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hyundai car insurance

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Hyundai Tucson Car Insurance

Hyundai Tucson is a family car that is designed to meet all the comforts expected from an SUV in terms of quality, safety, and smooth drivability. It comes with both Petrol and Diesel engine options. Its premium interior, advanced safety features, Hi-tech features, and intelligent infotainment have made the car popular. Considering this car’s rich quality, many buyers opt for Hyundai Tucson. But buying a car does not end the responsibility, rather, the next most important thing is to opt for a car insurance plan to provide the car maximum protection and safety against the potential road risks that it is exposed to. However, if an individual is a car owner, it is mandatory to buy a third party liability only policy according to the Indian Motor Vehicles Act of India, 1988.

Key Specifications of Hyundai Tucson

This car has come up with a bunch of special specifications for which it has become popular among buyers. The following table will give a brief sketch of the key traits of the car. Have a look. 

Key specifications 


Engine type 

R 2.0 L Diesel

Displacement (cc)

1998 cc

Max power 

182.46 bhp@4000 rpm

Max torque

400.11 nm@1750-2750 rpm

Transmission type 

6-speed automatic 


  • Spacious SUV with touch screen smart infotainment system.
  • 5-seater with leather upholstery.
  • Front and rear legroom.
  • Comes with a cooled glove box.
  • Stylishly designed interiors with luggage lamps to illuminate the boot area and sunglass holder.
  • Tucson comes with a Rear AC vent
  • Select your drive mode – ECO or Sport.
  • Tucson also provides a Flex Steer that allows you to switch between the three steering modes depending on the condition of the road.
  • 6 Airbag system to provide safety for both the driver and passengers, electric parking brake, speed sensing auto door lock, and reverse parking camera make it a safer SUV to drive.


  • Hyundai Tucson has dual barrel LED headlamps giving an aesthetic design.
  • Tucson’s front fog lamp, roof rails, and two-tone side garnish give it a sporty and refined look.
  • Hands free smart power tailgate.
  • Glide lines on its elegant body.
  • Rugged body frame with chiseled exteriors.

Premium Calculation of Hyundai Tucson Car Insurance

Premium value for a car insurance policy depends on various factors such as the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the car, registration area, condition of the car, fuel type, etc. On the basis of such factors, the estimated third party insurance premium has been calculated in the following table.


Ex-showroom price 

Fuel type

Estimated third party premium 

GL (O) 2WD AT Petrol

Rs. 22,69,100


Rs. 7890

GLS 2WD AT Petrol

Rs. 24,37,100


Rs. 7890

GL (O) 2WD AT Diesel

Rs. 24,74,100


Rs. 7890

GLS 2WD AT Diesel

Rs. 26,08,100


Rs. 7890

GLS 4WD AT Diesel

Rs. 27,47,100


Rs. 7890

Different Add-on Covers available with Hyundai Tucson Car Insurance

To make the car insurance policy stronger, an insured person can purchase add-on cover(s) by paying a little extra premium amount. There are several additional covers available with the Hyundai Tucson policy. Among them, the important ones are as follows. 

Zero depreciation cover:

This add-on cover in a comprehensive car insurance policy ensures that the insurer covers the depreciation amount on the assessed parts as per the policy document. The benefits under the add-on can be utilized up to a maximum specified number of times during the policy period. Without this cover, all insurers account for depreciation on the car’s parts and settle the claim after making the necessary deductions on account of depreciation. Having the add-on cover will ensure that there are no deductions for the depreciation of parts.

Roadside assistance:

If the insured person gets stranded in the middle of the road due to any reason, such as a mechanical or electrical breakdown, this add-on cover kicks in and protects him/her from bearing the cost of such sudden expenses. The roadside assistance add-on is also known as the breakdown assistance cover. This cover includes towing service, fuel delivery, alternative vehicle, hotel stay, medical coordination, etc. 

No Claim Bonus (NCB) Cover:

It is a reward provided by the insurance company to policyholders for raising no claim in a policy year. This bonus accumulates with every claim-free year and ranges between 20% and 50%. The accrued percentage of the benefit earned as NCB gives a discount on the next year’s premium. However, if a single claim is made between a policy year or the car insurance plan gets lapsed, this bonus will become null and void.

Engine protection cover:

Generally, a standard car insurance policy does not provide coverage for the engine of the car against its damage. With this cover, one can get compensation for the damages incurred by your car’s engine, which is the most valuable part of a car. It helps an insured person get financial support and ensures the car’s long life. 

