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Driving Licence (Sarathi) in Delhi

The most exciting thing in a teenager phase is to reach the driving age and be able to drive on the street delightfully. However, in order to enjoy such a splendorous moment, one must have a driving licence with them.

The Delhi government has now been very stringent in this matter. If an individual is miserable with the wheels, then there is a high probability of danger to the public along with his or her life.

Due to the increasing occurrence of accidents and the rise in the unlicensed people driving on the road thereby defying rules and regulations, it is strictly prohibited to drive without a legal driving licence.

No matter how good you are as a driver, you could be in trouble, if you don’t have a valid driving licence even if it is someone else’s fault. If you’re driving licence has expired then it is your sole responsibility to renew it.Moreover, obtaining a new Driving Licence or renewing the old one is quite simpler in Delhi.

Different Types of Driving Licence in Delhi

There are two types of driving license in Delhi,namely: Temporary and Permanent driving licence.

Temporary driving license or learner’s licence: The temporary driving licence or learner’s licence would be eligible for a period of six months until the driver learns to practice driving. One must at least drive for one month before proceeding on to obtain a permanent driving licence.

Permanent Driving licence: Permanent driving licence is obtained in case an individual passes the ground test and road test which is mandatory for driving competency test.

Delhi provides a driving licence for below-mentioned vehicle types

1)      Motorcycle with no gear: Includes motor vehicles like mopeds and scooters

2)      Motorcycle with gear: This will include all motor vehicles with gears in it.

3)      Light Motor Vehicles: This type includeshatchbacks and sedans.

4)      Transport Vehicle: This category includes vehicles like vans, trucks, bus, etc

5)      Road Roller

6)      Invalid Carriage

7)     Specified description motor vehicles

What are the Eligibility Criteria to Avail Driving Licence in Delhi?

Below-mentioned are few criterias which need to be satisfied in order to avail for a driving licence in Delhi:

1)      An individual must be at least 18 years of age.

2)      An individual should first have its learner’s licence if they want to avail for permanent driving license.

3)      Driving licence must be applied just after 30 days and within 180 days from learner licence date of issue.

4)      The individual must be familiar with all the traffic rules and regulations.

Procedure To Apply For Driving Licence in Delhi?

In order to apply for a driving licence in Delhi, there are two distinct procedures:

1.Online process

2.Offline process

Below are the steps which need to be followed in order to apply online for driving licence in Delhi:

· Visit the website –

· Complete the application form and submit all the required documents

· The applicant will receive an application number

· Book a driving test slot

· Pay the application fees

· Visit RTO office

· Attempt the driving licence test, in which you will be monitored in presence of a motor vehicle inspector (take your motor vehicle for the test)

· Only after passing the test, biometrics and photos would be taken

· You will receive your driving licence through the post in the registered office (There are few RTOs in Delhi which provides a driving licence on the same of passing the test)

If a person is not comfortable with the online process he or she can apply for the driving licence through offline mode as well.

Below are the steps which need to be followed:

· Visit the RTO office and collect form 4

· Complete and submit the form along with the required documents

· Book a preferred time slot for the driving test. Take your own vehicle for the driving test.

· Photographs and biometrics (fingerprints) would be taken once you pass the test

· Driving licence would be provided to an individual by post in the registered address. 

What are the Documents Required To Apply For Driving Licence in Delhi?

Below are the documents which need to be submitted in order to apply for driving licence in Delhi:

1)      Address Proof (Any one)

·         Voter ID card

·         Ration Card

·         Passport

·         Any LIC policy bond certificate (atleast 6 months old)

·         Certified copy which is of voter ‘s list

2)      Age proof( Any one)

·         Educational certificate

·         Birth certificate

·         Passport attested copy

·         If working or state/central government office, certificate which is issued by the employee must be submitted

3)      Others:

·         Form 4 (which is driving licence application form)

·         Application fee (INR 400)

·         Photographs (passport size)

·         Driving certificate of Form -5, 14, 15 ( for transport vehicles)

Driving Licence (Sarathi) in Delhi FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers about Driving Licence (Sarathi) in Delhi

1. How to apply for learning driving license?

• The procedure for obtaining a driving licence is simple.
• An applicant must fill the required application form
• Submit all the essential documents
• Pay the application and learner’s licence test fees
• Visit RTO to give the test
• After passing the test, the applicant can get their driving licence ready.

2. How to renew the driving licence in Delhi?

To check for driving licence number go to:

·         Sarathi website :


·         Go to nearest RTO office.

4. How to apply for duplicate driving licence in Delhi?

An applicant can apply for duplicate driving licence in Delhi only if his or her driving licence is lost or stolen or mutilated. 
The below steps needs to be followed in order to obtain a duplicate driving licence in Delhi:

  • Applicant needs to fill the application form along with the required documents and submit the same in RTO office
  • After documents are verified the duplicate DL will be received to the applicant within a few days
  • In case of licence lost or destroyed, the licence authority must be informed via writing
  • If not applied for a driving licence within 6 months of the loss, then special permission from the transport department headquarters is required.

5. How to check the status of driving licence in City/State?

• Visit Sarathi website, click ‘Status of licence’ link
• Select Delhi state, enter your driving licence number
• After pressing the submit button, driving licence status would be obtained.