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datsun car insurance

Car Insurance Plans

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Datsun Car Insurance

Datsun is a popular motor vehicle manufacturer known for making affordable cars. Its beginning dates back to 1914. Nissan took over in 1933 with the intent to assemble an inexpensive yet strong car for the young, first-time purchasers and driving enthusiasts. Datsun began its operation in India in 2014 with the GO hatchback. The Renault – Nissan plant, located in Chennai, manufactures the Datsun car prototypes.

Brief Glance At Datsun

Industry Automobiles
Owner Nissan Motor Company
Founded 1931
History Discontinued (1986)
Re-launched (2013)
Deals in India Since 2014 with the Datsun GO hatchback
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Key people Found of Nissan – Yoshisuke Ayukawa President of Nissan – Katsuji Kawamata
Area served
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Russia
  • South Africa
Registered office and manufacturing plant India Nissan Motors India Pvt Ltd Chennai
Products Cars, and light trucks

Five Attractive Datsun Car Prototypes In Popular Demand

Datsun offers 3 new car models in India and 2 forthcoming ones yet to be launched.

At present, there are two hatchbacks: Datsun Redi Go and Datsun Go and one MUV/Multi-Utility Vehicle Datsun Go Plus on the Indian roads. The main advantages of Datsun cars are that they are reasonably priced, economical, and have high fuel effectiveness. Datsun also has an excellent sales and customer care system.

Name of modelVariantEx-Showroom Price, DelhiFuelMileageCubic Capacity of the engine
Datsun redi-GO Hatchback 5-seaterTRs. 3.83 LakhPetrol22 kmpl799 cc
Datsun redi-GO Hatchback 5-seaterT(O) – 1-Rs 4.44 LakhPetrol22 kmpl999 cc
Datsun GO Hatchback 5-seaterDRs. 4.02 LakhPetrol20 kmpl1198 cc
Datsun GO Hatchback 5-seater1.2ARs. 6.5 LakhPetrol20 kmpl1198 cc
Datsun GO Plus 7-seaterMUVDRs. 4.25 LakhPetrol19 kmpl1198 cc
Datsun GO Plus 7-seaterMUVT Optional CVTRs.6.99 LakhPetrol19 kmpl1198 cc
Datsun on DO Hatchback Rs. 4.00- 6 LakhExpected. Launch : Not Disclosed
Datsun Cross MUV Rs. 4.40 -6.5 LakhExpected. Launch : Not Disclosed

Ensure You Insure - Why It’s Important To Insure Your Datsun Car?

With innumerable road catastrophes happening every year in India, it is vital to have your car insured. Even if you drive with great caution, accidents may occur due to numerous unforeseen circumstances. Besides, your car is also exposed to damages as a result of natural disasters like flooding, volcanic tremors, hurricanes, tornados, hailstorms, and other such calamities. A good car insurance policy can help you safeguard your car from all such impairment, and at the same time afford protection against any legal answerability.

Also, as per the Indian Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, it is now obligatory for all car and other vehicle owners to possess third-party liability insurance, failure of which can incur fines and even imprisonment.

Benefits Of Procuring An Insurance Policy For Your Datsun Car

  • It will protect the passengers and driver of the car in case of an accident
  • Protects you from legal hassles and stops you from transgressing the Indian Motor Vehicles Act
  • It will bear the cost of damages due to natural and manmade calamities as covered by the policy purchased
  •  It will bear the cost of revamping or repairing the damage and replacing the losses due to wreckage and theft
  • You will become eligible to avail of a number of additional accompaniments or add-ons to augment your car’s security and performance
  • Since the purchase and renewal of insurance policies are digital and online, you will be spared hours of official and documental procedures.
  • Claim applications are deft and uncomplicated.

