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Uttarakhand RTO

The Regional Transport Office of Uttarakhand is headed by the Transport Commission. This office was brought into existence in 1945 based on section 133 A of the Motor Provisions Act, 1939. The RTO has numerous functions, which include issuing driving licenses, permits for all types of vehicles, collecting road tax, collecting penalties related to traffic violations on the road, registering vehicles, transferring ownership of vehicles, etc. The Uttarakhand RTO was started in 2003, a few years after Uttarakhand was given statehood. There are 20 RTOs in the state that functions in different cities.

Primary Functions Of Uttarakhand RTO

The Uttarakhand RTO is charged with keeping order on the roads. The number of functions and duties they perform is quite long, but this allows vehicles and drivers to be safe.

Driving License

  • Issue new or renew existing driver’s license
  • Issue new learner’s permits
  • Conduct both theory and practical exams for obtaining a driver’s license
  • Issues license to motor driving schools that teach driving
  • Issues license to professional driving instructors
  • Issues and renews international driving licenses
  • Issues and renews conductor licenses

Registration of Motor Vehicle

  • Registers private as well as commercial vehicles
  • Issues Registration Certificate and renews RC as well
  • Allows for transfer of ownership in the vehicle’s RC book
  • Issues temporary RC book for vehicles
  • NOC when transferring vehicle ownership
  • Issuance of Vehicle Fitness Certificate
  • Allows new and renewal of Trade Certificate


  • National and local permits for motor vehicles are issued here
  • Permits are issued for light goods and heavy goods commercial vehicles
  • Permits are issued for special cabs/taxis and all Indian tourist vehicles
  • Permits are issues for auto-rickshaws and local cabs
  • Renewal of the above-mentioned permits for motor vehicles


Allows payment of road tax for all private and commercial vehicles. Taxes can be paid online or offline at your nearest RTO


Payment of fees for all licenses and permits and certificates. Fees can be paid online or offline depending on the application


Allows payment of penalties related to any offense on the road. Includes challan for illegal parking, driving in the wrong direction, breaking the signal, etc.

Inspection of the Vehicle at Check Posts

Maintains checkpoints in and out of state to ensure all vehicles comply with local and national rules and regulations

Environmental Due Diligence

PUC certificates and Certificates are issued for CNG/ LPG vehicles only via certified centers maintained by the RTO.

How To Register A Vehicle In Uttarakhand RTO?

A vehicle in Uttarakhand can be registered at your local RTO. Please bring your vehicle with you, along with the documentation mentioned in the next section. Documents will be verified, and information filled in relevant forms will be checked before the vehicle is given a Registration Certificate.

Documents Required For Vehicle Registered Under RTO Uttarakhand

The following documents must be presented to the officer at the RTO for vehicle registration:

  • Form 20 (for permanent RC)
  • Form 21 (Sales certificate available from the dealer)
  • Form 22 (available from the manufacturer
  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • Owner’s address proof
  • If applicable, temporary registration documents
  • Form A (Taxation Act, 1997)
  • Fees mentioned under Rule 81
  • Passport size photos of the owner
  • Custom clearance document along with license, only for imported vehicles.

Transfer Of Vehicle Ownership In Uttarakhand RTO

When a vehicle is sold or bought, it is imperative to transfer ownership at the earliest to avoid any confusion. This is easily done at your nearest Uttarakhand RTO. Here are the documents you need:

  • Forms 29 and Form 30
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Insurance certificate of vehicle
  • NOC if the vehicle is registered outside Uttarakhand
  • Fees mentioned under Rule 81
  • Photos (passport sized) of owner and seller
  • Road tax receipt (should be paid in full)

Uttarakhand RTO Codes

UK01 Almora
UK02 Bageshwar
UK03 Champavat
UK04 Nainital
UK05 Pithoragarh
UK06 Udham Singh Nagar
UK07 Dehradun
UK08 Haridwar
UK09 Tehri
UK10 Uttarkashi
UK11 Chamoli
UK12 Pauri
UK13 Rudraprayag
UK14 Rishikesh
UK15 Kotdwar
UK16 Vikas Nagar
UK17 Roorkee
UK18 Kashipur
UK19 Ramnagar
UK20 Ranikhet
UK21 Tanakpur

Contact Details Of RTO


Office of Transport Commissioner,


Sahastradhara Road,


Contact No: 0135 – 2608107 


E-mail ID:,

How To Get Motor Insurance In Uttarakhand?

Motor insurance is a necessity in every state in India, including Uttarakhand. You need at least basic vehicle insurance, called third-party insurance, which covers damages caused by your vehicle to a third party or others property. A more detailed insurance policy, such as a comprehensive insurance plan, covers damages due to theft, fire, earthquakes, etc. You can also have add-ons in such a policy to protect your vehicle and yourself.

A good place to start is online. You can compare different plans, their offerings, and premiums to see which works for you. You can buy policies offline as well.

Uttarakhand State RTO FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers about driving licence in Uttarakhand State RTO

Yes, it is necessary to register your vehicle in the Uttarakhand RTO if you are planning to drive in the state. This is stated in the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.

The vehicle owner needs to follow the below process and submit the required documents to get the duplicate registration copy of the motor vehicle.

  • Duly filled application on Form 26 (in duplicate and one copy duly attested along with the endorsement from the financier of Hypothecated).
  • Original copy of the police F.I.R
  • Attested copy of valid insurance certificate.
  • Attested copy of PUC certificate.
  • Attested copy of address proof (Recent electricity bill, ration card etc).
  • Applicable fee to be paid in full.
  • Challan clearance from traffic police & Enforcement wing in case of goods and commercial vehicles.
  • Tax clearance for goods and commercial vehicles.
  • Attested copy of Form 60 & 61(as applicable) and PAN card

Every vehicle owner in Uttarakhand has a legal obligation to get their vehicle registered at the AP RTO as per the Motor Vehicle Act,1988. To register a vehicle in Uttarakhand the vehicle owner will be required to go to the RTO which falls in the area of their residence. The vehicle owner will need to fill and submit the following forms and documents to register the vehicle at Uttarakhand RTO in their name.

  • Correctly filled Form 20 which is the application form for registration of a vehicle
  • Form 21 is the sales certificate issued by the vehicle selling company
  • Form 22, Form 22- A which is a fitness certificate for road given by the manufacturer of the vehicle
  • Pan Card copy or Form 60 and Form 61 (as applicable)
  • Passport size photographs of the vehicle buyer
  • Invoice from dealer/vehicle selling company
  • A verified valid copy of vehicle insurance
  • Verified copy of address proof
  • Fully paid Registration Fees invoice
  • Form 34 signed by the financer owner and financer

If you are transferring registration from another state to Uttarakhand, you need a NOC from the previous state’s RTO.