Return to invoice cover:

With this add-on cover, the policyholder can bridge the gap between the IDV and the invoice price. Return To Invoice cover is also known as Invoice Protection Cover. It helps the policyholder receive a claim amount equivalent to the cost of the car mentioned in its invoice. With this car insurance add-on cover clubbed with a comprehensive or standalone own-damage car insurance plan, the policyholder can receive an amount equivalent to the on-road price of the car in the case of total loss.

What Are The Key Exclusions of Hyundai Tucson Car Insurance?

The general exclusions of this policy are as follows. 

  • While driving the car, if the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drug, or any other intoxicating substance, and the car meets an accident, the insurer does not take any liability for that.
  • If the driver does not have a valid license or the car does not have any active insurance policy at the time of the accident, the insured person cannot get any benefit.
  • At the time of the accident, if the insured car does not have any valid registration certificate, then also his/her claim will get rejected.
  • If the insured Hyundai Tucson suffers any loss or damage due to riots, strikes, wars, war-like situations, nuclear radiation, etc., the insurer will not pay any compensation for that. 
  • If the car is used for any kind of adventurous sports or it is used outside the specified geographical area, then that will also fall under the category of exclusions.
  • If the accident is intentional, self-inflicted injuries, suicide or suicide attempt will not be covered under this policy.
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdowns are not covered if it is not purchased as an add-on cover by the insured person. 
  • The expenses of general wear and tear of the insured car have to be borne by the policyholder only.

Buy Hyundai Tucson Car Insurance Policy Online

Probus Insurance has made the buying process of a Hyundai Tucson Car Insurance Policy easier and simpler if you follow the below steps religiously.
  • Scroll up to this page or go to the homepage of its official website.
  • At the top of that page, there will be the Products tab. Click on that.
  • Multiple options will appear on the screen. Choose the Car Insurance option under the Motor Insurance tab.
  • On the landing page, one needs to put the registration number of the Hyundai Tucson car in the right place.
  • After that, click on the Compare Quotes option.
  • In this phase, one may need to put several other details regarding the car insurance policy. Put the data carefully.
  • On the basis of the given details, the website will calculate the quotes from different insurers.
  • Go through the quotes and the benefits carefully.
  • If satisfied, select the desired insurer, and pay the premium amount by choosing one of the most convenient methods of payment available with the insurer.
  • Upon successful payment, a notification about the same will be sent to the registered mobile number and/or email ID.
  • The buying process is completed. Save the receipt positively for future reference.

What is the Renewal Process for Hyundai Tucson Car Insurance?

If the car insurance policy is not renewed on time, the insured person cannot avail of the benefits and the facilities of the policy. Renewing a policy on time is the most vital step after purchasing a policy. With Probus Insurance, this renewal has become very easy and can be done without any hassles if the below steps are followed carefully.

  • Scroll up to the top of the page of Probus Insurance.
  • There will be the Renew Your Policy tab. Click on that.
  • Among the multiple options, select the Motor Renewal option.
  • On the landing page, there will multiple options for different insurers. Choose the insurer with whom you have your Hyundai Tucson Car Plan.
  • You will be directed to the page of the insurer.
  • One may need to provide some information, such as the registration number of the car, and/or policy number.
  • If any other detail is required, put those in the right place. Be careful while putting in the credentials because a single piece of wrong information can damage the entire process.
  •  On the basis of the given information, the renewal amount will be displayed on the screen. Check the details carefully.
  • If no discrepancy is found, pay the premium amount by choosing the most convenient method of payment.
  • Upon successful payment, a notification about the same will be sent to the registered mobile number and/or email ID.

Hyundai Car FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers about on Hyundai Tucson Motors insurance

When the repair cost of the insured’s car is more than 75% of the IDV, the damage is termed a total loss.

There are mainly two types of car insurance policies – Third party liability only and comprehensive policies. Third party policy is mandatory in India, whereas comprehensive policy is safer and wider. It would be advisable to go for a comprehensive car insurance policy for Hyundai Tucson to offer overall protection, including the third party benefit.

Yes, you can lower the IDV of your car, but it is generally not recommended as it can, in turn, reduce your insurance claim payout.

You need to have the following details with you to renew your Tucson car plan:

  • Previous Year Policy Number 

  • Previous Year Policy Expiry Date

  • Vehicle Registration Number

Yes, as per the IRDAI guidelines, you will be required to get your car inspected by your car insurance company if you renew the car insurance policy after the expiry date.