Ensure You Drive Safely As A Car Insurance Policy Comes With Certain Exclusions

  • Wearing and degradation due to everyday rough use
  • Malfunction of the car due to electrical (wiring and fuse) fault or mechanical reasons such as improper steering and brake system issues
  • Worn out tires leading to skidding
  • Driving without possession of an appropriate driving license
  • Driving when intoxicated by alcohol or any drugs
  • Unlawful and illegal use of the car such as racing, hire, transporting goods, etc.
  • Driving beyond permissible geographical borders and boundaries
  • Driving in war zones and other risks

Added Benefits For Your Datsun Car

Including a nominal extra premium to your car insurance policy will let you enjoy the advantages of the following unique add-ons

  • Zero Depreciation – Also known bumper to bumper cover, this add-on guarantees that in case of a collision the entire claim amount will be paid, and no depreciation will be subtracted for wear and tear of any parts (glass, fiber, or rubber).
  • Engine Protection – This safeguard must be considered by buyers who live in flood-prone areas to prevent the heavy cost of repair in case the car gets submerged, and the engine is damaged as a result
  • NCB (no claim bonus) – If you drive cautiously, you can get a 20%-50% NCB for every successive claim-free year. Though, if you make a claim, your discounts will be returned to zero.
  • Passenger Cover – This add-on offers a financial safeguard to the persons in the car against death or disability due to an accident. Starting from Rs.10,000 it can increase depending on the severity of the injury.

If your car has ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) approved anti-theft appliance, you can get a further discount of up to 2.5% on your own damage premium.

Membership of the recognized Automobile Associations of India can make you eligible for an extra discount, depending on the insurer.

Types of Coverage Available For Datsun Car

There are two categories of car insurance schemes for Datsun cars:

  • Third-party liability only insurance
  • Comprehensive/standard insurance

The Benefits Of The Covers

Third-Party Liability only Car Insurance (Mandatory)Comprehensive/Standard Car Insurance (Optional)
  • According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, it is required to compulsorily purchase a third-party insurance
  • Provides coverage against damage to third-party property/ injury or life
  • Third-party insurance gives restricted coverage
  • It does not allow the purchase of add-on safeguards
  • It does not include the car owners own damage.
  • In addition to third-party liability coverage, a comprehensive car insurance policy safeguards your vehicle against own damage
  • Compensates for damage to the vehicle and injury/accidental death of the driver or the owner of the car
  • Protects against damage because of natural calamities such as cyclones, earthquakes, floods, etc. and due to man-made catastrophes, such as vandalism, riots, fires, etc.
  • It allows the car owner to purchase add-ons to improve car safety and performance
  •  Safeguards against the thievery/wreckage of the insured car. The insurance provider will recompense the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the car.

Looking To Purchase Insurance? Why The Probus Portal Should Be Your First Choice

Are you looking for a reliable insurance provider for your Datsun? Your search ends with Probus, an aggregator company that can provide all the necessary assistance.

  • Probus aids in the choice of the insurance plan that suits you by an instant comparison of different insurance plans on the website
  • The Probus team of experts are always available to furnish absolutely up to date, balanced estimation and advice to clear queries of prospective customers and help them purchase a plan that best suits them
  • The Probus Claims Support Team (IRDA certified) assists in the filing of claims-making the process simple and uncomplicated
  • Instead of spending precious time checking out different car insurance providers, customers can register directly with Probus on its website and be guided effortlessly to buy the best insurance online. 
  • Probus offers valuable information on discounts to save on premiums
  • Probus proffers an online insurance premium calculator absolutely free
  • Probus respects customer privacy. All personal information and data of customers are secure.

How To Buy Datsun Car Insurance On The Probus Website?

Here are the steps to purchase online car insurance for your Datsun:

  1. Log into the Probus website and select the option that displays ‘car insurance’
  2. To buy online car insurance for a new car, click the option ‘new car’.
  3. You will be asked to provide personal data as well as information regarding your car like:
    • Car model and car registration year.
    • The RTO where your car is registered
    • Your 10-digit mobile number and e-mail ID
  4. Now select the ‘compare quotes’ option
  5. A new page will show you car insurance comparisons online. Select the policy of your choice and any add-ons in case of a comprehensive cover
  6. Check out the premiums and make a final choice
  7. The final premium quote will be displayed
  8. Make the payment through a secure gateway to receive your policy document in your mailbox

Purchasing an online insurance policy for your car from a mediator such as Probus makes the process stress-free, economical with easy renewal options, simple claim procedures, and the added benefits of online discounts.

