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hyundai car insurance

Car Insurance Plans

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Hyundai Car Insurance

About Hyundai

Established in 1967, Hyundai is a multinational automobile manufacturer with its headquarters in Seoul. Hyundai cars are hugely popular in India, where it is the country’s second-largest manufacturer. Its wide selection of cars guarantees something for every budget.

Hyundai Car Insurance at a Glance

With so many options to get insurance for your Hyundai car, you get the following advantages.


What you get

Variants coveredAll variants manufactured by Hyundai can be covered by car insurance.
Third-party liability and comprehensive coverageBased on your requirements, you can choose from third-party liability only cover and comprehensive cover, which includes third-party liability as well as own damage covers.
Personal accident coverIn the event of an accident, up to INR 15 lakh is given to the owner-driver under the personal accident cover.
Add-onsChoose from a list of add-ons to enhance protection to your Hyundai car.
Online purchaseYou can purchase your policy online with a few clicks and minimal paperwork.
Easy claim redressalSimple claims procedure ensures swift redressal and quick disbursement of funds.
Towing facilitiesYou can avail of towing facilities if your car breaks down.

Why Purchase Hyundai Car Insurance?

Buying a car can be a moment of great joy. One of the best things a car owner does to preserve that feeling is to insure it. By purchasing insurance, you are essentially safeguarding your car and yourself against expenses during unforeseen circumstances. Hyundai car insurance provides the policyholder with multiple benefits.

  • You can easily research, compare, and purchase your Hyundai car insurance policy online.
  • Third-party liability cover protects you against expenses from legal liability if a third person, property, or vehicle is involved. Third-party liability only covers and does not protect against expenses from damage to one’s own car.
  • Comprehensive cover provides third-party liability as well as own damage cover, which protects against expenses arising from damage to your car in the event of an accident.
  • If a policy term sees no claim filed by the policyholder, then you are eligible for a no-claim bonus of between 20% and 50% discount on your renewal premium.
  • Personal accident cover protects the owner-driver for up to INR 15 lakh in the event of injury or death in an accident.
  • You can choose a personal accident cover for unnamed passengers in your car for an additional premium.
  • A wide range of network garages means you can avail of the cashless claim facility for your Hyundai car.
  • Online purchases and renewals let you quickly secure your policy and keep your car insured without a break.
  • You can select from a range of add-ons to enhance coverage for your Hyundai car.
  • Hyundai car insurance policies offer a quick and seamless claims procedure.

What's Included In Hyundai Car Insurance Cover?

Some of the standard inclusions for Hyundai car insurance are:

  • Third-party liability coverage for property damage of up to INR 7.5 lakh
  • Natural disasters like cyclones, floods, thunderstorms, hailstorms, earthquakes, inundation, landslides
  • Self-ignition and fire
  • Lightning
  • Theft and burglary, housebreaking
  • Man-made disasters like strikes and riots.
  • Damage during transit via air, road, inland waterway, or railway.
  • Personal accident cover for owner-driver and co-passenger if opted for.
  • Inclusions for any add-on that you opt for.

Exclusion: What's Not Included With Hyundai Car Insurance Cover?

Hyundai car insurance policies have some standard exclusions. They are:

  • Loss of or damage to the vehicle due to negligence
  • The deliberate loss of or damage to the vehicle
  • Driving without a valid license
  • Driving while under influence of alcohol and/or other intoxicants
  • Nuclear radiation
  • War and war-like situations
  • Damage or loss incurred outside India
  • General wear and tear
  • Consequential loss due to previous damage
  • Mechanical and electrical failure

The Add-On Options You Get With Hyundai Car Insurance?

Different insurance companies provide different add-ons for your Hyundai car. But some of the most popular add-ons that are commonly bought are:



Nil depreciation coverThis add-on covers the difference between the depreciated and actual amounts of your car’s spare parts that are replaced during a claim.
No-claim bonus coverNo claim bonuses provide discounts on renewal premiums when a claim has not been made in the previous term. But you could lose the bonus if you file a claim. With the no-claim bonus cover, you can protect the bonus discount that you may have accumulated over the years.
Engine protectionThis add-on covers the expenses arising from repairs to the damage of your Hyundai car’s engine.
Return to invoiceThis add-on bridges the gap between your Hyundai car’s insured declared value and its invoice value.
Roadside assistanceWith this cover, you can avail of roadside assistance and towing facilities if your Hyundai car is incapacitated.
Cost of consumablesConsumables like engine oil, gearbox oil, nuts, and bolts, etc. are covered by this add-on.
Accessories coverThis add-on protects against the cost arising from loss of or damage to your Hyundai car’s accessories.
Key replacementThis add-on covers the cost of replacing a key if it is lost or stolen.
Personal accident and passenger coverPersonal accident cover is provided to owner-driver and passenger in the event of injury or death in an accident.

What Are The Benefits Of Renewing My Hyundai Car Insurance Online?

The Internet has been a boon when it comes to gaining knowledge and information.

  • You can research and compare different policies before purchasing or renewing so you get the best deal.
  • Easy payment options mean you don’t need to carry around a bulk of cash to pay your premium. You don’t even need to step out of the house to renew your policy.
  • Renewing your policy online involves minimal paperwork. Since all your documents are already available with your insurance provider, you don’t need to worry about the additional hassle of submitting physical paperwork.
  • Time is money. By renewing your policy online, you save on the time that may have otherwise been spent traveling to the insurance office and waiting till it was your turn to make the payment.
  • Renewing your policy online is convenient. Since it’s quick, you can renew your Hyundai car insurance policy whenever you find the time.

