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Car Insurance Plans

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Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Claim

Buying your dream car does not end your responsibility. Rather, to safeguard your vehicle and to offer optimum security to it, you need to buy a motor insurance plan which will protect it from different types of unforeseen perils that it is exposed to such as accidents, theft, burglary, fire, natural calamities and so on. While a wide range of insurance companies in India offer car insurance plans with different variants and varied benefits, Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Plans are one of the good options. 

After buying a car insurance policy, it is very important to know about the claim process so that whenever required you can avail of a smooth claim process. For your better understanding, all the information related to the Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance claim process has been discussed below.

Claim Process of Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance

By following the easy below steps, you can file a claim for Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Plans without any hassle.

  • As soon as the incident occurs, you need to intimate the insurer first. You can register the claim online by visiting their official website or you can call on their toll-free number to do the same. For registering a claim, you need to provide the following information and documents to the insurer.
    1. Contact number
    2. Engine and chassis number
    3. Date and time of the accident
    4. Description and location of the accident
    5. Vehicle inspection address
    6. Kilometer reading
  • Once you have registered your Car Insurance claim successfully, you will receive a unique Claim Reference number on behalf of the company’s customer support executive. You will be intimated over SMS about the exact status of your claim. You can also call the insurer on their Toll-Free Number and provide the Claim Reference Number to know your car insurance claim status.
  • After registration, you should move your vehicle to the garage from the accident spot or breakdown point or have it towed to avoid any further damage. In the event of theft, file a complaint in writing with the police and intimate the insurer on their Toll-Free Number. If your vehicle is not found within 90 days, you need to ask the police to issue a Non-Traceable Report and then hand over the report to Bajaj Allianz.
  • On the basis of the nature of your car insurance claim, you need to submit a copy of the required documents to your preferred garage/dealer to have them tallied with the originals. In that case, a surveyor might be appointed on behalf of the company. If the car’s damage is not severe, the better option is to avail of the company’s Motor OTS (On The Spot) service. Through this, the company will settle the claim within 20 minutes with the Caringly Yours App’s Motor On The Spot (OTS) feature.
  • If no discrepancy is found, the company will repair your car in the network garage of your choice and will deliver it to your doorstep. The company will pay the claim amount to the network garage directly and you only have to pay the voluntary excess as mentioned in the policy and the depreciation value as informed by the surveyor.
  • If any discrepancy is found in your claim, the company will intimate you about the same through call, SMS, email, or post.

NOTE – For any kind of roadside assistance, you can also call on their toll-free number that is available 24×7. This service is only available for the customers who have opted for this feature within their Car Insurance policy.

Offline Processes of Filing a Claim For Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company has also kept its door open for those customers who are more comfortable with the offline process of car claim filing. To know about the offline process, you can avail of any of the below procedures.

  • You can directly write to them via email ( for registering the claim. Their executives will contact you shortly.
  • You can also call on their toll-free number 1800-209-5858 for the same and their customer executives will guide you through the claim process smoothly.
  •  For a more convenient offline process, you can directly visit the nearest branch of the company and ask for their help.

Required Documents For Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Claim

The required documents for a car insurance claim for Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company are as follows:

For Accidental Damages:

  • Proof of insurance policy / Cover note copy 
  • Copy of Registration Book, Tax Receipt 
  • Copy of Motor Driving Licence of the person driving the vehicle at the time 
  • Police panchanama/FIR (In case of Third Party property damage /Death / Body injury)
  • Estimate for repairs from the repairer where the vehicle is to be repaired 
  • Repair bills and payment receipts after the job is completed 
  • Claims discharge-cum-satisfaction voucher signed across a Revenue Stamp

For Theft Cases:

  • Claim form duly filled and signed by the insured 
  • Original Policy document 
  • Original Registration Book/Certificate and Tax Payment Receipt 
  • Previous insurance details – Policy No, insuring Office/Company, period of insurance 
  • All the sets of keys/Service Booklet/Warranty Card 
  • Police Panchanama/ FIR and Final Investigation Report 
  • Acknowledged copy of a letter addressed to RTO intimating theft and making vehicle “NON-USE” 
  • Form 28, 29, and 30 signed by the insured 
  • Letter of Subrogation 
  • Consent towards agreed claim settlement value from you and Financer 
  • NOC of the Financer if the claim is to be settled in your favor.
  • Blank and undated “Vakalatnama” 
  • Claim Discharge Voucher signed across a Revenue Stamp.

How To Download Motor Claim Form For Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance?

You can easily download the motor claim form for Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company by following the below easy steps.

  • Go to the official website of the company.
  • On the top of the homepage, you will find the ‘Claim’ tab. Click on that.
  • On the landing page, go to the bottom of the page and there you will find the Motor Claim option under the ‘Please download the claim form below’ tab. 
  • Click on that and your job is done. 
  • In the same way, you can also download the Mandate Form Direct Loss Payment.