Renewing A Datsun Car Insurance On The Probus Portal

Car Insurance is only applicable for a year. It must be renewed within 30 days of expiry failing which it will lapse which is an offence as it is obligatory to have a valid car insurance policy before it is driven on the road.

Steps By Step Assistance For Car Insurance Renewal

  1. Provide the following car information which will enable the insurance provider to calculate the insurance premium
    • Car make and model
    • Car registration number, registration date, registration city,
    • Owner’s name
    • No-claim bonus eligibility
  1. Make a comparison of quotes offered by different companies.
  2. Select add-ons.
  3. The final renewal premium will be displayed.
  4. Revise the data carefully and make the payment online.
  5. The policy is renewed immediately if it is within the expiry date. You will receive the document in your mailbox.

Claims Process For Car Insurance For Your Datsun Vehicle

In case of an accident

  • Once you notify the insurance company, they will immediately send a surveyor to assess the situation after which your car can be taken for repairs to an approved garage.
  • The supporting documents will be needed for approval of a claim.
  • The cost of repair will be sent directly to the garage as a cashless settlement.
  • In case of a non-cashless policy, the owner will receive a reimbursement of the money spent on repairs in the account number mentioned in the policy.
  • If the claim concerns a third-party liability an FIR and the claim form needs to be submitted.
  • The third-party claims are tackled in the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal. The third-party must file for the claim in the tribunal.

Premium And What You Need To Know About Its Calculation

The insurance premium is the sum of money the insured has to pay to his insurance provider company for providing cover on the vehicle. It can be paid monthly, half-yearly, or annually, depending on the car insurance company. Premium depends on a number of factors such as geographic areas (degree of risk of accidents), type, age, the use of the car and also driving record of the owner.

Premiums for Datsun Car Models

(Own damage cover for 1 year and 3rd party cover for 3 years)

Car MakeEx Showroom price (Lakh)Cubic Capacity (CC)Pin codeIDV (in Rs.)Premium (incl 18% GST)
Datsun redi-GO T3.8379956000127811314839
Datsun redi-GO T(O) – 1-4.4499956000132160016122
Datsun GO D4.02119856000131383521367
Datsun GO 1.2A6.5119856000131383521367
Datsun GO Plus D4.25119856000147654326410
Datsun GO Plus T Optional CVT6.99119856000159252530004
Datsun on DO Hatchback4.00 – 6Expected launch: Not disclosed
Datsun Cross MUV4.40 – 6.5

*Disclaimer: The above calculation is from Bajaj Allianz General Insurance company & based upon registration city – Bengaluru, registration year – 2021 and petrol fuel type cars. The insurance price may vary on the basis of customer requirement or add-on selected..

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about Datsun Car Insurance

Lapse in the renewal of your car insurance policy is punishable by fine as the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 demands that all road-worthy vehicles must be insured. You need to renew your policy immediately because during the lapsed period any kind of damage cannot be protected by the insurance company.

To renew a car insurance policy, you can avail of the services of a reliable negotiator such as Probus who will take care of surveying, inspection, premium calculation, etc. The Policy should be renewed within 90 days, or you will lose your NCB and other discounts. Probus ensures that its buyers receive reminders promptly for policy renewals and other matters.

Buying add-ons results in a hike in car insurance premiums but they also safeguard you from massive loss of money in case of an accident or disaster. The most sensible add-ons are – engine protector, return to invoice and zero depreciation. But you can pick and choose depending on your needs.

It is estimated that the larger the engine size and capacity the greater the risk of accidents, especially with new drivers therefore if engine capacity (cc) increases so will the premium charged.

It is advisable that you revise very carefully every detail of information in your application for a car insurance policy. Any wrong information, even a spelling error in your name or incorrect chassis number can result in your policy becoming invalid.