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Driving Licence (Sarathi) in Maharashtra

Driving car helps people to reach their destination comfortably and without any hassle. However, to drive your own vehicle it is mandatory to hold a valid driving license. The driving license is considered as a valid proof of age/identity and is universally accepted.In Maharashtra, the state transport department is responsible to provide a valid driving licence to individuals.

There are many set of rules for issuing a driving licence, which varies from state to state. Maharashtra too has its different set of rules for issuing a Driving Licence.

Different Types of Driving Licence in Maharashtra?

Following are the areas of responsibility:

Different Types of Driving Licence in Maharashtra?

Opting for driving licence in Maharashtra varies based on the type of vehicle. Below-mentioned are the different types of driving licence offered by the Maharashtra state:

1) Driving licence for Transport Vehicle:

i) Driving licence for LMV or Light Motor Vehicle:

This category of driving licence is for applicants who wish to drive light motor vehicles. The examples of light motor vehicles include rickshaw, taxi, delivery vans, jeep,etc

ii) Driving licence for Medium Goods Vehicle:

This category includes vehicles which are used for transport of goods like tempos and delivery trucks.

iii) Driving licence for Medium Passenger Vehicle:

Under this category, driving licence is provided for passenger vehicles like large commercial vehicles, tempos, mini vans,etc

iv) Driving licence for Heavy Goods Vehicle:

This category includes vehicles used for commercial transportation of goods such as large trucks and vans.​

v) Driving licence for Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicle:

This category includes large vehicles for transportation of passengers such as large buses for commuting purpose

2) Driving licence for Non-transport Vehicle:

This type of driving licence is for the people who want to drive a non-transport vehicle. The categories are:

i)      Driving licence for motorcycle with gear:

This includes all motorcycles having gear transmissions.

ii)   Driving licence for a motorcycle without gear:

This driving licence is for motorcycles without gear. Examples include scooters, mopeds, etc.

iii)   Light Motor Vehicle or LMV:

Light Motor Vehicle or LMV includes vehicles like sedans, hatches,etc.

What is the Eligibility Criteria To Avail Driving Licence in Maharashtra?

An applicant would be eligible to a driving licence in Maharashtra only if below criteria is satisfied:

• the applicant already has a learner’s licence

• the applicant would get a permanent driving licence after 30 days of receiving a learners licence and it should be within 30 days from learner’s licence date of issue.

• An individual should be 16 years of age for applying for a two-wheeler driving licence whose engine capacity doesn’t exceed 50 cc

• An individual should be at least 20 years in order to be eligible to get a driving licence for a motor vehicle such as sedan, car, etc.

How To Apply For Driving Licence in Maharashtra?

An individual can apply for a driving licence in Maharashtra only if obtained a learner’s licence. So in order to receive a driving licence, one must be submitting their documents in Sarathi website or you could also download the form online. After filling the form, submit the document either online or offline. One must go through driving licence test and if the applicant clears the test, then a learner’s driving licence would be issued. Thirty days after receiving the learner’s license, the applicant can receive a permanent driving licence.

Procedure to Apply For Driving Licence in Maharashtra?

There are two modes of applying for a driving licence in Maharashtra:

i) Online mode:

For online mode, one needs to follow the below steps in order to get a driving licence in Maharashtra.

• Go to sarathi website

• Go to driving ‘license tab’ in the home page to download the new form for driving licence. You will receive Form-6 (Form-6 is an application for obtaining a permanent driving licence)

• Complete the form and submit it online with the required documents

• You will receive the application number will be and also a notification stating the processing of your application

• Select a suitable slot for driving licence test (in sarathi website,click on ‘appointment for slot booking’, click on time slots as per your schedule to book a slot)

• Visit RTO site on the scheduled date and time along with the original documents for driving licence test.

• On passing the test, the driving licence would be sent to the applicant on the registered address by post.

ii) Offline Mode:

The process of obtaining a driving licence through offline mode in Maharashtra goes as follows:

• Visit RTO office and get the form from there.

• Fill in all the essentials details and submit it to them along with all the essential documents.

• When you submit the document, the process of application verification will begin, and once verified, the applicant will receive a confirmation, if eligible for a driving licence in Maharashtra.

• You will have to visit RTO office along with the relevant original documents for driving licence test if you receive confirmation that you are eligible for driving licence in Maharashtra.

• If you pass the test, you will receive the application on the registered address.

What Are the Documents Required To Apply For Driving Licence in Maharashtra?

There are three types of documents that are required to be submitted to be eligible for obtaining a driving licence in Maharashtra.

The three types include:

i) Any one age proof document:

​• PAN
• LC or School Leaving Certificate
• Passport
• Voter ID card or Election Card
• Certificate of Birth

ii) Any one Address proof:

• Life Insurance Policy
• Passport
• Ration Card
• Utility bills (maintenance bill, electricity bills, light bills, etc.)
• Pay slip by state/central government

iii) All of these other documents:

• Application form 4
• Learner’s licence (Original)
• Passport size photographs (3)

Maharashtra Driving Licence (Sarathi) FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers about Maharashtra Driving Licence (Sarathi)

1) How to apply for learning driving license?

• Visit sarathi website (

• Fill in the required form 4, and submit it online along with the supporting documents (You can also visit RTO office and submit this form along with its supporting documents)

• Book an appointment for driving licence test

• After passing the driving licence, an applicant would receive a learner’s licence.

2) How to renew the driving licence in Maharashtra?

A driving licence is eligible for 20 years, till 50 years, whichever is earliest. The renewal of driving licence takes place within 30 days of the period of expiry. Follow below procedure for renewal of driving licence in Maharashtra:

• Visit nearest RTO office to collect the renewal form.

• After submitting the form and documents, the applicant must give a fee of INR. 416, after which a receipt will be received of the application fee.

• After this process, the individual will receive the renewed driving licence through the post in their registered address.

• Individuals who have been not allowed to apply for driving licence is not eligible to apply for the same.

Below documents should be submitted for renewal of driving licence:

• Form 9 (Renewal of driving licence)
• Driving licence
• Form 1(for Physical fitness)
• Form 1-A (Medical Certificate), if applicable
• Photographs (3)
• Application fee
• No objection certificate OR NOC (This is to be submitted if renewal is done in RTO)

3) How to check driving licence number?

To check driving licence number, one could do either of the below:

• Check through Sarathi website
• Visit nearest RTO office.

4) How to apply for duplicate driving licence in Maharashtra?

The process of applying for duplicate driving licence in Maharashtra is as below:

• Fill in the application form and give it personally to RTO office along with other required documents

• If RTO didn’t issue the licence, then the applicant will have to give a NOC from the RTO office which issued the licence.

• Submit identity proof along with the application fee

• A duplicate driving licence would be given in case all the information is verified.

• The document that needs to be submitted is as below:

• Application form (or LLD form)

• Driving licence details (holder’s name, license number,etc)

• Photographs (passport size)

• If the driving licence is lost due to theft, then bring police report or FIR

The driving licence would be issued in Maharashtra only under below condition:

• Theft, licence damage, driving licence lost

• Torn licence or mutilation

• In case of chip-based driving licence, unreadable chip due to damage

The duplicate driving licence won’t be issued to one whose driving licence is seized or are not allowed to apply for the driving license. One who already has a valid driving licence, they won’t be issued the duplicate driving license.

5) How to check the status of driving licence in City/State?

a.     Visit Sarathi website, click ‘Status of licence’ option at the right side corner

• Select Maharashtra state in the drop down and enter your driving license number

• Then click on the submit button, you will get the information about your driving licence status.