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Driving Licence (Sarathi) in Karnataka

Owing to the terrible crowd in trains and buses, it is comfortable to travel in your own vehicle. One would feel differently if they could ride miles without worrying of waiting for seats or standing in big queues. Having your own car is one thing and riding it is another. Riding bikes or cars has been a big craze among the youngster. However, it is mandatory for the individuals (who are riding car or bike) to hold a valid driving licence in order to legally drive in India. The rule is applicable across all the states in India including Karnataka. If you are a resident of Karnataka and haven’t made your driving licence yet, then you must definitely prepare one for you. The process of obtaining a driving licence in Karnataka is very simple; you just have to fill few applications, submit documents and pay the required amount. 

Different Types of Driving Licence in Karnataka?

In Karnataka, one can obtain a driving licence based on three important factors. There are driving license for:

  1. Motorcycles without gear:
  2. This category is for individuals who wish to drive a motorcycle without gear. This includes scooters or mopeds where engine capacity is not beyond 50 cc. In order to be eligible for this licence, the person should be at least 16 years of age.
  4. LMV or Light Motor Vehicles:
  5. This category fits to set of people who wish to drive light motor vehicles. These include car, more than 50 cc engine capacity bike and many more. In order for an individual to opt for this driving licence, he/she must have completed at least 18 years of age.
  7. Transport Vehicle:
  8. This type includes individuals who are interested in driving heavy motor vehicles. Vehicles such as truck, lorry, etc fall in this category. A person should at least complete 20 years of age.

What is the Eligibility Criteria To Avail Driving Licence in Karnataka?

  1. In order to avail Driving Licence in Karnataka, one must fall under below-mentioned category:
  2. A person must be at least 18 years of age in order to obtain a permanent driving licence in Karnataka.
  3. Procurement of learning licence is a must. Learning licence can be obtained from age 16 or 18 years itself
  4. As soon as you receive a learner’s licence, you can opt for the permanent driving licence only after the next 30 days. One can procure permanent driving licence within 180 days since the learner’s licence date of issue.
  5. Basic traffic rules and regulations knowledge is must to obtain Sarathi in Karnataka.

How to Apply For Driving Licence in Karnataka?

An applicant who wants to have a driving licence or Sarathi in Karnataka should first apply for learner licence and then apply for permanent driving licence (after 30 days). For this, one needs to visit the nearest driving licence (Sarathi) office and fill the required documents (you could also download the form). Onceall the documents are filled; the applicant will be redirected for a preliminary test. This is to ensure that the applicant is aware of road rules and regulations and required traffic laws. After passing this test, a learner licence’s will be given.

After obtaining learner’s licence, the procedure is quite easy. The learner’s licence would be applicable for a duration of six months. An applicant can produce a permanent licence, only after 1 month of receiving learner’s licence, meanwhile, the person is expected to practice on road and ground. One could consider any available slot timings after one month of practising to go for the practical test.

Procedure to Apply For Driving Licence in Karnataka?

Before obtaining a driving licence (or Sarathi) one must obtain a learner’s licence, after which the applicant would be eligible for permanent driving licence.   There are two processes for obtaining a driving licence in Karnataka. The online process consists of the following steps: 1)    Go to 2)    On the left side, click on learning licence 3)    Click on Sarathi 3, wherein you will be redirected to 4)    Complete the form with essential details 5)    Upload all the documents 6)    You will be directed to pay fees 7)    After paying fees, visit RTO (Regional Transport Office) in Karnataka to book Learner Licence test slot 8)    Take the test 9)    Pass the test and receive a learner’s licence

Follow the below-mentioned steps for the offline process:

1)    Visit the nearest RTO (Regional Transport Office) in Karnataka. Collect application form or directly download the form

2)    Fill the form and produce it to RTO along with all the required documents

3)    Pay the fees

4)    Book a slot for learner licence test as per your availability

5)    Visit RTO and give the test

6)    After passing the LL test, the learner license is issued.

What Are the Documents Required to Apply For Driving Licence in Karnataka?

Before obtaining a permanent driving licence, a learner’s license is a must. Following are the documents required for obtaining a learner’s license:

1) Age-proof documents( anyone) including:

i)              Voter’s ID

ii)             Certificate of Birth

iii)            PAN

iv)            Passport

v)             LC or School Leaving Certificate

2) Address proof documents (anyone)including:

i)             Passport

ii)            Ration card

iii)           Utility Bills (Light bill, Maintenance bill,etc)

iv)            Life insurance policy

v)             Pay slip by central or state government

3)    Other documents

ii)             Passport size photographs

iii)            Application Fees (Rs.150)

iv)             LL test fees(Rs. 50)

After obtaining learner’s licence, the applicant could receive a permanent driving licence, after 1 month of obtaining LL.

i)               Filled application form 

Driving Licence in Karnataka FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers about Driving Licence in Karnataka

1. How to apply for learning driving license?

The procedure for obtaining a driving licence is simple.

· An applicant must fill the required application form

· Submit all the essential documents

· Pay the application and learner’s licence test fees

· Visit RTO to give the test

· After passing the test, the applicant can get their driving licence ready.

2. How to renew driving licence in Karnataka?

After 30 days from the expiry date of driving licence, an application could be made for renewal of driving licence. For that, the applicant needs to do the needful:

·    Fill Application form 9

·    Fill Form- 1 for physical fitness and for applicant above the age of 50, Form –A has to be submitted as medical certificate form.

·    Submit passport size photographs (4), driving licence form (original), stamp postal cover which is self-addressed (in this address the driving licence would be send).

·   A fee of Rs. 250 needs to be paid along with these documents. In case the renewal takes place after 30 days, an additional Rs. 50 has to be given, if it exceeds year or more, Rs. 100 has to be submitted.

·    Renewal of non-transport vehicle takes place every 5 years, and the transport vehicle would be renewed every 3 years.

3. How to check driving licence number?

An applicant could check for driving licence through:

·     Sarathi website


·     Visit nearest RTO office.

4. How to apply for duplicate driving licence in Karnataka?

·    An applicant must fill LLD form and submit the  same to nearest RTO office.

·    Three passport size photographs along with required fees must also be given.

·    For form-7, there is a minimal fee of Rs 40

·    It would be better to submit a copy of the lost driving licence for the seamless process.

5. How to check the status of driving licence in Karnataka?

·    Go to Sarathi website, click on Status of licence option at the right

·    Select Karnataka state and enter your driving license number

·     After you press the submit button, you will get the details about your driving licence status.