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HDFC ERGO Third-Party Car Insurance

Every car on Indian roads must have at least third-party insurance, as required by the Motor Tariff Act of 2002. It offers the insured the necessary coverage at a lower cost than a comprehensive auto insurance policy.

The HDFC ERGO third-party car insurance policy protects third-party damages incurred by your vehicle. If you want to be stress-free and avoid having to pay out of pocket in the event of an accident, you should consider purchasing HDFC ERGO 3rd party vehicle insurance.

Key Features Of HDFC ERGO Third-Party Car Insurance

Here are some of the prominent features of HDFC ERGO third-party car insurance:

  • Personal Accident Cover: The plan offers a compulsory personal accident cover of up to Rs. 15 lakhs. It provides financial support to you or your family in the event of bodily injury, accidental death, permanent total disability, temporary total disability, or permanent partial disability.
  • Quick Buying Process: You can buy HDFC ERGO’s third-party car insurance policy within a few minutes with the help of the company’s official website. Therefore, you need not visit the branch or stand in a queue to purchase the policy.
  • No Add-Ons: Because it is a basic insurance plan, no additional coverage may be added to HDFC ERGO third-party car insurance plan. 
  • Quick & Easy Claim Settlement Process: With HDFC ERGO, you can experience a quick and easy claim settlement process. The dedicated team of the insurance company will help you throughout your claim process.

Why Should You Go For HDFC ERGO Third-Party Car Insurance?

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose HDFC ERGO’s third-party car insurance policy:

  • Overnight Car Repair Services: Your car will be inspected and repaired within one night. This is considerably easier and faster than the traditional method of spending an entire day driving your automobile to a garage and then waiting a few days for the repair to be completed.
  • Economical: As the policyholder receives limited coverage, the policy is cost-effective. Therefore, the policyholder can save a significant amount of money, which he/she can use for other important purposes.
  • Wide Network Of Cashless Garages: HDFC ERGO has tied knots with more than 7900 network garages where the policyholder can avail cashless repair services. Just take your car to any of the network garages and the company will take care of the repair expenses.
  • Saves You From Legal Hassles: The third-party car insurance from HDFC ERGO protects you against legal liabilities arising due to damage, loss, or injury to the third party. Therefore, you need not worry about any legal issues arising out of such circumstances.

What’s Covered Under HDFC Ergo Third-Party Car Insurance?

The plan provides coverage for the following expenses:

  • Third-Party Liability: The plan pays for medical expenses incurred as a result of an injury caused to a third party.
  • Personal Accident: If you are injured in a car accident, the plan will cover your treatment costs.
  • Third-Party Property Damage: In case your vehicle collides with a third-party vehicle or property, the plan provides coverage for up to Rs. 7.5 lakhs for the damages.

What’s Not Covered Under HDFC Ergo Third-Party Car Insurance?

The following things are not covered by the plan:

  • Contractual liabilities
  • War and nuclear risks
  • If your car has been involved in organized racing, speed testing, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s the list of the frequently asked questions related to HDFC ERGO Third Party Car insurance claims:

All car owners are required to get personal accident coverage of up to Rs 15 lakhs. Car owners, on the other hand, can choose to include it in their car insurance policy or purchase it independently. If you currently have personal accident insurance from another vehicle insurer, you can skip the HDFC ERGO personal accident cover.

No. In the case of third-party car insurance, the No Claim Bonus (NCB) discount is not available.

In the event that you lose your car insurance policy document, you can request a duplicate copy for a small price from the insurer. You can reach HDFC ERGO at 022-6234-6234/0120-6234-6234 or go to your nearest HDFC ERGO branch for more information.

HDFC ERGO must receive the claim within 36 to 48 hours. The company then starts the claim procedure right away, with no documentation required.

Yes, you can submit a third-party insurance claim even if someone else was driving your car.