you register a new car with the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways through a local Goa RTO. Once it has been assigned, there is never a chance for you to edit it. When you transfer your vehicle from one state to another, you must reregister it.

How To Get Two-Wheeler/Four-Wheeler Insurance in Goa?

Two-wheeler third-party insurance is required in India. Bicycle insurance service providers can be found both online and offline. One can compare insurance rates from many companies and select the one they like for their two-wheeler.

You can obtain car/two-wheeler insurance in Goa by taking the actions listed below:

  • Speak with the relevant insurance company by stopping by their office or their website.
  • Submit a completed application.
  • Select the policy of your choice from the range available, then submit the necessary paperwork.
  • Cover the appropriate premium.
  • Gather the insurance.

How To Get a Duplicate RC from Goa RTO?

A duplicate Registration Certificate (RC) can be obtained by applying the relevant registering authority if the original RC for a vehicle is lost or misplaced. The application must be accompanied by the following paperwork:

  • Two copies of Form 26 completed in full by the appropriate person
  • A genuine duplicate of the police FIR
  • Certified copy of the insurance certificate for a vehicle
  • A certified copy of the Pollution Control Certificate (PUC)
  • Copies of Forms 60 and 61 with Attestations

Contact Details Of Goa RTO

The Directorate of Transport

Government of Goa 1st lift, 1st-floor Junta House, Panaji Goa

Phone: 0832 2225724


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Goa Road tax?

Your vehicle’s kind will determine how much road tax you pay in Goa.

2. Am I permitted to operate another state car in Goa?

Yes, you can operate a vehicle with a different state’s registration in Goa.

3. In Goa, what is the penalty for operating a four-wheel vehicle without a seatbelt?

In India, driving a four-wheeler without a seatbelt carries a 500 INR punishment.