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Kolkata (WB) RTO

The Transport Department of the West Bengali government established RTO Kolkata. It was established to ensure Kolkata’s adherence to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. In addition to this, the agency makes sure that all of the city’s residents have access to transportation services. The Kolkata RTO is in charge of collecting taxes, issuing permits, implementing steps to control pollution, and more, in addition to issuing driving licenses and providing car registration services.

Read on to know more about Kolkata RTO in detail!

Functions of Kolkata RTO

The Motor Vehicle Act’s rules and regulations are followed by Kolkata RTO. The following are some of the main functions of Kolkata RTO:

  1. Collection of Taxes & Charges

The government imposes a road fee on several types of cars, which must be paid by all vehicles. The size and kind of vehicle affect the tax rates. Motor Vehicle Tax is the term used to collect these fees (MV Tax). The relevant RTO in that area is in charge of it. In addition, RTO is responsible for collecting cutting-edge International Multi-purpose Vehicle (IMV) payments. For departmental action cases, there are additional fees.

  1. Road Safety

The Kolkata RTO is responsible for ensuring that all motor vehicles adhere to the law and drive safely. Additionally, it made sure that everyone followed the rules of road safety. Additionally, it makes sure that drivers abide by the requirements of the Motor Vehicles Act to reduce unnecessary hazards. The RTO also keeps a record of whether third-party liability insurance is present on every registered vehicle. If proven to be without insurance, it may therefore cancel the driver’s license or the vehicle’s registration.

  1. Vehicle Registration

The Kolkata RTO is responsible for motor vehicle registration. In addition, it issues NOCs and issues transport licenses (No Objection Certificates). When transferring a vehicle’s registration from one RTO to another state’s RTO, a NOC is necessary. It involves driving a car bought in one state into another. As a result, if a vehicle is sold, the RTO is also concerned with updating the registration of the vehicle with the new owner.

  1. Provision of DL

The RTO is responsible for issuing driving permits to both drivers and passengers. The RTO conducts driving tests to gather all necessary information about the driver. Additionally, the permitted class of cars is checked. Accordingly, the RTO issues a learner’s license, permanent license, commercial license, or international driving permit. Furthermore, it handles license renewal and duplicate license issuance. It also matters if the vehicle has the gear or not. Depending on whether the vehicle is used to transport passengers or goods, a different license is required.

  1. Vehicle Inspection

The RTO conducts periodic inspections of the cars. It is done to inspect the state of the moving cars on the road. As a result, they verify the pertinent paperwork and the registration status of the automobiles. Additionally, if they possess a current, valid No Pollution Certificate (NPC). Additionally, they check to determine if the car is safe to drive and worth taking out on the road.

Kolkata RTO Codes with Office Locations

Types of Vehicle Registration at RTO Office Kolkata

The registration of functioning cars on the road is one of the RTO Office Kolkata’s most crucial duties. According to the Motor Cars Act of 1988, all vehicles must be registered. Either a temporary vehicle registration or a permanent registration may be in effect for a vehicle in Kolkata.

  • Temporary Vehicle Registration

When you buy the car, you can use it for a month after the initial seven days.

  • Permanent Vehicle Registration

The ultimate owner of the car is then given this. You must obtain this number to avoid paying heavy fines.

A simple form is used in the vehicle registration process in Kolkata. The legal necessity to insure your vehicle is another. In India, having automobile insurance is required. You will once more have the choice of a third-party liability or a comprehensive insurance cover when it comes to insurance coverage.

How To Register a Vehicle in RTO Kolkata?

To register your vehicle in an RTO, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Visit the nearest Kolkata RTO.

Step 2: Obtain the application form for your vehicle registration at the RTO or download it from the website

Step 3: Fill up the application form with accurate details and sign it in the required places

Step 4: Submit the vehicle registration application form along with the documents required

The registration certificate will be sent to you after the verification procedures have all been completed.

Documents Required for Vehicle Registration in RTO Kolkata

The following documents are required for vehicle registration:

  • Vehicle registration application (Form 20)
  • Proof of address and age
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Applicable application fee
  • Roadworthiness certificate (Form 22)
  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • Vehicle Invoice
  • Pollution Under Control certificate

How To Renew a Registration Certificate At Kolkata RTO?

A permanent registration card has a 15-year expiration date, after which it can be renewed for additional periods of five years. To avoid fines on the roadways, transport vehicle owners must present a fitness certificate after two years. The owner of the vehicle must complete an application and provide the following documentation to renew an expired RC:

  • Form 25/application form
  • Original RC (registration certificate)
  • Proof of paid road tax
  • Copies of the insurance certificate
  • Copy of address proof
  • PUC certificate

The Kolkata RTO office inspects the car. The renewal certificate is valid for 5 years if the vehicle has the “fit” designation.

Contact Details of RTO

You can contact the Kolkata RTO at the address and phone number given below:


Public Vehicles Department 38,

Beltala Road,

West Bengal-700020

Phone: + (91)-33-24751621/24751622


Yes, if you follow the proper steps at the Kolkata RTO office, you can modify the address on your current RC. You will be required to submit an application, form 33, documentation of your previous and current addresses, and other items.

In Kolkata, driving without valid insurance carries a 2,000 INR fine for first-time offenders and a 4,000 INR fine for repeat offenders.

The steps to applying for a learner’s permit are as follows:

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Select the state, here West Bengal
  3. Go to the ‘learner’s licence’ menu
  4. Then select ‘application for new learner’s licence
  5. Fill out the application
  6. Press ‘next’
  7. Now, visit the scheduled RTO on the given date with the original documents and the fee slip.

Here are the email ids to reach RTO Kolkata: