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fiat car insurance

Car Insurance Plans

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Fiat Car Insurance

Fiat is a vehicle and motor assembling enterprise, a business and mechanical association that began in Italy. The word FIAT is really an abbreviation wherein F represents Fabbrica, I for Italiana, A for Automobili, and T for Torino. The sentence Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino is in the Italian language and means the Italian Automobile Factory of Turin.

After being found in the year 1899, Fiat went on to achieve several remarkable feats in the car manufacturing industry and attained the status of one of the biggest Industrial companies in 1910, an honor that they have managed to retain to date.

A car is not just a vehicle to make your lives and travel easy, it is a dream, an emotion. Most people purchase a car from their hard-earned money after years of patience and toil. It would be unfortunate if this fruit of labor was to come to some harm. Hence, it is vital that you get your vehicle insured at the right time and with the right organization to prevent any conceivable damage to your car.

Fiat At A Glance

Company Name Fiat Automobiles
Parent Organization Stellantis
Date of Founding 11 July 1899
Founder Giovanni Agnelli
Location of Head Office Turin, Italy
Region Assisted Worldwide
Products offered Automobiles and electric vehicles‎
Subsidiaries Lancia, FCA India Automobiles

From A Wide Range, Here Are Top 5 Fiat Car Models

  1. Fiat Punto – The Fiat Punto is a premium choice as it provides just the right balance between handling and comfort. It’s also extremely stylish, making it a top choice.
  1. Fiat Linea – The Fiat Linea has a reputation for having an impressive interior and a resolute exterior that is available in five color choices. This one-of-a-kind sedan offered by Fiat is charged by three sturdy engines.
  1. Fiat Urban cross – The Fiat Urban Cross is known for its rich-in innovations cabin and robust petrol engines. The size is perfect for both in the city as well as for weekend getaways.
  1. Fiat Avventura – The Fiat Avventura is sought after as it comes with a strong yet fuel-efficient engine and attractive floor beds. With an overall stylish look and feel, the car is quite a favorite.
  1. Abarth – The Fiat Abarth stands apart with its responsive and sturdy petrol engine that is paired for mechanical transmission. You can purchase it for anywhere between 29.85- 30 Lakhs.

Why Is Getting Car Insurance Important For Your Fiat Vehicle?

A car is a very expensive type of machinery. For several people, getting a car means spending a large amount of their hard-earned money and/or availing of loans. Thus, it is understandable that an asset this costly needs to be protected against any possible harm.

A car is susceptible to damage from something as small as a simple human error to as big as a road accident. In such a scenario, having your Fiat car insured against such possible damages can prove to be a very smart and prudent decision. This insurance will save your pocket from bearing the brunt of any possible unfortunate incident by supporting the expenses to your loss. Thus, it’s wise and necessary for every car owner to invest in good insurance for their vehicle.

What A Conventional Automobile Insurance Policy Typically Includes And Excludes?

What a car insurance policy will cover or exclude generally varies from insurer to insurer but there are some commonalities that are usually found in all policies. Some of them are listed below:

  • Act of God (natural disasters) – A regular automobile policy cover will also usually be responsible for protecting your vehicle against possible damages that can be incurred from uncertain disasters caused by nature such as floods, earthquakes, etc.
  • Personal accident cover – An effective car insurance policy will provide financial assistance to your/your family in case you are injured in an accident. This helps in reducing your financial burden at a time when you need it most.
  • Man-made disasters – This clause protects your vehicle against possible dangers caused by human activities.
  • Theft – If your car was stolen, a claim can be filed for an amount as stated to be paid in such an event in your policy.
  • Insurance against third-party liabilities – If it so happens that a third party sustains damage due to your actions, you can have the claims covered by your policy.

Apart from these inclusions, you can upgrade your automobile insurance cover by picking add-ons at an elevated premium.

The perils and circumstances that are not included in your car insurance cover are called exclusions. More often than not, these are clearly stated in your insurance documents. It is vital that you know what is not covered in your policy so as to avoid confusion and chaos at the time of claiming insurance.

Following are some possible damages that are never covered by an insurance policy-

  • Any harm caused while the car was used for illegal purposes
  • Damages incurred while under the influence of any intoxicants
  • Not having proper documentation or driver’s license while driving.
  • Driving before the car insurance policy has become active.
  • Any regular service chargers
  • Damages incurred due to negligence of the driver.

Get An Instant Upgrade With Add-Ons For Your Insurance Policy

Every person has a different set of priorities when it comes to investing in an automobile policy. If your comprehensive policy cover does not include something you want, worry not, for you can hand-pick add-ons and upgrade the policy cover to suit your needs better. Below we have compiled a list of some possible options that you can add to your insurance cover:

  • Roadside Aid Cover – Even if you take the best possible care of your vehicle, there is still a possibility of it breaking down or sustaining some technical damage. Having roadside assistance added to your Fiat car insurance can help avert trouble in this circumstance.
  • Zero Depreciation Cover– It is a known fact that all machinery, including automobiles, depreciates with time. To get full compensation while making a claim on your Fiat car insurance, without having to subtract the depreciated value, you can get the zero-depreciation add-on.
  • Engine Protection – This add-on helps to safeguard the most vital part of your car – the engine. It is especially recommended to those who live in areas that are prone to natural calamities or where the climate and lifestyle can be detrimental to the health of the car engine.
  • Discount in Case No Claim is Made – This is a rather beneficial add-on that enables the insured to renew their Fiat car insurance policy at a discounted rate if they do not make a claim in the existing policy’s time period.

Benefits Of Taking The Online Route With Car Insurance

  • Easy Comparisons: You get the opportunity to compare several policies and insurers before making any firm commitment.

  • Deals and offers – Having compared a number of deals and insurers, you are bound to get the best offer available in the market.

  • Minimum need for paperwork: Online purchase of policy saves you from all the hassle of filling out paperwork and saves the environment by not wasting paper.

  • Convenient: With the blessing of the internet, you can compare and buy the best policy anytime, anywhere, and with minimal effort.

  • Saves time: You can purchase or renew your insurance policy cover online within a few clicks and get it ready instantly.

Types Of Plans You Can Invest In For Your Fiat Vehicle

  • Third-party insurance – This is the generic kind of insurance that is cost-efficient. Since it is not possible to drive your vehicle without any insurance, you must invest in at least a third-party insurance that secures you against basic accidental or third-party damage. This is a very fundamental cover and is not sufficient to extend proper protection to your vehicle against all possible crises.
  • Comprehensive insurance – A comprehensive insurance, just as the name suggests, offers all-round coverage against any possible harm to your automobile. While it may be a more expensive alternative, it is highly recommended. It also comes with a choice to adjoin additional benefits that can help protect you and your loved ones too.

Wondering Where To Go For Purchasing Fiat Car Insurance? Go Probus

Yes, Probus, an excellent portal for you to find, compare and buy the best and most automobile insurance coverage. Probus is a one-stop, hassle-free option to get your dream policy. Here are some features that you can avail on Probus:

  1. Effortless comparison of plans – You get the opportunity to compare several policies on the Probus website from the comfort of your house before finally making a well-thought-out decision.
  1. Expert advice available – At Probus, we have experienced and IRDA Certified experts that will guide you to assess your needs and to compare the plans accordingly. They will be there to assist you throughout the process, helping you with everything ranging from documentation to payment plans, thereby making your insurance policy purchasing experience joyful and easy.
  1. Claim Assistance – The time of making a claim is stressful as is, so Probus makes the claim process as easy and effortless as possible. The efficient claiming team will be there to assist you from step one to when you finally receive your claim.
  1. Safety and Privacy – The privacy and security of the policyholders are taken very seriously and thus leave no stone unturned in guarding all data with utmost diligence.
  1. Free calculator – Buying a policy requires a lot of calculations that must be pointed and precise. Therefore, you get a premium calculator free of charge on the website for your convenience during the time of purchasing and comparing policies.

Steps To Buy Fiat Car Insurance Online On Probus Online

Step 1: Visit the Probus portal and click on ‘buy new insurance’

Step 2: On the following page you will find a list of insurers for you to pick and choose from.

Step 3: Once you click on the insurer of your choice, you will be redirected to their page. Take the necessary steps by following the given instructions.

Step 4: Make the payment through a secure portal.

Step 5: Congratulations! You are all done. You can now check your email for your confirmation and your brand-new Fiat Car Insurance.

Renewal Has Never Been Easier Than On The Probus Portal

Your motor insurance should always be active. Make sure You’re mindful of the expiry date of your policy and renew it timely to ensure that no harm comes to you or your vehicle. You can follow the simple steps stated below to renew your policy at Probus-

Step 1: Log on to the Probus website and click on ‘renew’ and select the provider of your previous insurance policy.

Step 2: Now, enter the details, i.e., your vehicle registration number and policy number, etc.

Step 3: That’s it, you can now begin the renewal at Probus.

NOTE – Ensure you renew your insurance cover about one week before the previous policy ceases to be. Also, do take note of the terms and conditions before signing on the documents of your car insurance policy.

Steps To Claim Your Fiat Car Insurance Policy Cover

You can use the following steps to avail your quick and easy claims:

Step 1: Inform your insurance provider about the incident.

Step 2: You must now file an FIR in case the incident calls for it, it’s not mandatory.

Step 3: Make available the documentation and other evidence as asked or stated by the insurer. It is vital that you send all that is asked for properly and well within time to make the process quick and efficient.

Step 4: The insurance company will now evaluate the damage.

Step 5: If the repair work is undertaken at a cashless garage, then the claim will be directly settled with the garage; if not, the money will be reimbursed to you after approval. As soon as your claim gets approved, you will receive the agreed upon compensation.

Know Your Premium Calculation

The premium varies based on certain factors like age of the vehicle, where the vehicle was purchased, damages caused, the car make and model, the safety features, the coverage, the frequency of claims, etc. The following table will give you an idea of what premiums will look like for your Fiat vehicle.

Fiat model Third party Comprehensive IdvEx showroom price 
Fiat Punto eco 1.3 active 1248cc58418201229830574576
Fiat Linea 1.3 classic 1248 cc61328492278906697266
Fiat UNO Trend 1.2 1242 cc51687528116260290649
Fiat Avventura 1.3 emotion 1248 cc63688728318680796699
Fiat Abarth 595 competizione 1368 cc108311307310710762677691

*Disclaimer: The insurer used for this calculation is ICICI Lombard Insurance. The place of registration used to calculate these premiums is Jaipur, the year of purchase used is 2016, Based on your specifics, the rates may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about Fiat Car

A third-party insurance cover provides coverage against only third party loss or damages and will mostly not be a good enough protection thus it is recommended to invest in a good comprehensive plan.

Add-ons prove to be wise and prudent in the long run. They might add to the cost in the present, but they will also indefinitely add to the benefits as availed in a future time of crisis.