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honda car insurance

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Honda City Car Insurance

One of the most well-liked sedans in India is Honda City. Due to its excellent aesthetic appeal and outstanding performance, it has grown in popularity. Along with giving you a premium experience, the car offers up to 25.6 km per litre of fuel and includes equipment like power steering, automatic climate control, and anti-lock brakes. There are 11 different variations of this attractive Honda automobile that come with both automatic and manual transmissions.

There are 4 variations of the fifth-generation Honda City: the V, VX, ZX, and ZX Sensing (hybrid). While the petrol-manual combination is only offered in the top 3 models, the petrol-automatic combination is offered in all 4. The prices for the petrol-manual models range from Rs. 11.46 lakh to Rs. 13.91 lakh.

Key Specifications

Here are the key specifications of Honda city car:

ARAI Mileage18.4 kmpl
No. of cylinder4
Max Torque (nm@rpm)145Nm@4300rpm
City Mileage16.28 kmpl
Engine Displacement (cc)1498
Seating Capacity5
Boot Space (Litres)506
Body TypeSedan

Honda City Insurance Price (With Different Variants)

Name of the City & RTOSelect Car Fuel TypeRegistration YearIDVAdd-Ons (Zero Dep)Premium
New Delhi – D1Diesel- VX (O) MT DIESEL (1498 cc)2021₹5,85,375₹ 5,292Rs. 2, 162
New Delhi – D1Petrol-1.3 EXI (1343 cc)2022₹4,95,952₹ 2,728Rs. 1, 221
New Delhi – D1Diesel-zx idtec (1498 cc)2022₹ 8,17,200₹ 5,557Rs. 3, 108

What are the Inclusions & Exclusions Under Honda City Car Insurance?

Every car insurance provider specifies a list of circumstances under which the policyholder may submit a claim. These are known as inclusions. To avoid having a claim denied, one must read through this list on their car insurance policy. The cost of Honda City insurance will go up with more coverage. Here is a list of some typical Comprehensive insurance inclusions.

  1. Damages to third party
  1. Damage brought on by accident, whether it was natural or man-made.
  1. Insurance Against Theft
  1. Total loss, in which the car is beyond repair
  1. Burn or explosion damage
  1. Coverage under further relevant add-ons
  1. Personal Injury Supplement (bought separately)

Here are the following things that Honda automobile insurance does not cover:

  1. Depreciation-related losses to your Honda vehicle are not covered under warranty.
  1. Loss or damage to your Honda car resulting from using it while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not covered.
  1. The insurance provider will not cover the cost of fixing your Honda vehicle’s electrical and mechanical failure.
  1. Your insurance company won’t come to your aid if you are caught driving your Honda without a valid licence.
  1. Loss or damage to your Honda vehicle resulting from normal wear and tear is not covered.
  1. Your Honda vehicle will not be covered if it is damaged or lost as a result of hostilities, nuclear dangers, or associated actions.
  1. Any intentional damage to your Honda vehicle will not be reimbursed.
  1. Any loss or damage to your Honda private vehicle resulting from using it for business activities is not covered.

What are the Add-on Covers of Honda City Car Insurance Policy?

Here are some of the add-on covers of the Honda city car insurance policy. 

  1. No-Claim Bonus Protection

With the NCB Protection cover, you may file minor insurance claims for things like damaged tyres or windscreen glass while still keeping your accumulated NCB bonus. The first two claims are covered by the NCB Protection add-on.

  1. Depreciation Reimbursement Cover

You can request payment for the price of replacing certain car parts that may have been harmed in an accident with the depreciation reimbursement cover. You are permitted to submit a maximum of two claims under this add-on coverage.

  1. Total Cover

The registration fee, octroi, taxes, and any other fees assessed by the government are covered under the total cover. Therefore, in the event of theft or total loss of the vehicle, the insured shall be compensated for the full value of the vehicle.

  1. Roadside Assistance

If the car breaks down unintentionally, this add-on coverage is activated. You can rely on the 24-hour roadside help service if an unexpected breakdown, such as an engine failure, flat tyre, or battery-related technical issues, has left you stranded.

How To Buy Honda City Car Insurance?

There are numerous ways to buy Honda City car insurance online, but working with Probus Insurance will save you time, yield prompt results, and make for a positive experience.

Step #1: Select “Products” from the menu at the top of this page. When you choose “Motor Insurance,” a “Car Insurance” option appears. Click on it.

Step #2: After that, you must enter the vehicle registration number. Click “Compare Quotes” after that.

Step #3: After providing all the necessary information, you might need to choose the finest insurance company for you.

Step #4: To purchase Honda City car insurance, assess your options, evaluate pricing, and then conduct an online purchase.

How To Renew Your Honda City Car Insurance Policy?

Customer can quickly renew their Honda City car insurance by contacting Probus Insurance. The procedures they must follow to renew their Honda City auto insurance coverage are listed below.

  1. From the menu at the top of this page, choose “Products.” An option for “Car Insurance” shows when you select “Motor Insurance.” Just click it.
  1. After that, you are required to click on “Probus Renewal”. After that, you are required to enter your vehicle registration number and the policy number.
  1. After clicking on “Load Details”, you will see the sites of different insurers. From one service provider to another, the website layout varies.
  1. Finally, you will need to make the payment. Once done, your policy will be renewed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about on Honda insurance

In the event of a collision, your comprehensive auto insurance will not pay for the costs of medical care for wounded passengers. For the same, you must have add-on passenger protection coverage.

The answer is that your No Claim Bonus (NCB) will be safe for 90 days after your prior auto insurance policy expires. You will forfeit your NCB if you don’t renew your lapsed Honda insurance coverage within this time limit.

You must tell your insurer right away, request a modification, and give a copy of your car’s registration certificate as proof if you filled out the wrong model variant of your Honda car on the proposal form while purchasing auto insurance. The modifications will be made by your car insurance provider, who will also provide you with an endorsement letter attesting to them.

Yes, if you have a comprehensive insurance policy, you will be protected if riots, strikes, or vandalism result in loss or damage to your vehicle.