How Does Probus Help You Buy A New Hyundai Car Insurance Policy Online?

With so many choices in insurance policies out there, it can get overwhelming and a little confusing when you have to do it on your own. Probus makes the process easier by providing you with all the information you need while purchasing an car insurance policy without making it perplexing.

Probus presents a concise comparison of the insurance plans from different providers, along with the add-ons they offer, and an estimate of the premium based on your selections. You can choose the plan best for you and make the payment to purchase your policy.

How Can You Purchase Or Renew Hyundai Car Insurance Policy Online?

To purchase your Hyundai car insurance policy online, you can choose one of the following options.

Purchase via Probus

  1. Visit Probus
  2. Fill in your basic details – name, contact details, the brand and variant of your car, year of its registration, its place of registration, and fuel type.
  3. You will get a list of the companies that provide insurance for your Hyundai car. You can check the coverage, inclusions, and exclusions. You can also compare policies before deciding which one is best suited for you.
  4. Select any add-ons if you want.
  5. Complete the payment on the payment page and receive the policy in your email inbox.

Why Should You Renew Your Hyundai Car Insurance?

The Motor Vehicles Act, which was passed in 1988, mandates that every vehicle using Indian roads must be insured by a third-party liability cover. Any other cover beyond that is the choice of the owner. If at any time, you are caught driving an uninsured vehicle, legal action will be taken. Hence, to remain safe, ensure that there is no gap in your policy coverage and renew your Hyundai car insurance at the earliest.

What Is The Renewal Process For Hyundai Car Insurance Policies?

To renew the car insurance policy for your Hyundai car, simply fill the online form and provide your contact details. A representative will get in touch with you for the following documents and details:

  • The name of the policyholder
  • Email address
  • Mobile and/or landline number
  • Manufacturing company
  • Model
  • Variant
  • Place of registration
  • Year of registration
  • Registration number of the car
  • Details of the previous policy
    • Policy number
    • Newly purchased or renewed
    • Name of the insurance company.

What Is The Step-By-Step Claims Process?

To file a claim with your insurance provider:

  1. Call the customer care and intimate the company of an impending claim
  2. Take pictures of the car at the site and record details of the witnesses. If a third person is involved, exchange your insurance details, and inform your insurance provider of the third-party involvement.
  3. File an FIR with the nearest police station that has jurisdiction over the area where the accident took place, or the car was stolen. In case of theft, the police will issue a no-trace certificate if they are unable to find the car.
  4. Take your car to the nearest garage where a surveyor appointed by the insurance company will determine the extent of the damage.
  5. Fill in the claims form and attach all relevant documents.
  6. Submit the form and documents for processing with your insurance provider.
  7. If the car was taken to a network garage, the claim will be settled directly. If not, you will need to pay, and then the amount will be reimbursed to you by the insurance company.

Premium, Calculation And A Few Examples

A premium is an amount charged by the insurance provider to secure your policy. A number of factors go into determining the amount. It takes into account your car’s insured declared value, age, place of registration, make and model, and your age and place of residence.

The amount you pay as a premium will vary with each policy term and the type of coverage. If you opt only for a third-party liability cover, then your premium will be lower than that for a comprehensive one. If you pick add-ons, your premium amount increases accordingly. Therefore, you must only choose the add-ons that you require after careful consideration. Many companies offer discounts and no-claim bonuses which can help bring down the premium amount.

Top Hyundai Car Models With Premium Cost

Hyundai Model

Third Party


Comprehensive + 0 depreciation


Hyundai Graind i10 NIOS Magna 1.2 Kappa VtvtRs. 3,801.00Rs. 7,198.00Rs. 10,494.002.92 lakhs
Hyundai i20 1.2 SportzRs. 3,801.00Rs. 7,340.00Rs. 11,621.003.04 lakhs
Hyundai Verna Crdi Sx 1.6N/ARs. 16,240.00Rs. 27,142.005.69 lakhs
Hyundai Creta 1.6 vtvtRs. 9,310.00Rs. 15,156.00Rs. 17,880.004.8 lakhs
Hyundai Xcent Prime T crdiRs. 3,801.00Rs. 7,462.00Rs. 12,476.003.15 lakhs

*Disclaimer: The insurer used for this calculation is Tata AIG General Insurance. The place of registration used to calculate these premiums is Mumbai, Maharashtra, and the year of purchase used is 2017. Based on your specifics, the rates may vary.

Hyundai Car FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers about on Hyundai Motors insurance

With Probus, it will only take a few minutes to renew your Hyundai car insurance policy. Just fill in your details, choose your policy provider, select any add-ons if you want, and make the premium payment. The policy document will reach your email address in no time.

Yes, To avoid legal penalties, keep your car’s registration certificate, your insurance certificate, and the pollution under control or PUC certificate. You should also keep your driver’s license on hand every time you drive your Hyundai car.

Indian law makes it a legal offense to drive without a third-party liability cover. With the Motor Vehicle Act in effect, your car must be insured at all times.

IDV or insured declared value is the amount that the insurance company will pay you if your car is stolen or in the event of total damage in an accident. This value is determined after subtracting the depreciation amount from the invoice amount of your car.

You can avail of a no-claim bonus, a discount if you are a member of an automobile association, and if your car is installed with an approved anti-theft device.

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